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Jun 3, 2015 7:04 AM ET

Archived: Poundshop.com: access to pound shop bargains with the convenience of home delivery for customers

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 3, 2015


“Middle Britain leading charge to value orientated websites”  Experian Discount Britain Report 2014

  • Up to 88% growth in visits to cashback, social shopping, voucher and pound shop websites
  • Online pound shops: 34 million visits,  88 percent growth
  • Shoppers seeking extra convenience options when grocery shopping, no longer happy to fit their lives around the traditional supermarket shop



Poundshop.com aims to disrupt the single price retail market, offering access to pound shop bargains with the convenience of home delivery for customers who cannot, or do not want to, spend time at their high street discount stores including;

  • Busy Families
  • Time Poor Professionals
  • People with Restricted Mobility
  • Those without a High Street Store Close By



Customers experience the following issues when high street discount shopping;

1.  Travel costs, whether by bus, train, car or taxi, most shoppers have a travel expense to get to their high street store including fuel and parking charges.

2.  Managing heavy groceries.  We believe that the distance from high street store to car park or front door is prohibitive to making the most of the savings on offer with £1 items. With an average transaction value of £4.55 this implies customers are making purchase of 4-6 items on each visit.

3.  Time. We believe time is short for many busy families and they cannot get to pound stores within opening hours. Poundshop.com is open 24 hours/day allowing customers to shop at their convenience and have the items delivered to a home or work address.

We offer an online alternative that allows customers to pound shop on their terms and enjoy the same savings as the high street shopper.

Shoppers have access to over 1500 £1 products across categories from food & drink, beauty, household cleaning, pets and leisure. 

Delivery options are affordable, adding the value of convenient home delivery without cannibalising like for like savings acheived compared with supermarket shopping.



Grocery online sales are increasing year on year and are expected to be the fastest growing part of the UK market, more than doubling between 2014 and 2019 to make up 8% of the market, according to IGD data.”  (Retail Week Report April 2015)

“research shows there are several areas where retailers can enhance the experience they offer to their customers, particularly through improving their online offering and increasing personalisation through effective use of data.”  (Retail Week Report April 2015)

 “What is truly thought-provoking is how the grocery sector is looking to address the consumer’s need for convenience and how technology can be used to deliver powerful consumer experiences to build loyalty…For those able to also differentiate based on continually improving the shopping experience, the opportunities will be considerable”  (David Hirst, Microsoft)

More and more shoppers are searching for extra value from discount retailers online, with online pound shop searches increasing by 88%.  The online pound market is at a very early stage and we believe Poundshop.com is currently the largest online pound shop in the UK.  Poundshop.com is fulfilling a growing need and demand. 

In partnership with investor Steve Smith, founder of Poundland, we believe we are well placed to develop it’s dominant market position and deliver exactly what the customer wants from an online pound shop.



1.  We are specialist online retailers, developing innovative software to improve user experience across this challenging area of ecommerce.

2.  Large range of stock items including traditional £1 items as well as clearance specials and short date food ranges which are a growing area of grocery but items that are not normally catered for by high street retailers.

3.  Poundshop.com investor, Steve Smith, founded Poundland and offers his advice, support and network of contacts on all areas of development, particularly product, distribution and acceleration.

4.  With 80% of shoppers being women, Managing Director Donna Baker can claim to fully understand the requirements of her customers compared to rivals with very male dominated management teams.

5.  Poundshop.com has been filmed for the upcoming BBC series Pound Shop Wars with an opportunity to reach a wide audience and let more consumers know that they can now pound shop online!



1.  Customer’s hear about Poundshop.com through word of mouth, search engines and other online marketing sources.

2.  They browse our product catalogue online and add their chosen items to the basket.

3.  Customers select shipping options with standard starting at £3 and reducing to free delivery for orders of £30 and over.  Next day shipping options are available.

4.  Customer receives their poundshop delivery at their home or work address.

Contact Information:

Donna Baker
Mark Baker

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