MONEY & VIOLENCE SEASON 2: Take a walk on the streets of Flatbush Brooklyn where all they respect is "Money & Violence" - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 3, 2015 9:54 AM ET

MONEY & VIOLENCE SEASON 2: Take a walk on the streets of Flatbush Brooklyn where all they respect is “Money & Violence”

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 3, 2015




There’s a war going on in the urban jungle. It’s a fight for survival. The world hardly ever gets an accurate view through the lens of the media. “Money & Violence” serves as a fly-on-the-wall to grant the viewer safe entry into a dangerous world where survival and responsibility are one. It is a candid peek into the lives and minds of those who society would label as the bad guy. This web series was cultivated on pure ambition and determination. With no background in film, Moise Verneau led a group of friends to put together a 26 episode first season of “Money & Violence”. The cast had no acting experience. Moise had never stepped foot behind a camera before, nor had he any directing experience. His editing skills were learned through the viewing of YouTube tutorials as the project went along. Regardless of these factors, this group of people have been able to put together a successful project that has gained over 20 million views on YouTube, been featured on the Fox5 evening news, and recognized by this year’s TriBeCa Film Festival’s Now Program, amongst many other acknowledgements. This project serves as living proof that one can do anything that they set their mind to. With an intertwining storyline and a serious take on current events, “Money & Violence” was able to captivate an audience of millions. Within each episode lies a hidden message that resonates with our core values as human beings. The first season has created a huge demand for Season 2.

One of the most asked questions through emails and social media is, “When will Season 2 premiere?” The entire first season was done out of pocket. What we are now asking is for your help to make Season 2 a reality. This will allow us to keep complete creative control and keep the series true to what has allowed it to gain its following.  


Kane is a young man still trying to find his way in the streets of Brooklyn, NY. All of his life he’s been sheltered and protected by the menacing reputation of his older brother Dub. After his death, during a botched bank robbery, Kane is forced to fend for himself. He turns to his brother’s best friend Rafe for guidance. Rafe feels responsible for Dub’s death and takes Kane under his wing. Although he is knee deep in it, Rafe does everything within his power to keep Kane away from the street life as Dub has always done. After becoming unemployed and no longer able to provide for himself and his young daughter, Kane starts to succumb to the appeal of fast money. Shane is a young man trying to find his legs in the urban jungle. Influenced by the street life, he finds himself constantly with his back against the wall in situations where one wrong move or decision could cost him his life. Miz is literally a straight shooter. A loose canon who moves on principle and a code of respect, he is Rafe’s closest confidant and a mentor to Shane. Never the one to be caught unarmed, he is always ready to defend himself and the lives of those close to him. This ensemble cast of characters makes up a storyline that goes deep into the mindset and the inner workings of the street dynamic of Brooklyn.

Take a walk into a world misrepresented. Take a walk on the streets of Flatbush, Brooklyn where all they respect is “Money & Violence”.

Contact Information:

Moise Verneau- Rafe
Ray Guercy- Miz
Ace General- Kane
Du- Shane

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