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Jun 2, 2015 11:38 AM ET

Archived: the world as I see it: My works aims to address a topic that is not discussed, the view from a wheelchair and the challenges the world presents

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 2, 2015

the world as I see it

The world is not always as you see it. Building, bodies, and streets become an  unrecognizable wall that encapsulate you. My works aims to address a topic that is  never discussed, the view of the world from a wheelchair. Oversized mixed media structural installations coupled with large scale  photographs and sound installation engulf the viewer and subtly attack the senses as they interpret and begin  a dialogue with the world I have invited them into.español:El entorno no es siempre como lo vemos. Construcciones, cuerpos, la trama urbana nos encapsula y limita. Mi trabajo busca revalorizar algo poco discutido, el punto de vista desde una silla de ruedas.Una estructura geométrica-dinámica se combina con fotografías en gran escala. La instalación busca invadir y envolver los sentidos del observador para la interpretación vivencial del diálogo de mi cuerpo con el mundo circundante.La instalación consta de dos salas conectadas por un pasillo de escasa altura obligando al público a conocer mi perspectiva. La entrada expone como las escaleras se vuelven inútiles. Blancos impolutos, imágenes desde mi punto de vista y música especialmente compuesta para la ocasión.Description of the Installation:

The world as I see it is a large scale installation using photography, structural construction, and music amongst other resources. It is a project that aims to awaken subjectivities that are typically asleep in the general public through the immersion of a reality that is not their own. The installation is based on the deployment of a series of physical and technological devices, so when combined, the elements dissolve and integrate into an experience that points to a whole, both physically and symbolically. The object is very concrete: raising awareness about the difficulties faced by persons with limited mobility, more precisely, those dependant on the assistance of a wheelchair.

With careful design, The world as I see it aims to stimulate sight, sense of direction, and hearing, as the information challenges each person who is immersed within the installation.

Artist: Darin Wixon

Curator: Pablo Rojas

Installation Coordinator: Miranda Pauls

Photography Production Coordinator: Manuel Iniesta

Sound Installation: Rob Conlazo and Gustavo Buchiniz

Risks and challenges

There is no risk to the contributor. Because we are sending the reward packages from Argentina, there could be a slight delay in delivery but we will do everything possible to ensure there will be a quick, hassle-free delivery. There could be some delay in the printing of the reward images if there is a large amount of printing to do, but this delay will be a welcome delay as it means we have done what we set out to do, present a project that is very important to us.

In terms of challenges, I have had my share of challenges in my life and have been able to overcome them. I see this project no differently. We have the will and with your donations, there will be a way.

Contact Information:

Darin Wixon

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