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Jun 2, 2015 7:57 AM ET

Archived: Sunnies Hawaii: POLARIZED, spring hinge, HIGH QUALITY, affordable, BAMBOO Sunglasses!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 2, 2015

Sunnies Hawaii


I mean really, what make us unique? 


SUSTAINABLE. Bamboo is self-sustaining. Think of it like a grass that grows back to full height in around 2 years. 

Bamboo Stalks

LIGHTWEIGHT…you will be AMAZED how light these sunglasses are!

FLOATABLE…so, we aren’t really sure if that is actually a word…but THEY TOTALLY FLOAT! No more missing sunglasses after you get taken out by a wave. Or if fishing gets a bit crazy and they end up overboard. 

#{project_title}'s video poster


You bet your bottom dollar they are. 


WARNING: This means the sun’s glare will no longer be your excuse for missing that wave or casting your line on the rocks.

Polarized Lenses

SPRING HINGES. Not only are spring hinges the highest quality hinges available, they provide a unique custom fit. 

#{project_title}'s video poster


AFFORDABLE. Not just affordable, but the MOST affordable designer, polarized, spring hinge, water-proof, lightweight, branded, unique sunglasses on the market. Scratch that, on the PLANET

So…it looks like the only choice you have to make is one pair, or two?

Note: All three high quality options are polarized and have spring hinges. 

Option 1
Natural Bamboo Mirrored Lens- Blue or Yellow Options

Blue Mirrored Lens
Blue Mirrored Lens
Blue Mirrored Lens
Blue Mirrored Lens
Yellow Mirrored Lens
Yellow Mirrored Lens
Yellow Mirrored Lens
Yellow Mirrored Lens

Option 2
Dark Brown Bamboo- Black lenses

Dark Brown Bamboo
Dark Brown Bamboo
Brown Bamboo
Brown Bamboo

Option 3:
Natural Bamboo- Black Lenses

Black Lens
Black Lens
Black Lenses
Black Lenses



We have spent months finalizing samples and gearing up for production. The manufacturor we have partnered with is ready for our final order…this is where you get in! We need to raise $6,000 through your orders of Sunnies in order to proceed with this first production run! Contribute to our project today, and you will receive your first pair of Sunnies Hawaii before the end of summer. Mahalo!


Let’s talk about perks!

$28- Thanks for coming early to our party! The first 25 people will receive their choice of Sunnies for just $28! (Retail $56-$62)

$32- Black Lens Natural Bamboo. Clean, minimal, sleek. (Retail $56)

$34- Your own pair of Sunnies Hawaii, blue, yellow colored lens. (Retail $62)

$34- Your own pair of Sunnies Hawaii, dark brown bamboo. (Retail $62)

$62- Receive TWO pairs of Sunnies! (Retail $124)

$90- Last but not least, our lowest rate per pair, receive THREE pairs of Sunnies! (Retail $186)


Contact Information:

Alyssa Scalese

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