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Jun 2, 2015 4:51 PM ET

OVER THE EARTH – New EP: Help us record The Sun is Much Too Bright, our new EP out January 2016!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 2, 2015


Hello everyone,

After four years, quite a few gigs and a first record (The Accident, 2014), Over The Earth is back to work with a new EP: The Sun is Much Too Bright.

Over The Earth is a progressive rock band formed by a group of friends who are passionate about prog, and about rock in general. Our influences range from Radiohead to Tool, to King Crimson,The Mars Volta, Porcupine Tree and many others.

After two years working on this EP, we now have songs we are very proud of, and we are going to need your help to make it real! We explain everything very clearly in the video below:


Right… maybe a couple of clarifications are in order:

The Sun is Much Too Bright will feature 6 tracks and will be recorded, mixed and mastered in October 2015 at Studios Met’Assos (www.metassos.fr) using professional gear, in a professional environment. This new EP will be officially released in January 2016. A release party gig will follow soon after.

Support us and you will be regularly notified of the advancement of the project. You will be able to follow us during rehearsals, during recording, at the kebab, at… ahem.

When the EP is finished, and before the official release, you will receive your rewards: CD, gig tickets, t-shirts, posters… and a couple of surprises, as you can see on the right. While you wait, here is a demo version of one of the upcoming tracks :




What are the funds for?

The production cost of the EP is split between the recording, mixing and mastering, and amounts to 2600 euros. Over The Earth pays for the rewards. We have even designed a little chart to make it all clear:

Should we get more than our funding target, we have several plans. First, we would like to expand the EP into a full-scale album: more funds would allow us to spend more time in the studio, and thus to record the other tracks we have written. Second, in case you prove really generous, we would like to make a music video: we have the ideas, the contacts, we only need the money!

However much you give us, we would already like to thank those who made this very project possible:Hedia Zaalouni for the contacts and constant support; Sylvain Gala  for the logo; Julia Weber, for the interview; Anais Paillet for the photos; and the whole team atMet’assos (www.metassos.frfor the welcome, the logistics, and the coffee.

Alright, you know everything. Interested ? Then pick your reward, and accompany us in this new musical endeavor. Thanks, and see you soon!


About the project owner

Over The Earth is a progressive rock band created in 2011 near Paris. After a first demo in 2012, they release their first EP early in 2014: The Accident. Their music is intimate, both powerful and melodic.

Rémi Generoso – Vocals/Bass guitar
Nicolas Macassian – Guitar/Keyboard
Clément Martin – Drums
PM Planchon – Guitar/Keyboard

Donations will be gathered by Prom’OTE, the association in charge of managing the band.

Contact Information:

Over The Earth

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