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The newest “thing.” StuckOnz allows uses to stick their electronic device to flat surfaces adding a new dimension of hands-free convenience to mobile devices. NanoSuction sticks without being sticky. The company recently announced an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to come to market – and funded by contributors from more than 55 countries, in just a few days raised over 400% of their goal.

Visit campaign: http://igg.me/at/stuckonz


StuckOnz is a NanoSuction solution that allows smartphone users to stick their device to many flat surfaces. Because they are inexpensive, useful, and lots of fun, StuckOnz have become the new “thing.” The company recently announced the launch of an Indiegogo campaign to come to market, and saw their goal exceeded to the tune of 400% in just several days, with contributions from more than 55 countries. StuckOnz is well on its way to being a worldwide breakout viral sensation.


Smartphones are so useful that most people are likely to have many times during the day when they would benefit from the hands-free usage provided by StuckOnz. Everything from taking a photo, to reading a recipe in the kitchen, or following GPS directions comes to mind. Enter With just about six weeks of the campaign remaining, StuckOnz are still available to new campaign contributors as perks.


“We feel passionate about StuckOnz and we’re glad that people all over the world are just as excited about it,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “It’s an exciting time for StuckOnz and we really are grateful for all the support.”


According to the company, StuckOnz uses advanced NanoSuction technology that allows each StuckOnz to hold over 100 times its own weight. Using StuckOnz is simple, just peel back the plastic covers and apply. They are repositionable and reusable. NanoSuction sticks without being sticky. Refreshing them requires only a wipe with a wet towel. StuckOnz are the size of a credit card, the perfect size to stick on a smartphone. Two or more StuckOnz are needed for a tablet, depending on its dimensions.


With the recent and expanding ban on selfie sticks from Disney World and numerous festivals, the need for StuckOnz has never been greater.


The company plans on shipping StuckOnz in June and July 2015.


To learn more visit http://igg.me/at/stuckonz

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azderbwOFqQ

CONTACT: Michael Archuleta,
1100 Lakeway Drive, Suite 101,
Austin, Texas 78734   USA,


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Michael Archuleta,
1100 Lakeway Drive, Suite 101,
Austin, Texas 78734 USA,

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