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Archived: Manta Ray Hovercraft: air boats and hovercraft for the search and rescue

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Manta Ray Hovercraft

My name is Blair Boyce, owner/operator of Boyce Engineering and a passionate inventor and engineer. I’ve been designing and building air boats and hovercraft for the search and rescue as well as private sectors in which I presently hold two patents for.

I’ve constructed vessels that have been used for winter ice rescues with both the volunteer fire departments and local cottage associations for over 20 years that have saved many lives.

With your support, you will help us not only proceed to the final tests on our new hovercraft, but allowing us to also market to our customer base such as Ontario Hydro and Bell communications. The crucial need to bring fire departments into the 21st century when it comes to ice rescues, companies doing exploration in swamps and shallow water areas as well as island cottagers and general enthusiasts.

*Photograph of our working Manta Ray prototype.



We require $50,000 in addition to our personal investment to operate this new company at the standards that we’ve run other businesses successfully in Ontario for over 20 years.


Funding for:

  • – Finalizing the vessel design and operation

  • – Making of new moulds

  • – Acquisition of components

  • – Required permits and licenses

  • – Various equipment and speciality tools

Manta Ray hovercraft are constructed using a high strength fibreglass that is not only durable in various conditions, but allows us to provide a wide selection of colour options to the consumer. We can offer an even wider selection than shown above, including the option to mix and match the modular components.


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– See more at: https://fundanything.com/en/campaigns/manta-ray-hovercraft#sthash.kOFuYrri.dpuf

Contact Information:

Blair Boyce

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