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Jun 2, 2015 3:47 PM ET

Archived: Around the Bend Beer Co., LLC – a start-up production brewery based in Chicago: Big beer is dead – they just don’t know it yet

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 2, 2015

Around the Bend Beer Co., LLC



Chicago, IL 60302, US
Consumer Products


We are not renegades. We are not rebelling against anything (as many other beer brands claim to be). In fact, we believe that the revolution is over; the war has been won. Big beer is dead – they just don’t know it yet. And by dead, we mean irrelevant for millions of beer loving Americans. Sure they still have 90% market share. But the long, inexorable march of decline has begun for them and there’s no stopping it now. Will our kind of beer ever account for 90% of the beer people drink? Maybe not. But that’s not the point. Their vice-like grip on what we drink has been broken and for the initiates into the world of craft beer, there…is…no…going…back! End of story. And in that sense, the war has indeed been won. There is a predisposition now, for a large class of people, to expect better. And this allows for evermore experimentation and innovation with the form we know as craft beer. The road that lies ahead is a more exciting stretch than we have glimpsed to-date. So let’s keep going. Let’s see what’s Around the Bend.

Around the Bend Beer Co. is a start-up production brewery based in Chicago, IL. In the first phase of it’s life, Around the Bend will contract with an existing brewery to produce beer using our own proprietary, innovative recipes. The second phase will include the construction of our own brewery, which will lower production costs, boost margin/volume and, eventually, allow for expanded distribution on a multi-regional basis.























Products / Services

Flagship Beers

We make high-quality, full-flavored, craft ales and lagers. Around the Bend Beer Co. will initially produce three flagship beers; a Kölsch, an American Pale Ale, and an American Brown Ale. Each of these are well established styles that enjoy a great deal of popularity with today’s craft beer drinkers. Together they provide a range of styles from lighter to more full-flavored so that we can be a go-to choice for a variety of beer drinking occasions. However, in keeping with the brand concept for Around the Bend, each of theses traditional styles will be imbued with an experimental edge.



Chief Executive Officer
Dan Schedler

Dan SchedlerDan has been a marketer for the past 18 years and a home brewer for last 20 years. With Around the Bend, he is bringing together these two passions. Having worked at luminary ad agencies Campbell Mithun and Leo Burnett as well as leading corporate marketing departments, Dan brings a wealth of experience in building world-class brands. He has led teams large and small to achieve great success for brands such as Kmart, U.S. Army, Discover Card, U.S. Cellular and Cracker Barrel Old Country Store among others. He is a master of marketing strategy and well versed in the latest techniques used to engage audiences via online/social platforms. His skill sets and breadth of experience mean that he is uniquely suited to leading an organization like Around the Bend. Dan also holds a certificate of completion from the Siebel Institute (America’s oldest brewing school) in brewing technology. 

Group Leader/Lead Manufacturing/Production
Joe Cuozzo

Joe CuozzoJoe Cuozzo has over 17 years of industry experience. His first stint as Head Brewer was for Skagway Brewing Co. where he compiled many awards including best beer in South East Alaska. After a year in the wilds of Alaska, Joe decided to move back to San Diego where he became an assistant at Pizza Port Brewing and then Alesmith (named best brewery in the world, 2013). After establishing himself in the market, Joe soon took over as the Brewmaster for Sports City Café and Brewery where he won multiple GABF and World Beer Cup awards. During his tenure at Sports City, he also became the original President of the San Diego Brewers Guild and helped launch several upstart breweries including Green Flash Brewing Co. Joe has worked on every size brewhouse, and has direct experience with every aspect of the brewing process, operating at the highest level imaginable. He is committed to making the best, most innovative beers and looks forward to winning several more gold medals at the GABF.



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