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Jun 1, 2015 10:22 AM ET

Archived: Operation Care Track – Saving Lives: a program that will significantly reduce the amount of time it would take to locate endangered persons

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 1, 2015

Operation Care Track – Saving Lives


Chris and I have been working very hard to develop a program that will significantly reduce the amount of time it would take to locate endangered persons who are at high risk for wandering and in fact wandered from their caregivers. We have been working very closely with the Police Association of New Rochelle and the New Rochelle Police Department and have received their approval to launch Operation Care Track in the Fall of 2015. Operation Care Track will allow the New Rochelle Police Department to track up to 200 at risk endangered persons (in New Rochelle), including those with Autism, Dementia and Alzheimer. Using Care Track technology, the time to locate such persons is typically under 30 minutes, which is much lower than the locate time for those without any tracking equipment. Too often incidents involving at risk wandering persons ends in unnecessary tragedy. With your financial help it is our goal to purchase a Law Enforcement Care Track System for the New Rochelle Police Department. Care Track is tracking equipment which relies on radio wave technology to locate those identified individuals that are at high risk for wandering and are equipped with a Care Track transmitter. The start up cost to fund Operation Care Track has been estimated at $8000 to $10,000. The start up cost will fund one New Rochelle Police Department Care Track Law Enforcement Package which includes tracking equipment, tracking antennas, transmitters, transmitter bracelets, replacement batteries and police department training. Through additional fundraising and sponsor donations we hope to reduce or completely eliminate the cost that would normally be charged to families who are caring for at risk individuals (typically $250 initial cost for a transmitter and $50 a year for replacement batteries). It is our hope that Operation Care Track will be funded 100% through donations. In addition to the initial start up cost it is also our hope to raise enough money to award one or more Care Track Home Based Packages each year to qualified families ($1000 value). The Home Based Care Track package is very similar to the Law Enforcement package but adds an additional safety feature. The Home Based Package allows caregivers to set an invisible and alarmed perimeter fence around their loved one. If the loved one wanders too far the alarm will sound and the loved one should be recovered before entering unsafe conditions. If the loved one wanders too far and becomes lost the Home Based tracking equipment AND the law enforcement tracking equipment will be used TOGETHER to locate the loved one (three trained people searching for the loved one within minutes). The Home Based Package allows the care giver to immediatly start the search while specially trained police personnel respond. The New Rochelle Police Department will be equipped 24 hours a day with two tracking devices (located in two different police vehicles) which can be used immediately upon notification that a registered participant has wandered. In time, we hope that all police departments become equipped with Care Track Technology and possibly register at-risk individuals living in nearby communities in our program. NO DONATION IS TOO SMALLl! Please be apart of this significant milestone in New Rochelle and hopefully, Westchester County.


Any questions – please write to


Tracy and Christopher Greco

Click the Link to a You Tube Video about Care Trak

Contact Information:

Christopher Greco

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