Fusion- High Performance Electric Bike: What other bikes in this price class are lacking is the torque and acceleration that you need to get in and out of city traffic or that extra push when you need to accelerate quickly - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 1, 2015 7:12 AM ET

Fusion- High Performance Electric Bike: What other bikes in this price class are lacking is the torque and acceleration that you need to get in and out of city traffic or that extra push when you need to accelerate quickly

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 1, 2015

Fusion- High Performance Electric Bike

Fusion Electric Bike – Affordable High Performance Ebike, electric bike, fusion
Lamont Cutler

Introducing the Fusion Electric Bike


All Terrain EV Transportation
The Fusion electric bike will not only provide a reliable and economical means of transportation, Its also thrilling and high-tech. Packed with technology that other bikes just don’t offer.

Regenerative braking, disk brake, large LCD display, and a full suspension really set the Fusion apart in its price class. 


     The power comes from a controller designed and tuned by Cutler cycles to be extremely reliable and powerful. The  48V MOSFET  controller that delivers a peak of 2000 watts of power*.

      The Fusion is Classified as a 1000 Watt ebike. The Fusions controller can also be tailored to adhere to any local laws.

                 *1000 watt nominal controller. 40A Peak= 2000watt


The Difference is Power

2000 watts to be exact. When it comes to ebikes power equals acceleration , simple as that. What other bikes in this price class are lacking is the torque and acceleration that you need to get in and out of city traffic or that extra push when you need to accelerate quickly.

Race onboard with 3 Fusion ebikes!

Watch the Front suspension in action in this quick lap around Legg lake in California.

The Element Full Racing Suspension

(162mm) of travel on the front forks.

up to 4″ of travel on the rear swing arm.



Feels like floating on a cushion especially at high speeds or bumpy terrain.

Go where other bikes ebikes can’t!!!

  Come take a ride with the Fusion Electric Bike

                                 El Monte, CA, 

Motorcycle inspired design

      We wanted to place the battery cells so that the center of gravity would be at its best. Long term battery solutions should be protected and mounted with vibration dampening. We packed in some of the most powerful cells available.  The Fusion is  able to achieve average ranges between 30-70 miles at cruise speeds at up to 30 mph with efficiency greater than 85%

       The Fusion electric bike is designed more like a very light motorcycle than your average short range slow speed E-bike. Its a different breed! This provides a whole new level of battery protection unlike most other bikes which when tipped or dropped can damage the battery

The Fusion’s batteries are mounted inside a very light weight T6061 forged aluminum fairing.

9 cents is all  it cost to recharge the Fusion.

Battery School

Chemistry 101

  • All lithium chemistries don’t always = better
  • All lithium is not create equal.

Batteries Used in other ebikes under $1000.


Cheap lithium cells Perform poorly….

Other ebikes in this class are being sold with Samsung 18650 cells which only achieve 300 recharges. 10% loss per month.

  • Charging Time: Standard charge: 3hours, Rapid charge: 2.5hours
  • Cycle life: 300 cycles to 68%
  • this means more frequent proprietary battery changes
  • 1 year of service life for frequent riders


The Fusion’s Batteries



The Fusion uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFep04) Lithium cells. This type of chemistry differs in 3 ways.  This provides high output power 40Amps,  and can last over 2000+ recharges.

*At an average of 20 miles per charge that would equate to 40,000+miles.





batteries are an untapped resource for high power long range electric bikes

 High recharge effciency and high power output combined with the reliability of over 500 recharges. 

Check out Court Ryes Brief on EBR. The differences between AGM and Lithium Batteries.

The Fusion electric bike uses only the best batteries on the market.

All components can be registered for warranty

1 Year– Controller/computer, LCD screen and all  Battery packs

2 Year– 1000 Watt 40Amp direct drive hub motor

5 Year– Forged aluminum frame

      The Fusion is Practically 100% Recyclable

              We created the Fusion around the 6-DZM-12 batteries which were developed for use in commercial consumer products. They are made from recycled materials and AGM batteries have the worlds most successful recycling program.

Although not nearly as recyclable as the AGM cells, the Lithium Cells (Lithium Iron Phosphate) used in the Fusion have the highest recycle-ability rating versus other lithium chemistries. The Fusion is constructed of more than  80% T6061 forged aluminum alloy. This has three benefits; Light weight, durable, and recyclable. 


    DOT Approved and Non-Hazardous

       The advantage of the sealed valve regulated AGM design is that the battery needs no water, there is no free acid to leak or spill, they can be operated in any position, and can be used in close proximity to people and sensitive equipment. They are used in toys, medical equipment, mobility equipment, security, industrial equipment, consumer devices, and many other applications because of these features. The sealed batteries AGM were originally designed for the US air force and are DOT approved for air transport, and deemed non-hazardous. This makes them suitable for shipping around the world without hassles. It also allows travelers flexibility to carry them in E-bikes, mobility chairs and scooters abroad. 




Long Beach, CA,  Prototype ride by ElectricRideReview.com


MAY 2015


JUNE 2015


JUNE 2015





                          Risks & Challenges

              Every Successful project will have numerous challenges ahead to make sure that delivery of the best product is ensured. Those challenges are a welcome opportunity to grow. Setting up new manufacturing techniques to a initial production run of the Fusion electric bike Efficiently is the exact goal of this project. The Implementation of this Idea is what drives us. We intend to tackle each challenge and remain cooperative and transparent with our backers. We will ensure an Up to date status on every aspect of this project.


How is the bike on uphill terrain?
This bike can tackle just about any hill without pedaling. It can also be a very efficient at 2-3 miles per ah. 

What’s the maximum weight limit?

The Fusion has been tested up to 350lbs, Any weight above 350lbs is not recommended

Does the battery have quick release?

The battery is mounted for maximum protection. The solution does not allow for a quick release at this time. 

How high can the seat extend?
The seat can extend 10 inches

How much does the bike weigh?

The bike weighs approximately 92lbs for the AGM version and 70lbs for the Lithium Version.

How much does the battery weigh?
The AGM battery pack weighs in at 35lbs. The Lithium Options only weights 13- 15lbs

What are the battery specifications?

Two options Available

48-volt 15ah SLA AGM Battery

48-volt 12ah LiFeP04

Is there a back-tire rack option? 


Can I replace the parts on the bike?

The Fusion parts can be interchanged with after market parts and accessories

How many speeds is the bike? Can you limit it to 20MPH for legal purposes.

The Fusion has a standard 21 Gear Cassette. The Computer can be limited to meet local law requirements on a as need basis.

Is there speed monitoring/digital display on the bike? 
There is a built in integrated LCD display. Monitors all vital information..

Is there a key/interlock to prevent accidental starting? 
The Fusion Can be set to password mode. This will prevent anyone without the code from using the motor.

What is the lifespan of an AGM battery?

1200+ cycles depending on usage or up to 15000 miles @ 20 miles per charge

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