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Jun 1, 2015 5:34 PM ET

Archived: CT-BAND: a simple way to transform almost any watch – with full discretion – in a connected watch

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 1, 2015

A watch is for most of us, a precious object, it’s quite often a valuable watch, a branded watch, it can be a loved gift, it may carry a lot of souvenirs, or be a symbol of success …

How can you then choose between one of these new connected watches, and YOUR watch or any deign or luxury WATCH? That’s why we came up with the idea of CT BAND

No need to choose : You keep wearing your preferred watch and you benefit from most of the features – and even more – of a connected watch or a connected wrist band, and it includes in addition separation alerts, multiple retrieval functions, Computer, Tablet and Smart phone security features, gesture control (games, functions, Drone control, etc.), activity tracking, sports and health monitoring, and much more.


CT Band, a simple way to transform almost any watch – with full discretion – in a connected watch.

CT Band and the associated apps are focused on achieving that vision.

All functions, control and display are integrated in the Wrist Band

You own and you like to wear a branded watch, on another hand, new technologies are generating new needs and services, you would like to enjoy most of the new technology features , but keep wearing your preferred watch(es) – Actually you bought ( or received as a gift ) a branded watch, ( Rolex, Tissot, Timex, Swatch, Piaget, Hublot, Breitling, Fossil, Cartier, Omega, Longines, Chopard, Hamilton, Louis Pion, Pulsar, Festina, etc. and almost any watch with removable belt) so you would like to wear it – And wouldn’t like to have to choose between your branded watch and an additional wrist band or to wear a smart watch :

ADOPT CT BAND for your watch

Store your day activity, improve and monitor your sports activity, check and monitor your health, command devices, lock and unlock computer, car, phone, etc…

As any connected watch or bracelet, CT Band is able to store you daily activity, and provides you , in relation with your smart phone, the most accurate activity track with The CT Band Apps : steps walked, calories burned, distance walked, heart beats, blood oxygenation, temperature , stress, skin protection, and much more …

Can’t Find your phone ?

With CT BAND app for iPhone and Android, you can quickly locate items connected to CT BAND around the home using and use the “Ring Device” feature in your CT Band to cause your lost phone to ring.

Can’t Find Your watch ?

Press the CT BAND icon on your Phone to cause your watch to ring or vibrate.

Don’t forget your items

CT BAND can be connect to various objects like : Umbrella, pen, glasses, Keys, coat, hat, etc. and just alerts you if you forget them, or if you need them ( due to weather conditions for instance ) . CT Band can be delivered with RF tags for each object

Lock your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You do not want anybody to check your data or use your computer, tablet or smartphone : if your are more than 40 feet from your device, it locks it , and unlocks when you come back, automatically. You can also command this function from your CT Band manually.

Manage your calls

CT Band is connected to your phone, it alerts you of incoming calls , messages or important mails, it’s integrated and discrete display gives you all information you need.

Press CT Band control or move your hand to answer or dismiss the call or to display immediately the mail on your phone.

Manage your time

CT Band is connected to your agenda, it will remind you, discreetly, that time is passing, your next appointment, etc..

Voice recognition, Record a conversation, or answer to your caller, hands free

CT Band includes high quality microphone with noise control.

Command devices , games, drones by gesture

CT Band includes high quality accelerometer. Allows you to play, games, command any type of drones, or your TV. Decide yourself which kind of actions you want to be managed by your hand.

Analyze and monitor your progresses in Golf, Tennis, Martial arts,Skiing, etc.

CT Band includes high quality accelerometer. It stores and monitors your movements in real time. ( CT Band for sport watches ) and helps you to improve your style and performances. Even detect and correct your habits

Product designed to fit your watch

With CT Band. We focused on making sure we will be able to use the best techniques and materials to fit with almost any watch . . and will come up with 6 colors for silicone CT BANDS and 6 leather colors ( at start) , other leather textures and sizes will be added with specific and top quality materials for high end markets

Monitor and survey the health of your children, yourself and your seniors : Heart beats, Rythms, hyper actvity, breathing, oxygenation, temperature, skin protection and more : all in the same device you wear everyday : Your preferred watch.

Keep your watch connected to your most favorite devices, just at your fingertips :

A watch is for most of us, a precious object, and we wear it all day long, so it is the perfect interaction, command and data storage device integrated to our body most of the time.

(If you have any feature requests or feedback, we would love to hear them)

Compatible with iPhone 4s & later, iPad 2nd Generation & later, and Android 4.2 and later devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and later

*For iPhone and iPad. Android varies on manufacturer

Let’s get to details

CT Band Belt comes with :

  • 2 lines led screen , with specific technology to remain almost invisible and discrete
  • Command surface and one command button and status led on Belt side
  • Blue tooth 4.2
    • Smart phone interaction ( calls, sms, Mails, Reminders, calendar, emergency situations )
    • lock and unlock devices
    • Retrieve functions
  • High precision accelerometer
    • Acvity, stress, sports, habits detection, emergency situations, games and drones command, devices command, car driving monitoring, etc..
  • High quality microphone
    • voice record, voice command, emergency situations, alerts…
  • Storage Memory
  • Vibration and ring tones capacity
  • Temperature, Hygrometry and UltraViolet sensor
    • Activty, skin protection, health monotoring, alerts ..
  • Heart and Blood oxygenation sensor
    • Activity, helath monitoring, alerts
  • Maximum thickness : 4 mm
  • Autonomy : 48 Hours
  • Recharge Dock



Contact Information:

Cognitics RIFFT

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