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May 31, 2015 1:00 PM ET

Archived: StoneTether – The Smallest, Strongest Tracking Device

iCrowdNewswire - May 31, 2015



The Smallest, Strongest Tracking Device



There are plenty of Bluetooth tracking solutions out there, but only StoneTether notifies you before you forget an important item, and leads you right to it — from as far as 500 feet away.

Want a friendly reminder to grab your wallet before you leave for work?
Need help tracking down your keys that have a habit of hiding in weird places?
Looking for heads up when your kids wander a little farther than they should?

Get StoneTether, and give yourself the gift of peace of mind you can carry with you.


Picture this: you’re running late for work, and you rush out the door, only to realize twenty minutes later when you pull up to the office that you left your laptop on the kitchen counter.

Or maybe this rings a bell: you’re at the store with your kids, you turn your back for two seconds, and when you turn back, they’ve disappeared.

Or maybe you’re just one of those people with a special talent for misplacing your keys, no matter how hard you try to keep track of them.

Pets and kids wander off, possessions get misplaced — this is not new. It’s been happening for as long as there have been things, and people to lose track of them.

What’s different is that now, in the 21st century, we finally have the technology to do something about it.

The past few years have witnessed the birth of a whole crop of Bluetooth-enabled “smart” tags and tracking devices, all aiming to help today’s on-the-go consumers track down those items that have a tendency to wander off.

At StoneTether, we’ve seen a lot in existing tracking systems that we’ve thought could be improved, from functionality and range to durability and design.

With StoneTether, we set out to build a better tracking system: one that could do more, go farther and last longer than anything the competition has ever thought possible.

And with StoneTether, you don’t have to.


The StoneTether mission is simple: harness the best that 21st century technology and design have to offer to make it easier and more convenient than ever to keep track of the things that matter most.

We call our approach “find and remind.” Whether it’s your laptop or your luggage, your keys or your kids, simply attach one of StoneTether’s sleek, stylish Bluetooth tags to whatever it is you’re interested in tracking and StoneTether will:

Find your items when they go missing.

Remind you to grab key items before you leave without them.

Tether important items and give you a heads up if they get out of range.

Here’s a closer look at how StoneTether is pushing the boundaries of what a tracking system is — and what it can do.

The “find” part is where StoneTether most closely resembles other tag-and-track systems available today, but our system has a few things going for it than no other tracking system can match. First, there’s our patented Directional Tracking feature, which leads you straight to your lost items and takes guesswork and scavenger hunts out of the equation. And with an incredible 500-foot range that is lightyears ahead of even our closest competitor, StoneTether expands your world, so you’re not out of range of your lost item the moment you walk away from it. Know your item is close, but just can’t seem to lay eyes on it? Sound the alarm with the StoneTether app, and the StoneTether tag will send out a helpful chirp to lead you right to it! 

The “remind” part is where StoneTether really starts to set itself apart. With our signature Smart-Tether system, StoneTether lets you set reminders to take specific items with you. If you’re leaving the house and one of the items you have Smart-Tethered isn’t with you, you’ll get an alert from the StoneTether app to remind you to grab the item before you leave the driveway. Then, if you do forget something, the app can tell you where to find it.

Not only does StoneTether remind you when you’re leaving something important behind: it also lets you know when something—or someone—important is leaving without you! Have a child that’s easily distracted and has the tendency to wander? Just slip a tag in their pocket, and StoneTether will alert you if they wander outside a set range. Want to let your dog play outside but afraid he’ll run off? Attach a tag to his collar, and StoneTether will let you know if Spot leaves the yard.


Like we said, there are a lot of tracking solutions out there. With StoneTether, our vision was to build something different — something that we ourselves would use every day.

After 3 years of researching and perfecting the technology, we couldn’t be more excited to start sharing StoneTether with the world.

Here are a few more features that make StoneTether unlike any other tracking system on the market today:

The StoneTether app is available for both iOS and Android. Whether you’re an Apple disciple or an Android devotee, StoneTether’s tags will pair perfectly with your device to make it easier than ever to keep track of your things.

When you’re on the hunt for a lost item, more eyes are better than fewer. With StoneTether’s Community Find feature, you can enlist the help of other StoneTether users to track down your lost items — even your mobile device itself! If one of your items goes missing and someone with the StoneTether app comes within 500 feet of your lost device, StoneTether will let you know where to find it!

With StoneTether, we set out to create a tracking system that’s built to last. StoneTether’s battery is replacable, so you don’t have to keep buying new tags every time the battery gives out. StoneTether is also water-resistant, so even if you accidentally put it in the wash, StoneTether will still work and be ready to keep track of your things!

With StoneTether, we wanted to create something sleek and streamlined – something that would look good hanging from your keys or your laptop case, without giving an inch when it comes to functionality. Not only does StoneTether keep track of your items – it looks good doing it!


From booming pre-sales to incredible buzz in the media, StoneTether has seen some incredible success already, and with our first units set to ship very shortly, the momentum is building toward even bigger and better things to come. 

We recently wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign, blowing past our initial goal to ultimately raise $366,199 from 6,297 backers who believe in StoneTether and are excited to see it become a reality. StoneTether was also named a Kickstarter staff pick, and we exceeded our raise goal by 2,441%! 

Between our Kickstarter campaign and ongoing pre-orders through our website, we have already pre-sold over 30,000 units of StoneTether to more than 8,000 customers. We’re on track to start delivering the very first StoneTether units in June.

The StoneTether prototype is fully developed and production-ready. We have already secured one patent to protect the revolutionary technology behind StoneTether, and a second patent is on the way. 

The media is already talking about StoneTether and our game-changing take on the tag-and-track solution. We’ve been featured in VentureBeat, Gigazine, and Yahoo Finance, just to name a few. 


Up next for StoneTether: delivering our first units to our Kickstarter backers and other early adopter heroes in June. From there, we’ll dive into some software updates to add even more functionality and control to the StoneTether system, and finalize development of a new device that we’re planning to roll out in late 2016. We’re also starting to explore StoneTether’s potential to expand beyond the general consumer space and into other verticals. Up first: healthcare, with an exciting partnership with Virginia Hospital Center.

Interested in learning more about where StoneTether’s been, where we’re going, and how you can help make it happen? Please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile! 


Ehrien Marth – CEO
A graduate from the University of California, San Diego, Ehrien is the founder of Del Marth LLC. He believes that there’s an easier way to bring the intangible benefits of technology into our everyday lives. He designed StoneTether with this belief and the passion to bring a simpler, more reliable smart tracking device.

Donny Boggs – VP of Sales and Operations
Donny has 15 year of telecommunications experience with AT&T and software sales and analytics with Oracle.

Simon Childs – VP of Marketing and Design
Simon was the technical lead for a design and engineering team and has multiple years of experience with TDSI and SBC in CAD, IT, Design Implementation, and Marketing Support.


Contact Information:

Ehrien Marth
Donny Boggs
Simon Childs

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