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May 30, 2015 3:25 PM ET

Archived: Lifeboat: Mobile Battery Pack with Panic Button – Lifeboat attaches to any phone; maintains power reserve to boost phone; sends GPS alert when needed.

iCrowdNewswire - May 30, 2015

Lifeboat: Mobile Battery Pack with Panic Button

Lifeboat attaches to any phone. Maintains power reserve to boost phone. Sends GPS alert when needed.
Joginder Tanikella

Lifeboat: The Ultimate Mobile Phone Accessory

Mobility and Safety in one Cool Form Factor

Personalised Control with the Mobile App

Anatomy of A Lifeboat

Avant-Garde Range of Color Options

Unique All-Black Color Option

The Lifeboat Ethos

The Lifeboat is a real solution born out of real needs. The need for enhanced mobility and the need for increased personal security.

  • Enhanced Mobility

Even though we use power banks, we often forget to charge the power bank apart from forgetting to carry it with us. Further, the higher the capacity of the power bank, the less we remember to keep it charged for use in time. 

And, in the end, sometimes, all we need is a little bit of battery life to tell our families we are on the way home.

  • Increased Personal Security

Lifeboat was created as a way to keep our loved ones secure.

We cannot count on bracelets and other Bluetooth accessories or even Panic Button Apps on the mobile phone. In a real emergency, there will not be any time or presence of mind for fumbling or fiddling around trying to get things to work. Further, even low energy Bluetooth connections will end up sapping the mobile phone power not counting the reliability of the connection or the app.

Keeping the above issues in mind, we have made the Lifeboat to be the most convenient and easiest panic button functionality to use.

Why is the Lifeboat on Indiegogo?

The Lifeboat is on Indiegogo not just to raise funds for production. The Lifeboat is here to earn your love and support to make it a reality.

We look at this Indiegogo platform as an amazing opportunity to interact with potential users from all around the world, learn from the early adopters and prove ourselves worthy of your trust.

How will the funds be utilised?

The first designs and the prototype are already completed. The patents have been applied for.


That’s the final prototype above next to a standard matchbox to view in perspective.

The funds we raise in this campaign will go towards the following:

Why Flexible Funding?

Indiegogo offers convenient (for you) payment options only with flexible funding. 

As you may understand, the funding limit on this Lifeboat campaign does not cover the entire cost of the production and the limit has been kept lower on purpose. More than just the funding, we are looking at the number of orders as a measure of popular acceptance.

That aside, we will complete this project on our own regardless of the funding received. 

We hope by now that you understand the Lifeboat is a labor of love for us.

The Production Timeline

Why we will Succeed?

We, Vajra InfraTech Pvt. Ltd., (http://www.vajrainfratech.com) are a company in the business of specialised B2B (Business to Business) IT solutions since 7 years. We have clients all over the world and our products are known in the logistics and fleet management sectors.

This may be our first foray in to the world of B2C (Consumer / Retail) electronics. But we are not new to the manufacturing process and are experienced in the area of GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking hardware.

Honestly, the only risks we perceive at this stage are delays due to any holdups in the import of certain components and delays due to the certification process, especially the MFI approval (for the lightning connector option).

Manufacturing in Hyderabad, India, i.e., Home Base

Our strength is that the entire process is being undertaken at our home base from design to manufacturing to packaging. Thus, ensuring our total control on the manufacturing process which is familiar territory for us. 

Hyderabad, India is a fast-growing technology hub with some of the world’s leading technology companies based here. We are happy to be in such a a vibrant hub for electronics manufacturing and ancillary activities and hence, we are absolutely confident of producing a quality product and delivering on time.

Contact Us

We look forward to interacting with you through this Indiegogo campaign. Please also feel free to write to us at staysafe@lifeboat.today 🙂

Contact Information:


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