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Archived: The One Dollar Fund

iCrowdNewswire - May 29, 2015

In 1987 a young man named Mark Hayes raised around $28 000 for his collegue tuition.  He contacted his local paper who ran a story about Mark not wanting to put his parents in debt for his collegue tuition. He set up a post box and after the story was run in the Chicago Tribune, people sent pennies from far and wide – enough to pay off Mr Hayes education, in pennies.  People today refer to him as the penny man.

My project runs off this idea.   We dont need post boxes anymore and communcation is so much faster and easier.  Instead of asking people to donate lump sums of money, I’m asking any person with a spare dollar to help assist with my fundraiser.  Just one dollar.   If I can find 200 000 people willing to share a dollar with me, I can hopefully make the necessary funding to get my product to shelf.  Otherwise all my work for the last year has been in vain.

It doesnt matter who supports me, where they are from, what they do or look like.  Anyone with a spare dollar can help me reach my goal.   With social media so much larger and reaching such a diverse audience today, I have to believe this goal is achievable.

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Susan Gilbertson,

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