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May 29, 2015 2:14 PM ET

Archived: The LOOP, a powerful $99 tablet: An 7-inch HD tablet with first-class hardware

iCrowdNewswire - May 29, 2015

The LOOP, a powerful $99 tablet.

An 7-inch HD tablet with first-class hardware – just $99.
Vivek Nair

What is the LOOP?

The LOOP is an affordable tablet that runs both Android and LoopX, our custom OS optimized for productivity. Your increase in productivity should help make up for all of the time you spend enjoying our immersive entertainment experience.

The LOOP boasts a full 1GB of RAM and a quad-core processor, making it significantly more powerful than leading tablet brands while costing much less. We can achieve the remarkable price of just $99 by sourcing components from dozens of quality manufacturers around the world.

What does the LOOP do?

Even though the LOOP’s 7-inch HD display is large enough to read e-books or watch movies, you don’t have to sacrifice portability or convenience. At just 6mm thick and 300g, you can easily slip your LOOP into your backpack or our nylon carrying case.

We are also offering an additional 64GB of storage for just $29, perfect for storing hours of games, movies, and music on your device.

The LOOP runs thousands of “productivity interfaces,” apps which are synced live with your computer to form a joint working environment. It can also download and run any app, video, book, or song from the Google Play store in your country.

Backer Perks


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Why did you make the LOOP?

We created LOOP tablets because we didn’t like the tablet options that were on the market. They were either exorbitantly expensive or unusable. The LOOP is both cheap and and versitile, giving it an advantage over our competitors.

Who is the LOOP for?

The LOOP is for everyone. It’s so simple that you can give it to your five year old child, and so durable that you don’t have to worry when they throw it across the room. The LoopX productivity software will enhance your performace at work and the built-in entertainment platform will help you relax at home.

When will LOOP ship? Where are you shipping to?

The LOOP is shipping worldwide. Your shipping cost (if any) will be automatically calculated when you place your order. You should expect your LOOP to arrive at your doorstep some time this August.

How is the LOOP unique?

The LOOP ships with LoopX, our custom OS that is optimized for productivity. LoopX can’t be found on any other tablet. The LOOP also has custom hardware that is optimized for efficiency.

What’s the difference between the $99 and the $129 perks?

There’s no difference in the actual product that you will receive. We want our first 100 customers to have a discounted price to thank them for being one of the first people to buy the LOOP. After the first 100 units have been sold, you can continue buying the LOOP for the normal price of $129.


Screen Size: 7″
Screen Resolution: 720p HD

Thickness: 7mm
Weight: 300g

Memory (RAM): 1GB
Processor: Quad-Core 1.7GHz

Storage (Without Upgrade): 16GB
Storage (With $29 Upgrade): 80GB

Data Port: Micro USB
Audio Port: 3.5mm Jack
Storage Port: MicroSD

Microphone: Built-In Mono
Speakers: Built-In Stereo

Camera (Front): 720p HD
Camera (Back): 480p SD

Wifi Support: Dual Channel (2.4GHz / 5GHz)
Bluetooth Support: Bluetooth 4.0

Battery Life (Heavy Use): 4 Hours
Battery Life (Moderate Use): 8 Hours
Battery Life (With Upgrade): 24 Hours
Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh

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