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May 29, 2015 7:34 PM ET

Archived: The Book House Maplewood needs to Raise Money Now! Build Community! Pay it forward, Help the Book House raise 10K by June 20th

iCrowdNewswire - May 29, 2015

The Book House Maplewood needs to Raise Money Now!


Build Community! Pay it forward, Help the Book House raise 10K by June 20th
Michelle Barron

Urgent – The Book House needs your help to raise $10K NOW to keep our doors open!   

As a valued Book House customer and friend, we know you have supported us through quite a bit of transition over the past two years. You helped when we were forced to move to a new location and renovate the space so we could reopen. The new bookstore space is now fully open, and business has been better than ever, as we continue to grow and (on the surface) looks pretty successful.  We could not have gotten this far without your support!

So we really hate to come to you again to ask for help. But, we  are  up against a hard deadline, and a cash flow crunch which could jeopardize everything we have worked so hard to create.   The  initial crisis of being forced to move so suddenly  incurred  enormous up front costs to move and build out to  meet building and fire code requirements.   Higher rent,  larger Payroll expenses, higher tax payments, initial orders with  our authors and publishers, taxes, and construction costs all add up. We were never able to obtain the needed  low interest SBA financing or development grant we really needed.  So we invested all our personal savings and  cash reserves, borrowed as much as possible on credit cards and high interest loans, deferred payments as we got the store on its feet.  Business has been great.  We had the best holiday season in the history of the bookstore.  We are working long hours just to keep up!   We  are currently  meeting our basic operating costs and slowly paying off debt.   But now  we are up against a deadline and a bill of over  $10,000 in  past due expenses  that MUST BE PAID  before the  end of June, or we may be forced to close for legal reasons. Our owner, Michelle, is about to have a nervous breakdown!

We hope you see value in what we’ve created here and would like to help us continue.     Our local bookstore has striven to  be a positive force for the community, and we  are doing everything we can think of to continue with our work to be the Best Bookstore we can be, supporting local authors, writers, artists, musicians, and educators and  booklovers of all ages.   

You can find out more about our history and our events through our store websitewww.bookhousestl.com   You can also join us on Facebook and Twitter.   We host events every week  (including Friday night music and Wed Improv!)  as well as author book launches, booksignings, and storytime.   We   have one of the biggest selections of AMAZING  new, used, rare, and unusual books in the Midwest.  We are a bit eclectic,  but also  a place where you can feel at home in a chaotic world.  We have been in business for almost 30 years (one and a half years in current location) and  have  a diverse,  knowledgeable and friendly team of  people who work hard to make this a place you can come and enjoy.  

In the past we have gotten a little crazy with our fundraising (remember George R. R. Martin and the author retreat –   didn’t work  🙁  )   We really don’t have time for that now, and have decided to just ask for  some straightforward help.    No-frills, no gimmicks – just donate whatever amount you wish.  And PLEASE  share with your friends on social media .    If everyone on our email list  kicks in $10 or $20 bucks,  its a done deal.     

You may also come visit the shop,  buy an extra book or two  (you really won’t be able to resist anyway!),  and tip an extra few bucks  in the donation jar.  We also have lots of bargains and sale items including limited edition bookstore day prints and Book Bonds,  So if you want something for your dollar,  come in and see what we have for sale right now!  (You can also order through our website)    We just need  a little boost to get over this one immediate crisis,  and we can continue  to stay open and  serve you in our community.     We know we can do it.  We don’t plan on going anywhere!

Our sincerest appreciation and thanks  –   Michelle, Dave, Brian, Lindsey, Ben, and Maggie.

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