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May 29, 2015 5:20 PM ET

Archived: TalkFavorites.me – We Crowdsource What Locals Like Best

iCrowdNewswire - May 29, 2015


We Crowdsource What Locals Like Best


‘Local Reviews’ Are Broken

Local Search Has Become A Big Mess

  • There are way too many search results
  • There are even more reviews. Many fake. Some hostile. Plenty paid for.
  • Trying to find “the best pizza in West Chester” is time consuming, and with so much information, how do you know you’re making a good decision?

Elevator Pitch

TalkFavorites is a simple Question & Answer Platform that captures what people like best. It then shares the answers with the rest of the world in an infographic. 

  • Anyone can ask or answer questions like, “What’s the best pizza in Brooklyn?” 
  • Users can only have one answer per question – since you can only have ONE favorite. (Of course, users can change their answers.)
  • We then add up the answers or, as we see them, votes. 
  • Finally – and most importantly – we display the results in a radically simple and immediately useful infographic.
  • TalkFavorites is starting to transform the local search, discovery and review space into something radically simple and immediately useful. 

Key Features

  1. We crowdsource to find the best. Locals, the folks directly interacting with stores, shops and restaurants know what’s best. It’s more accurate than relying on “Best of” campaigns, “Readers’ Choice Awards” and professional critics. 
  2. “Favorites” is a meme. “What’s your favorite…?” is cultural. We ask each other for recommendations all the time. Sometimes we fight about it!
  3. A “favorite” is pure passion. Capturing a person’s favorite is extremely valuable – it’s the highest-quality opinion a person has. You can “like” 10 pizza joints, but you can only have one favorite. 
  4. Infographics rule. Our bar chart (histogram in geek-speak) presentation format is immediately understandable. In a blink of an eye you understand relative value. And in another blink you can see absolute value..
  5. Votes are valid. The votes are tied to actual people. We’ve eliminated a big part of why votes, reviews and other conventions get abused and ultimately make rating systems problematic.
  6. Our site is natural language. Our pages are filled with phrases that represent the way people speak which is more and more how people search. When you type into Google, “What’s the best pizza in West Chester” – we have a page for exactly that. 
  7. It’s a win for the small business owner, too. Any TalkFavorites page is really a collection of “favorites” – which is ALL positive. And those pages link to the SMBs’ sites. That’s pure SEO gold.

Key Accomplishments

  • We were covered on Techcrunch!
  • We attracted over 2,000 users in three weeks when we partnered with a local publication who needed a platform for voting in one of their “Best of” campaigns. 
  • We built a mighty sophisticated and scalable web app, an HTML 5 mobile site, a Facebook app, and a dynamic social media sharing tool. And, we bootstrapped it all.
  • We are live in 15 countries.
  • We have over 1,000 questions.

The TalkFavorites Team


Chris Dima – CEO

Chris’s mission is to develop local-oriented products that are simple and provide real value to the consumer. 


Passions: Everything local, simplicity, solving consumer UX issues, social media, social commerce. Past: Entrepreneur, product developer, manager, marketer and writer. Good to Know: Was a teacher, social worker, reporter and haiku writer.


Jeff McCary – President/CTO

Jeff’s mission is to build software that knocks your socks off. And stands up to getting kicked in the head.  


Passions: Creating stable, scalable software, rapid development and prototyping new products. Past: 12 years of experience running a custom app shop. Good to Know: BS Electrical Engineering, MS Computer Science.


Dan Mathers – VP Sales

Dan’s mission is to create useful and engaging content for businesses and consumers 


Passions: Publishing high-quality, local content and creating SMB marketing solutions. Past: Sales, publishing, content strategy and development, event production and management. Good to Know: Graduated into a recession. Doubled-down on entrepreneurship. Built multiple brands from scratch in multiple markets.


Jeff Slater – Software Developer

Jeff’s mission is to figure out the internet. And deliver enjoyable front-end experiences that never fail. 


Passions: Solving tech and UX problems – actually, solving problems before they even become problems. Past: DIY web developer. Good to Know: Built a Pokemon fan site with Nick (see below) when he was 20 – now gets several million daily page views. The site is like a tricked-out hot rod. Scalable – and infallible.


Nick Shirmer – Software Developer

Nick’s mission is to figure out the internet, too. And to build back-ends power awesome apps.  


Passions: Diving into any “back end” issue (or opportunity) and coming back in 24 hours with the solution Past: DIY web developer. Good to Know: Built a Pokemon fan site with Jeff when he was 20 – now gets several million daily page views. The site is like a tricked-out hot rod. Scalable – and unfailable.

Contact Information:

Chris Dima
Jeff McCary
Dan Mathers
Jeff Slater
Nick Shirmer

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