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May 29, 2015 4:15 EST

Stack ‘Em 5™ by SFG: A strategic 3D game of 5-in-a-row! Invest with us and experience un-capped ROI, for life!

iCrowdNewswire - May 29, 2015

Stack 'Em 5™ by SFG

Stack ‘Em 5™ by SFG

A strategic 3D game of 5-in-a-row! Invest with us and experience un-capped ROI, for life!


How cliché it is for a company to say we want to “change the world“, however if you’re not in it to change the world, even if in the smallest of ways, then why bother doing anything at all. At Skylar Forrest Games we will change the world, in more ways than one, and are leveraging ourselves to do just that, through one of the largest and fastest growing medians in the world today, games. Our games will reinvent old ideas and will introduce new, never before done concepts. We will not produce freemium games, nor will we milk our customers with over priced add ons and/or expansions. In a fast changing industry, will we keep pace, deliver on our word, always remember the gamer and become the new standard in the gaming industry, inclusive!

The company’s vision is to bring people of the world together by means of fun, challenging and socially interactive games, and our mission in the simplest of terms is to be innovative & unique.

In order to achieve this, we’ll be known as a business of excellence that:

  • provides high-quality, multi-level strategy games to a broad audience;
  • provides a culture that instills quality in everything we do; and
  • provides growth and challenge to its customers, the company, our employees, and our business partners.

Some of the most successful and classic games of all time are playable by the whole family, however with today’s market, many of the new games have demographical gaps, such as age, number of players and simplicity. SFG has solutions to fill these gaps. We will start with the launch of Stack ‘Em 5™, a brand new, patented, strategy board game. Stack ‘Em 5™ is very unique, yet has many of the attributes of such classics as Tic-Tac-Toe, Chess, Checkers, Connect4 and even Pente. Board games are on the rise once again and strategy games are the fastest growing vertical within the industry. Just this past March, NBC’s Nightly News and The Today Show helped solidify this point with reports on the increasing number of board game cafes, that are popping up all over America as well as the growing popularity of the social aspect. Stack ‘Em 5™ is primed for success due to both timing and need. The time is clearly now and with an age range of 5-95, the simplicity to learn the game almost instantly and the ability to have up to 8 players at once, Stack ‘Em 5™ is the opportunity any investor should take a closer look at.


Yellow was the winner in this 4 player, 30 round, 45 minute game!




As an investor you want to know what your expected return will be. We get that. You want to know that the company and product you invest in is relevant to the market. We are that. You want to know the company is knowledgeable and passionate about the product. We live that. Some things you should know about this investment opportunity:

  • Our projections are modest
  • The ROI is uncapped
  • Future game launches provide for an additional boost in profits
  • Works like an annuity

Years 1-10 Annual ROI paid quarterly:

  • 1.55% on $77,435 profit
  • 46.59% on $2,319,536 profit
  • 27.54% on $1,376,765 profit
  • 35.55% on $1,777,566 profit
  • 35.55% on $1,777,566 profit
  • 35.55% on $1,777,566 profit
  • 35.55% on $1,777,566 profit
  • 35.55% on $1,777,566 profit
  • 35.55% on $1,777,566 profit
  • 35.55% on $1,777,566 profit

Total ROI over the first 5 years is 146.78%; Total ROI over the first 10 years is324.53%; Average ROI over first ten 10 years is 32.45%.

Even though we’re all about fun, at Skylar Forest Games, we take your investment seriously… leave the game-playing to us!


  • $5000 – Receive special signed wooden deluxe edition of Stack’Em 5™ and become an “Architect of Influence” with a lifetime acknowledgement on all editions
  • $25,000 – VIP accommodations for 2 to the 2016 Comic-Con in San Diego, CA, plus the perk above
  • $50,000 – Invitation to appear as a representative of Stack’Em 5™ on at least Gaming Show, plus all perks above
  • $100,000 – Earn a seat on the Stack’Em 5™ Advisory Board, plus all other perks


Michael and a friend play 3D tic-tac-toe and a brilliant idea ignites – Stack ‘Em 5™

AUGUST, 1990

Stack ‘Em 5™ is born with the first conceptual drawings

MAY, 2002

The first prototype of Stack ‘Em 5™ is produced

JUNE, 2008

Application is filed for Stack ‘Em 5™ patent with Registered Patent Attorney, Michael J. Colitz, Jr.

JULY, 2009

Skylar Forrest Games is started as a sole proprietorship


SFG begins test marketing Stack ‘Em 5™

APRIL, 2010

Patent is issued to Stack ‘Em 5™

MAY, 2011

More test marketing on Stack ‘Em 5™


Continued test marketing on Stack ‘Em 5™


Michael is introduced to John Patrick & Mark Katz of the The M David Katz Company, by Jason Turner

JUNE, 2014

John & Mark receive promotional copy of Stack ‘Em 5™

JUNE, 2014

SFG officially partners with The M David Katz Company

AUGUST, 2014

SFG completes Market Study & Strategy, Business Plan & Investor Packets

APRIL, 2015

Skylar Forrest Games, LLC is established in Tampa, Florida

MAY, 2015

SFG, LLC will begin production of Stack ‘Em 5™ for shelves across the US

AUGUST, 2015


My strategy firm does not ordinarily invest in our clients businesses. After meeting the inventor and simply playing the game, we made our first exception to this rule!
Mark D. KatzPresident, The M David Katz Company
Mark D. Katz
When I first saw Stack ‘Em 5 it occurred to me that the game was very basic. Within five minutes I realized that the game was addictive and thought-provoking while easy for anyone (including a child) to learn to play. At a time where most people are staring at a phone screen this game has the side benefit of drawing out conversations and relationships. Bottom line … the power of Stack ‘Em 5 is in it’s simplicity and I highly recommend it as a great game for novice to avid gamer!
John PatrickBusiness Strategist, The M David Katz Company
John Patrick
I was a bit skeptical playing another board game at first but after just a few minutes playing… Stack ‘Em 5 exceeded my expectations. It’s a cross of all of your favorite classics mixed all in one highly competitive and addicting game that the whole family can play!
Jason TurnerProject Consultant/Strategist, Skylar Forrest
Jason Turner


Michael Renfro

Michael Renfro

Chief Creative Officer

The founder of Skylar Forrest Games and game creator is Michael Renfro. At age 42 Michael has established a proven path to success. His intellect, which is critical to game creation and development was tested at age 16 and at that point he was thinking at a 35 year-old level. Michael has been a life-long gamer and has been an avid electronic game player since game technology has entered the market. He has led several sales teams on local and national levels, setting records in sales, revenue growth and closing ratios. Michael’s experience includes 14 years in management and training, 27 years in sales, 17 years in marketing and 13 years in internet marketing. His extensive experience in sales and sales management will enable the Company to realize significant and accelerated sales and growth while his skills in creativity, innovation and his keen ability to improve on existing game concepts, design and functionality will enable the Company to bring fresh game ideas to the growing game market. In 2014, Michael was introduced to The M David Katz Company, a Business Strategy Firm, who reviewed the viability of this venture. As a result of that preliminary assessment, and after careful consideration, two of the stakeholders, Mark Katz and John Patrick, have taken an equity position in this new enterprise to provide operational and management oversight.
Mark Katz

Mark Katz

Chief Strategic Officer, Skylar Forrest Games

After completing his education at Princeton University and the University of Baltimore, Mark D. Katz launched Katz & Associates in 1981 with a vision to ensure that high level professional services were available to business of all sizes, structure and market position. Initially, Mark provided Computer Programming and Technical Support to various clients throughout Baltimore, Washington and Virginia. During the first ten years, the focus of Mark’s consulting gradually expanded throughout the United States and grew to encompass Business and Finance Management with several major projects in service delivery and quality management. In 1993, Mark began to identify repeated behaviors, timelines and challenges within business management and operations and spent several years understanding the root cause of these trends. Mark has brought his background in Technology, knowledge of Process Management, and experience in Business and Change Management together to formulate a new paradigm to change the way owners and managers look at their business. Continuing to maintain the original commitment to support companies, regardless of size, this new perspective allows small businesses and fortune 100 organizations to re-engineer its approach to attack the market, to re-invent its operation, and to measure and manage process and results. Beginning with the new millennium, Mark launched The M David Katz Company to embrace an expanded offering of professional services and began organizing a network of talent to make available the resources a business might need, only when they need them. In 2006, The M David Katz Company relocated its headquarters to Tampa, Florida. While we continue to work with clients throughout the United States, our mission is to service the local business community first as a priority to our business growth strategy.
John Patrick

John Patrick

Chief Operating Officer

After spending over thirty years in Fortune 50 companies, John Patrick observed that under-served small businesses and business owners did not have the tools, resources and technology available to large corporations. Based on his belief that small businesses represent the backbone of change and new ideas, he dedicated himself to helping that sector expand their businesses. Through a series of successful business ventures, he learned first-hand the challenges that small businesses face in competing against large corporations and in operating a company within a narrow margin. As a result, his passion grew to give small business owners a voice and to pass along his experience with the intent of helping them to dominate in their market place. As business strategist for The M David Katz Company, John works with all types and sizes of businesses … from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. His services include: Business strategy, Stabilization, innovation and growth, Customer service and delivery, Leadership training and development, Business Plans, Branding and Business Development, Business Administration, Sales and marketing growth strategy, Accounts receivable management, Sales training, Staff training & development and Effective networking coaching. John’s accomplishments include being the youngest person elevated to executive management with Citigroup (age 19) and being listed in Outstanding Young Men of America for his contribution to his community. He has served in various capacities in civic organizations, business organizations, chambers of commerce, associations, boards and non-profits. He is a published author, an accomplished public speaker and he has been interviewed on radio, television, internet radio, in magazines and in books for his expertise on business, strategy and customer service.


  • 32% average yearly ROI expected over first 10 years!
  • Invest $5000 and earn profit sharing for life, with un-capped ROI!
  • Profitability should be reached by the end of the 1st year!


Stack ‘Em 5™ is a turn-key investment. It fills many current gaps in a growing industry, plus it’s tangible, researched, patented, tested, and ready for production. Need we say more?

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