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May 29, 2015 12:07 PM ET

Archived: SensorWake – Wake Up Happy with the Smell-Based Alarm Clock – The world’s first olfactory alarm clock, invented to make your mornings happy thanks to your favorite scent!

iCrowdNewswire - May 29, 2015

SensorWake – Wake Up Happy with the Smell-Based Alarm Clock

Make each morning marvelous from the moment you open your eyes, thanks to the power of smell.

Choose from a wide assortment of scents, like coffee, croissants, the ocean, or even the smell of money. Setting your Sensorwake is as easy as setting your espresso machine, and changing out the scents is even faster. All this is brought to you by Guillaume Rolland, an 18-year-old French entrepreneur with a vision of making everyone wake up happy!

Even Google recognizes SensorWake’s potential, awarding it as one of the top 15 inventions “that can change the world” at the 2014 Google Science Fair.

We believe that everyone should wake up happy, relaxed and peaceful, empowered for adventures to come. Happiness lies in the little things, like a great morning, a smell we like, a memory it recalls, a smile it evokes… Together let’s make sure this happens every day!

Our story began on an early morning over a year ago when 17-year-old Guillaume Rolland couldn’t wake up once again. He hated his noisy alarm clock so much that he decided then and there that he should do something about it.

One year later, Guillaume stood in Mountain View where his garage-built prototype placed in the Top 15 “inventions that can change the world” at the 2014 Google Science Fair.

Since then, Guillaume has assembled a team of engineers and businesspeople to make that change a reality. Now 18, and still a part-time engineering student at UTC, Guillaume heads the team and works nightly to achieve his goal of revolutionizing our mornings.

“I thought that now, in the 21st century, everyone should have the right to wake up happy, relaxed and peaceful, ready for a great day. So I invented the SensorWake!” says Guillaume.

With the team assembled and partners in place ready to handle the business side of things, a successful Kickstarter is all Guillaume needs to allow everyone to share the SensorWake experience.

Born and raised in France, we grew up with quality smells all around us. That is why we are now happy to work with Givaudan, the world leader in fragrances and flavors. In fact, we’re the first startup they’ve ever chosen to work with.

“We are used to working with household brands. But SensorWake represents a great challenge for us. We’ve never done scented capsules for an olfactory alarm clock before!” explains Aurélie from Givaudan. “We truly believe in Guillaume’s product and team. It’s going to change the way we wake up.”

But because we know that everyone is unique, we wanted to make sure you have a wide range of scents you can choose from, even at this early stage. As our backers, you’ll be able to choose one of the following two-capsules packs (or more, depending on your pledge). One capsule wakes you up 60 times.

  • Continental breakfast: Espresso & Hot Croissant 
  • Candy Rush: Sweet peach & Strawberry candy 
  • Enjoy the break: Seaside (monoi, tiare flower) & Lush Jungle (cut grass, leaves)
  • Invigorating Aromatherapy: Purifying Tea Tree & Harmonious Chocolate 
  • Vitalization Aromatherapy: Stimulating Ginger & Invigorating Pepper Mint 
  • VIP lounge (for Kickstarter Backers only): Dollar & Ebony Luxury

The patented SensorWake technology releases a scent that’s dosed just right, thanks to its innovative diffusion system. In fact, according to consumer tests we ran on over 100 people, SensorWake will wake you up in under 2 minutes, 99% of the time!

And for the 1% with a stuffy nose, SensorWake includes an audio alarm that goes off after 3 minutes if you’re not awake. That way, you’re never late… well, at least not because of us!

SensorWake might sound like a device, but we like to think it’s more. It’s about making your mornings peaceful and happy, and your days smoother and easier to conquer.

It took countless hours to bring SensorWake to where it is now, from an original idea to an award-winning product with partnerships around the globe. But we’ve still got a little ways to go. Landing SensorWake on your nightstand will take manufacturing and distribution startup costs, capital for our initial inventory, and additional quality assurance to make sure we’re sending you the best product possible.

Want to be part of our community? Check out the Backer rewards we developed to make sure you get a fantastic SensorWake experience for your contributions:

If you choose to back us, take a look at the table above to see what rewards you can get. You will be invited to choose your packs at the end of the Kickstarter campaign.

After the launch, you’ll be able to order refills and new capsules on our online store for an estimated $9 each. We’re also doing our best to bring capsules to your favorite local store, so you won’t have to wait for the mailman if you run out.

To make your life easier, we plan on setting up our website so you can register to get your favorite sent automatically delivered to your home once every two months. For the nappers out there, you’ll be able to adjust this timing if you use capsules more often.

Yes! Easier to use than your coffee maker, setting up your SensorWake takes just three quick steps:

  • After setting up the wake up time, insert the scent of your choice.
  •  Scent diffusion begins at the scheduled time.
  •  You will be gently woken up within 2 minutes.

Scent refills are perfectly healthy: they are solvent-free, compliant with IFRA (International Fragrance Association, no allergen), REACH (European Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals Regulation, no chemical risks) and CARB standards (California Air Resource Board, healthy air quality).

At SensorWake we wanted to make a great device, not only for you, but also for our planet. That’s why we designed it to be durable with high-quality materials to keep them out of landfills. Capsules are also 100% recyclable and free of any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Finally, SensorWake fragrances leave no residue whatsoever on surfaces, clothes, or anything else in your room.

Our team is a mix of youth, creativity, and excellence in engineering. We have experts in several fields, including engineering, marketing and design, and work closely with experts in olfaction and manufacturing, all ready to deliver the best product we can in a reasonable amount of time.

Some of our team
Some of our team

Media over the world already believe in SensorWake. We’ve been featured in:

SensorWake on TV-Shows
SensorWake on TV-Shows

We are very proud that our invention has already received awards from prestigious institutions, which inspire us each day to go further.

In 2015, wake up with SensorWake!
In 2015, wake up with SensorWake!

We have tested and built SensorWake so that it’s efficient, safe, and easy to use. After launch, we’ll continue to use a pool of experts to make sure SensorWake lives up to its promises.We are very proud to be able to offer our product to backers on Kickstarter. But for us, it’s only the beginning.

The most important thing for us is to make sure our community, especially our Kickstarter backers fully enjoy our product.

We have already worked for two years to get our prototype up and running. We’re happy that this work has been acknowledged and backed by leaders in the tech field, such as Google.

However, it’s impossible to start a new enterprise without risk.
We know we will face challenges, among them manufacturing, production, shipping abroad and more. We’ll have to work daily to overcome them.

But we’ve worked too hard to get where we are to slow down anytime soon. We’ve carefully planned our business, taking into account our risks as well as our limitations. For this reason our delivery dates are conservative, so that any unexpected challenges we’re met with won’t mean breaking promises to our loyal backers.

Because we want you to wake up happy. Every single day.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated, not only on the Kickstarter campaign, but also on our ideas and vision. (Only if you wish–we all know how annoying those emails can be!)

We might also seek your advice and input from time to time, so you are welcome to join our community on social media if you’re willing to participate in this feedback.

There’s no way to convey how grateful we are for your efforts, whether you back the project financially or simply send us your ideas.

Thank you so much for your support!

The SensorWake Team.


Contact Information:

Guillaume Rolland

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