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May 29, 2015 10:57 AM ET

Archived: SafeTrek Safety Apple & Android Watch App: We are SafeTrek, currently the #1 personal safety mobile app for iOS and Android that is improving the way people request emergency help!

iCrowdNewswire - May 29, 2015

SafeTrek Safety Apple & Android Watch App


Hold until safe and now tap until safe with your smartwatch!
Robert Roderick

Short Summary

Welcome Supporters!

We are SafeTrek, currently the #1 personal safety mobile app for iOS and Android that is improving the way people request emergency help! 

Our app is available for download to your phone with either iOS/Android today!! https://www.safetrekapp.com/

We need your support to build our smart watch app! Every app supporter gets our current app for iOS or Android, which will allow you to use our watch app when it is launched or use our mobile app at a great discount!!!

SafeTrek is a group of tech geeks that aspired to devise a way to make the world around us a safer place, utilizing smart phones  as our mode of achieving this goal. Our inspiration was first sparked by the blue-light safety stations we observed in our respective colleges, their existence led us to wonder: why not build a mobile app that goes beyond a stationary blue-light safety station? An app that has the ability to quickly alert police or emergency services to individuals by pinpointing their location and communicating their personal information. And- if police or emergency services seem unnecessary by the user- our app simply gives them peace of mind when in a unsafe or unknown area (Our trade marked “Hold Until SafeTM” feature). Thus, arrived the birth of SafeTrek in 2014!

We are excited tell our supporters that the SafeTrek mobile app has been out on both Android and iOS devices for the last 8 months maintain a rating of five stars for both platforms! Users are so fond of our safety application due to its convenience, accessibility, and simple- but effective- design. One can conveniently access our Hold Until SafeTM  button at anytime, which allows our users the peace of mind in unfamiliar and unsafe areas. It’s like having 911 emergency services on hold until you’re safe. 

As a company, we have witnessed a positive trend over the last year involving smart watch purchases and wish to keep up with our tech savvy users by constructing a SafeTrek app for the Apple Watch.To achieve this goal, we need your support to subsidize the costs of design, engineering, and testing. It is imperative for us to build the smart watch application because we believe in our product and know it has the ability to save lives. We are a small, but passionate, four-person team that works diligently around the clock to keep our users safe. We have everything laid out and ready to build, however, we need additional funding to fully design, engineer, and test the smart watch app to our SafeTrek standards. 

In addition to the current SafeTrek app features, our customers will have the ability on the smart watch app to set alerts to “check in” or “snooze,” while they are in an unsafe or unfamiliar area or situation. If they do not “check in” or hit “snooze,” emergency services will be alerted. This is an invaluable tool for an array of reasons: for the person who goes running by themselves, the real estate agent showing a home or apartment, an individual out on a hike, or any other circumstance that one can not have their finger on our  Hold Until Safe feature. This enables individuals to still have emergency services on hold until they are safe.

With that request in mind, the way we like to think about our Indiegogo campaign is that in being a supporter and funding this project, you are also helping make the world a safer place. To show our appreciation, the SafeTrek team will also be providing you with certain perks. We ask that you please check out our reviews and see what users have to say about us on iOS and Android and help us make this project possible! 

What We Need & What You Get

We need to raise $20,000 for the Apple Watch app development to cover all of our costs from design, engineering, and testing. We realize that the Apple watch is one of many smart watches, which is why if we can reach a goal of $30,000 we will also be developing a smart watch app for Android as well!

The money will be spent on the following:

  • Design engineer – To ensure app is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use
  • iOS engineer – To develop the code needed to make the actual watch
  • Test engineer – To test everything that has been built, ensuring 100% accuracy
  • Hardware device – Purchasing product to test
  •  Software – Purchasing software to assist with the development and testing of the application

If we are able to raise $30,000 or more we will build for the Android smart watches as well! If this is the case, we will also need to hire:

  • Android engineer – To develop the code to make the actual watch app
  • Test engineer – Additional hours for our test engineer to test iOS and Android watch app
  • Hardware device – Purchase products to test

The Perks!!!!

We are going to shower you in perks! Believe in us now and we will give you our application at a HUGE discount from the current retail price!

We need your support to build our smart watch app! Every app supporter gets our current app for iOS or Android, which will allow you to use our watch app when it is launched or use our mobile app at a great discount!!!

Supporter Perk $5

  • You get your name put on our SafeTrekApp.com site under our Indiegogo page. This page is dedicated to everyone that helped give to our Indiegogo campaign! You will get all the updates on our project and an email when your name is listed to our site.

Platinum Supporter $250

  • You get your logo at the top of our Support page on SafeTrekApp.com. You will be considered one of our partners and we will open our doors to work with you or your company on how we can make your neighborhood or community safer with SafeTrek as a partner! Plus get you can purchase bulk subscriptions for SafeTrek at a steep discount! (email us for specific details)

App Supporter $18

  • You get our mobile app at 60% off the one-year retail price- big savings the whole year! Plus, we will notify you when we launch our smart watch apps and you can download those ASAP! Plus you get your name on our Indiegogo support page!

Swag Pack $35

  • Not only do you get a sweet SafeTrek t-shirt to make everyone jealous, you get our app for 1 year!  Plus you get your name on our Indiegogo support page!

Family Pack $70

  • We know that safety is a top priority for every family, which is why with this perk you get 5 codes for 1 year on our app. This is 60% off our retail price. Family safety is what we are all about! Plus you get your name on our Indiegogo support page!

Be our SafeTrek Smart Watch Tester! $100

  • We are giving the chance for those super savvy techies out there to be a part of our trial team and test the product before it is out on the market! You get to give us notes and feedback on the product! As a tester, you get to see the top secret workings of the app before it goes live! You are also get our app for 1 year! Plus you get your name on our Indiegogo support page!

Corporate Package! $1,436

  • You get 100 codes for a 1 year subscription, which is 60% off our retail price. You can choose who gets the codes and the one year starts when the app is downloaded, so there is no rush to get them to everyone!

Co-Branded App $10,000

  • We will co-brand our app to your company! We allow you to have our app with your company logo and colors. You will get a special link to share with your employee or friends, they will see your companies awesome safety app powered by SafeTrek when they download and open the app! You will also get 200 free codes to go with your co-branded app. Any additional codes you might need? No problem, it is 50% off the 1 year retail price!

The Impact

When you contribute to this campaign you are funding a safer world! You can help us reach our goal of making people be and feel safer anywhere they may be with the SafeTrek mobile app and soon the smart watch app!

We are passionate individuals who sincerely believe in our product and know our experience in the tech world will ensure our success. In fact, our team has a track record of successful Indiegogo campaigns and software experience. One of the team members, Robert Roderick, was part of the Breathometer Indiegogo campaign. Breathometer is a successful hardware and mobile app for users to have a smartphone Breathalyzer. It was one of the top funded projects on the Indiegogo site. 

With our past experience, we will be delivering you a great product! 

Risks & Challenges

One of the greatest things about our campaign is that we are already so close to having an app completed, that with the amount of work we need to do, there is very little risk. The more our supporters help SafeTrek, the faster we can release the product!

Our biggest challenge is the amount of funds we need to pay our engineers.

We expect to launch our app no later than 30 days after the close of this campaign so that people may start downloading and using it thereafter. Because this is such a fast turn around time our biggest risk is that time may extend to the maximum of 45 days due to spreading out expenses.

We believe in being open and honest and we keep you updated weekly on our progress. 

Even if our campaign is not fully funded, we are committed to delivering you an Apple Watch app! 100% guaranty!! 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot contribute financially at this time, you can still help us out by sharing our Indiegogo campaign with friends and family. You can also email us and let us know what ideas you might have for us at info@safetrekapp.com . Thank you for your support in helping make the world a safer place for all of us.

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