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IMAGINE pet rescue is dedicated to rescuing the sick, injured, overlooked & forgotten.

Since starting August 1st, 2014, Imagine Pet Rescue has made it our duty to rescue every pet that has come across our path. We’ve rescued 558 dogs to date!


IMAGINE pet rescue is an all-volunteer group focused on rescuing animals from high-kill shelters, hoarding situations, puppy mills, animal fighting rings and more.  While we welcome all animals in need, we specifically focus on animals that require immediate, often costly medical attention that shelters are unable to provide.  Without a rescue outlet, these animals would otherwise be euthanized due to their medical issues.  Our mission is to provide the medical intervention needed to allow them a much deserved second chance at a new beginning. They recover in a loving foster home and once medically cleared, are placed up for adoption.

In addition, we believe that sometimes in rescue, it’s not just about “saving a dog” and bringing them into our rescue.  Sometimes it’s about helping a good owner who has exhausted all funding to try to save their precious companion leaving them no other choice but to rehome or worse.  Wherever possible, IMAGINE will work to cover their medical costs’ through online fundraising and crowdfunding sites in an effort to keep these families together.


Our Story

Imagine Pet Rescue is dedicated to rescuing the sick, injured, overlooked and forgotten animals who find themselves fighting for life throughout the United States – even from the illegal dog meat trade in Korea.Our mission is to rescue animals from high kill shelters, hoarding situations, puppy mills, animal fighting rings and more; spay/neuter and provide the necessary medical care they need, and then place them with foster families until we get them adopted into the loving homes they need and deserve!

We try to save them ALL, because they are ALL worth saving.

We ARE Animal Rescuers.

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We are participating in the Saving Pets Challenge 2015 on CrowdRise. This amazing campaign is a friendly fundraising competition funded by Michelson Found Animals where animal welfare organizations like ours compete to raise the most money for their cause. The top raising animal welfare organization get donations between $5000 and $50,000 and we’re out to win that grand prize of $50,000. HELP US WIN:


What We Do
IMAGINE pet rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals who find themselves’ fighting for life throughout the United States.We do not have a shelter facility. Our volunteer foster homes take these wonderful animals into their homes until we find their forever families.

Our mission is to rescue animals from high kill shelters, hoarding situations, puppy mills, animal fighting rings and more; spay/neuter and provide the necessary medical care they need, and then place them with foster families until we get them adopted into the loving homes they need and deserve!

Our organization is devoted to helping animals in need and so far, over 500 animals have been saved and placed into loving homes. Thank you to all the foster parents, volunteers, donors and families who have stepped up to help these wonderful animals. With your help, we will save many, many more.

Get to know us!


Cindy A. McManus, LVT  President/Founder

I have been involved with rescue for as far back as I can remember.  I am a licensed Vet Tech and soon to be certified animal trainer, saving animals has been my passion since I was a little girl. I have been involved with rescuing animals for well over 30 years, my passion is rescuing animals in need of medical care, the animals that no one wants, the “broken” and “forgotten”… this is my passion, and I will continue to fight for those with no voice, the broken, discarded, because I feel they are the ones that deserve it most… Rescuing is my life, it is who I am..



Vikki Edwards, LVT   Secretary/Foster Coordinator

I have spent my entire life saving animals.  I work as a vet tech during the day and help run the rescue at night.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love what we do, we take in medical needs dogs and cats and bring them back to health before finding their forever home.  What could possibly be more rewarding!



Brian Okarski Treasurer/Design Director

I have always been an animal lover, throughout the years I have helped my family foster many dogs. I hold a BFA in Graphic Design, and I have owned a Jack Russell Terrier for the past 13 years “Bandit” was rescued by me after being hit by a van.  I also own a Min Pin “Dobby” with my girlfriend Amelia.


Jody Harris-Stern  Operations Coordinator

If there has been once constant in my life it has been my passion for saving animals.  I was the child who always had one eye on what I was doing and the other on the lookout for an animal in need.  There was no animal too big or too small and as long as I had air in my lungs, I would find a way to make life better for an animal who found themselves in a desperate situation.   I was every parents nightmare…you never knew “what” I was coming home with after returning from a day out of the house!  Today, I have the pleasure of channeling this sense of purpose as a member of the Board for IMAGINE pet rescue. It is my humble privilege to proactively join in the fight to end animal suffering. I will be their voice, their strength, their comfort; I will never turn my back.  I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a friend and an animal rescuer and I would not have it any other way



Sherry Schwindler   Transport Coordinator

I learned to love animals at a very early age and was always bringing home a stray. My parents rescued animals when I was a child so I grew up on a farm that was always filled with cats, dogs, horses & pigs.

As an adult my love for animals grew stronger. I started to rescue & adopt my own furbabies.
I rescued Sammy when he was 3 months old and he was my constant companion. When he was 10 years old he became sick, after months of tests we discovered he had a brain tumor. I received the results in the morning and by that night he had died. I held him over my heart telling him how much I loved him and that I would always be with him. Knowing how much love this sweet little rescue had brought into my life I wanted everyone to know that kind of love and to save as many angels like him as I could.
So it’s for Sammy that I do what I do….to honor his memory!


Jill Verbeck  Director Of Adoptions


Yvonne Olofsen  Director of Fosters

My love for animals began in my early childhood. I saved many animals in need, from little ducklings to large birds and even mice if they were in trouble. My parents always had a dog in the house. They were a part of our family and I loved each and every one that came to our home as if they were a sibling. As I got older I became more and more drawn to the “bully breed”. I have two of my own and I cannot imagine life without them. Diamond the one on the picture and Chiara is a little brown and white one who is never far from my side. Animals have no voice and this breed is so misunderstood that I have made it my goal in animal welfare is to educate people on dogs and demystify this breed such that they are given the opportunity to be a part of any loving home without stigma or fear. So I am here, and I commit to fighting for them every day.

My life lesson in rescue is : We can’t save them all but at least one a day (to a good home) will keep me happy !!



Adrianna Jozic  Transport Coordinator

I rescued my first dog when I was 17 and it forever changed me. After adopting Blue, all the petty things seemed to subside… and I realized my purpose was to help animals. I plan to spend the rest of my life networking, advocating, and helping dogs anyway I can. Their battle is my battle, and my heart will forever be dedicated to saving their lives.

Contact Us

We are based in Savannah GA.
We have locations on Long Island, NY, Ridgefield, CT and are accepting fosters along the entire East Coast
(904) 571-0455
A donation to IMAGINE pet rescue, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, not only gives you a tax deduction but also gives you the joy that comes from knowing you have given some amazing animals a chance at having a great life.Please help us to help them. Donations are accepted via PayPal with one-time donations or through a subscription.

If you would like to make a donation via check, please make check payable to:
IMAGINE Pet Rescue
2125 Glynnwood Drive
Savannah, GA   31404
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