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May 29, 2015 1:34 PM ET

Archived: Help us to finish our exciting new Denmark Environment Centre building! We are so close but need to raise more funds to get over the line….

iCrowdNewswire - May 29, 2015

Rebuilding the Denmark Environment Centre

Join us in creating a sustainable building to be proud of, to replace the former Denmark Environment Centre which burnt down in 2009


Help us to finish our exciting new Denmark Environment Centre building! We are so close but need to raise more funds to get over the line….

The background story

Since 1988 the Denmark Environment Centre has been a community hub for information, advocacy and support of environmental issues in the beautiful Denmark region.

An extension to the Denmark Environment Centre, housing a number of other local environmental groups, was built in 2000. Tragically, this building was destroyed by fire in 2009.

With the insurance payout, some funding from Lotterywest, some generous major donors and thousands of volunteer hours, our new building is nearly complete. The building has been designed as a significant, sustainable, energy efficient demonstration building for Denmark, with design principles such as:
* Using passive design by considering orientation, solar collection, glazing, shading, ventilation, thermal mass and insulation;
* Maximising natural light, fresh air and thermal comfort and avoiding toxic materials.

Help us finish the building!

We took a plunge with this building, putting every bit of resource we had into creating a building we could be proud of. Our budgetary constraints led us to substantially trim back the scope of the building in the design phase, by removing a third floor and other non-essential items. Sadly this included sustainability features such as a solar PV array and some of the fit out features.

Anyone who has undertaken a substantial building project would empathise with the financial uncertainties of these projects:
* increasing construction costs
* timeframes blowing out
* uncertain contingencies adding to overall costs.

We need to raise a minimum of $50,000 to make sure that we can finish the building, fit it out for use by the broader community and other environmental groups, all while making sure we can continue our work for environmental protection and sustainability in the Denmark region.

What will the Denmark Environment Centre do next?

Our fabulous new building will eventually provide:
* A hub for environmental information and action in the Denmark region
* Office space for local organisations such as Green Skills, Denmark Weed Action Group and Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee
* Resources and temporary office space for other community environmental groups
* A meeting space for use by the broader community
* Housing for our extensive library and herbarium

Once we are firmly installed in the building, we will be able to concentrate on our work on environmental and sustainability issues in Denmark, in particular:
* Advocating for the health of the Wilson Inlet, in particular by trying to ensure that treated wastewater is not released into the inlet;
* Supporting those out on the frontline in protecting old growth forest in the region
* Safeguarding Denmark’s legacy of rich and biodiverse vegetation
* Being part of a local and regional response to climate change
* Aiding efforts to manage and eradicate weeds in the Denmark region

We want to reward you for helping us!

With generous donations from local businesses and Management Committee members, we are able to offer an exciting range of perks to thank you for helping us! Have a look at the right hand side and choose your perk! Please note that if you do choose to receive a perk, your donation may not be tax deductible.

All other donations are tax deductible, and a tax invoice will be issued by Chuffed.

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