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May 29, 2015 12:45 EST

ClypCall: We are building a 21st century video centric platform for the masses

iCrowdNewswire - May 29, 2015



Innovation for the masses


Technology should make people’s lives more magical. Unfortunately, the “emerging” billions are left behind. ClypCall, empowers global smartphone users to make video (or voice) calls, even on 2G networks. Moreover, by tapping on icons, users can search for and watch fun and informative video content on local news, weather, music, entertainment, hygiene, sports, religious events and exciting topics of interest to regional populations.

Service providers get huge increases in data ARPU. Advertisers get valuable access (through ads on bottom of the call screen) to huge populations, and people get access to a wonderful, new connected world. We are building a 21st century video centric platform for the masses. Huge ROI opportunity.


Aloka Mitra

Aloka Mitra


17 years experience, 9 years at Sasken, 8 years at Monsoon Multimedia as CTO
Prem Kejriwal
14 years experience with various organizations like Rightster India LLP, Ikanos Communications Inc
Paul Friedman
Extensive worldwide multimedia and mobile experience, expertise and contacts. Deep understanding of mobile market, having led the growth of three of the industry’s top multimedia providers: Monsoon Multimedia, Emuzed and ArcSoft. Previous experience ranges from North Sea oil exploration to operating system BIOS design, from Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems (CIMS) to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


  • First Mobile Video Search for emerging markets. Regional Content
  • Huge market for low cost video calls worldwide
  • Proprietary technology allows video calls over 2g networks


Video calling for the masses. Enables video calling for billions of people at the same cost as voice calls, letting them keep in touch with their loved ones. Allows for searchable Video content.


What is ClypCall?

Free Voice/Video calling plus compelling and searchable video content for the masses. Enables video calling for billions of people on even 100kbps 2G networks commonly found in emerging markets. ClypCall also allows emerging consumers to search for preselected video content on subjects important to them. Through an easy to use, icon-based, learning search platform, people who have never Googled anything in their lives can find personalized, fun and informative videos on topics that interest them. The app is in regional languages: for example in India, it will be Hindi (540mi), Urdu (376mi-India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh), Bengali (180mi), Tamil (80mi), Telugu (74mi), and Marathi (72mi). In China its 960mi Mandarin speakers and Indonesian is 268 mi-the list is long. We will start with India and then incorporate other parts of the world.

Who is the competition?

Other video call applications (Facetime, Skype) don’t work at 100kbps, the typical speed of existing 2g networks in many places, leaving almost 1bi 2G consumers with no video calling options. We are the only video call solution for this huge market. On 3/4G, our solution uses less data, so it is less expense. Moreover, Facetime is only iOS, Skype is not mobile friendly and creaky. Others have video call feature as a check mark and are not serious players. Our target consumer does not speak or write English and can only speak her regional language. They can’t just “Google it” or type in key words on a video search engine. We offer short, searchable videos, in local languages, on subjects from weather and news, to popular entertainers and music videos, all with a very simple icon-based UI. Our platform learns what users like to watch and suggests new content.

How is ClypCall better?

This is the first video call app that operates on bit rates as low as 100kbps and enables consumers in advanced and emerging markets to make extremely low cost video calls. Moreover, we give emerging consumers search capability by tapping on Infotainment icons that bring up compelling video content in regional languages. Today 2G customers are unable to make video calls. 3/4G consumers use large amounts of bandwidth when making Facetime or Skype video calls. This is extremely expensive. We solve the 2G problem with our patented and proprietary technologies, and throttle down the bandwidth by an “auto sense” feature in 3/4G, making video calls less expensive. We also support voice calls. Our UI, including voice guidance, offers unsophisticated users a simple way to use the video calling and compelling searchable video content.

What is the opportunity?

Almost a billion new smartphone users in emerging markets who don’t know how to text; video calls are live, interactive, emotional and bring them and their families closer, thus ideal for them. In mature markets, billions of users do not use video calling on 3G/4G networks due to high cost of data and mostly use it when on WiFi. For entertainment and valuable information, we offer a simple way for new users to get access to on-line video content on subjects they like, and give advertisers access to these new consumers. International brands get phenomenal new advertising reach into emerging markets.

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