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May 28, 2015 6:46 PM ET

Archived: The Sound Torch -Set your Music on Fire! – Like fire? LOVE music? Now you can combine the two! Introducing: The Sound Torch – world’s FIRST affordable PyroBoard

iCrowdNewswire - May 28, 2015


The Sound Torch -Set your Music on Fire!

tl;dr The Sound Torch is a portable speaker that visualizes your music, connects to your phone, and its awesome! – Also tell your fav Dj or band about us, we might Sound Torch their music!

Btw 1 US Dollar equals 6.56 Dkk

The Sound Torch

The new and never seen before design of the Pyro board, which you may have seen on Youtube. If you were a fan of the Pyro board you’re guaranteed to like the Sound Torch. The Sound Torch takes the amazing effect of the Pyro board and turns it into a portable and affordable Bluetooth speaker. Use it for your special occasion, your party or as live fire decoration. With our upcoming app you’ll even be able to control the fire!

Warning! This product should not be used by children under the age of 18. This is real fire and can be dangerous if not used in the proper way. #RTFM

How does it work?

The Sound Torch uses what you might know as a Ruben’s Tube, but in 2 dimensions. The sound waves create high and low activity areas which effects how fast the gas flows through the holes, creating this amazing effect.

The Sound Torch connects to your audio player via Blueetoth. This combined with the built-in battery allows you to use the product without a single wire on the way. Turn the music on, sit back and enjoy the fire.

Have a new TV Experience & Combine up to 7 Sound Torches. Invite your friends over for a party and surprise them with fire. You can use The Sound Torch with your Smart TV to create a unique effect based on the audio you are listening on your television.

The Sound Torch has a built-in battery you can charge over night and that will last for about 12 hours playback time when fully charged. The lighter fluid will last for about 4 hours of amazing fire patterns created by your favourite songs.

The Sound Torch is completely portable and easy to carry anywhere you want. With a built-in battery that lasts for about 12 hours you can just put it in your bag and you will be always ready to turn it on and create fire!

Refilling the Sound Torch is as easy as it can get. Ever refilled a lighter? It’s exactly the same thing. Never refilled a lighter or anything similar? Please do not worry, it is really, really easy. The Sound Torch uses normal lighter fluid to create fire and it’s easy to refill, lasting for about 4 hours when fully refilled.

We Need Your Help!

We’ve spent a lot of time and reimagined the Sound Torch many times during the past five months. We have working prototypes of the Sound Torch, Pyro board, and the App. Our manufactures are all set to bring the Sound Torch into the world and we have a lot of revisions scheduled. You can help us bring Sound Torch to life by being the very first to own it!

The Sound Torch App

You will be able to get the Sound Torch app on the App Store and Google Play. If we reach our funding goal we’ll fast forward the development of the app across the platforms. The Sound Torch app is one of our number one aspects of the entire project. Countless hours have gone into thinking about how you can interact with the fire. In essence you light the fire, flick the switch on and then launch the app.

You will be guided through a process of choosing your device. The master Sound Torch will then configure itself and all the slave towers will auto connect to the master. If you add more slave towers down the track then these will automatically connect. The Sound Torch app is one of our number one aspects of the entire project. Countless hours have gone into thinking about how you can interact with the fire.

Don’t feel like listening to music at one particular time but still want to see some nice flames?

That is not a problem at all! With our smartphone app you will be able to choose a fire template if you want to see The Sound Torch in action or just want to chillax near your new portable fireplace.

Safety stuff

Safety is our biggest concern. While we want to amaze people and allow them to amaze friends and family, we believe that no one needs to get hurt in the process.

Our main safety features include an automatically shut off if the Sound Torch is knocked down and/or if it doesn’t get any signal from the sound device.

The Sound Torch will also automatically shut off if it gets hotter than what is supposed, making sure no one gets hurt.

Please remember to use the nice glass protection you will receive with your Sound Torch and to keep away any inflammable objects from the product.

Risks and challenges

We see two potential challenges when bringing the Sound Torch to our backers: Regulatory approval delays and supply chain difficulties.

Regulatory approval: Our product require regulatory approval, before it can be shipped around the world. We are confident that our product is reliable and safe. However, the approval process can, at times, be unpredictable.

Supply chain: We understand the risks inherent in such complex manufacturing operations. We estimate that it will take six months to set up our global supply chain. We have an international supplier for the speakers and bluetooth supplier. However, there may be unseen problems arising in our supply chain where components become unavailable that can cause delays in delivering our product to Kickstarter backers.

We will be keeping our backers fully updated as we finalize our manufacturing partners, receive regulatory approvals, and begin production.

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