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May 28, 2015 7:53 PM ET

Archived: Peace Water Winery Patio: Through this campaign we hope to be able to transform our outdoor area into a space to relax, support our charities and enjoy good company (and wine, of course)!

iCrowdNewswire - May 28, 2015

Peace Water Winery Patio


Peace, Love, and a Patio! We’ve got the first two covered, now we need some outdoor space!
Peace Water Winery

Here’s the skinny! After a crazy build-out experience last summer, we were just itching to get our doors open. We cut it close but managed to cut the ribbon in time for the International Arts Festival at the end of September. We had planned this awesome patio, but cold weather was settling in and it was pushed to the back burner. It’s now been 8 fun and fast-paced months packed full of wine tastings and making new friends. We have had the time of our life! Now that warmer weather is rolling in, The Arts and Design District is really rocking and we have more friends than we can handle. The patio can wait no longer!  

We need to expand and want your help!

By now we are sure you know about our charitable mission. If not, please stop by and we will be glad to fill you in (and fill you up with some great Napa wine while we are at it!) However, in short, 50% of our net profits are being donated to charities. We decided, due to the love we have received from all of our new friends, that we can maximize our donations by asking for your help to fund our new patio and save the rest for our charities! At the same time we will shower you with awesome perks and rewards! So scroll down to see the big plans for our patio and the great rewards we are offering all our supporters!

Our current patio is not much of a “looker” right now. Through this campaign we hope to be able to transform our outdoor area into a space to relax, support our charities and enjoy good company (and wine, of course)!


We are excited to share this groovy new space with all of you and cannot wait until we are able to enjoy great wine and the great outdoors together! This patio is going to be the coolest outdoor space in all of Carmel.  Wait until you see the Arcadia louvered roof that allows us to host fundraisers, non-profits, and fantastic private, special events rain or shine! A built-in stage for live music will keep the vibes going through the summer and our fire pit will keep you toasty and the wine flowing through those cozy Indiana autumn evenings.


So how will your support help? First, we are doing this all ourselves (after all what good are 8 kids if you can’t use them for cheap labor!) We can accomplish everything from the architectural design, the legal permitting, and even the excavation and hand-hewn building materials (with a little help from the neighbor and his awesome Bobcat and sawmill) at no cost. But it’s still not going to be free!

Usually we are the ones filling wine glasses but the cool graphic below is one we need you to help us fill  up. Help us surpass our goal and see what else we can add!

How many times have you wanted to go for a ride in Reggie with all 23 windows and his peel-back convertible top open? Here’s your chance! Check out all of our fun and exciting rewards we are offering to help us fund our new patio! 

Must be 21+ for all purchases

Although our patio will be open to all ages, We cannot sell wine to anyone under the age of 21. You must have a valid ID for any rewards that are to be picked-up or enjoyed in the tasting room.

Peace out!

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