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May 28, 2015 2:30 PM ET

Archived: ORSTO SMART WATCH PHONES: Smart Watches that can work independently of a smartphone and can connect with any brand

iCrowdNewswire - May 28, 2015


Smart Watches that can work independently of a smartphone and can connect with any brand.

ORSTO has well publicised 5 years of R&D and is recognised as leading experts in the field of wearable technology, specifically ‘wrist worn’ devices. ORSTO Smart Watches can work independently of a smartphone and can freely sync or communicate with any brand. The first product is planned for March 2015 production. In January our first 10 Days for giving hands-on experience to retailer management resulted in LOI/Orders for 16,500 units (Retail value £2.54 Million).



    ORSTO Smart Watch Phones are designed to offer the maximum benefit to the wearer.
    We believe that a Smart Device should be allowed to be Smart and to use its intelligence to evolve into a product that brings benefit to your life and makes it easier.

    We understand that you need total freedom of choice to get the very best out of all of the amazing apps that are being designed to improve, make easier and make safer all aspects of your busy day to day life.

    ORSTO Smart Watch Phones are designed to allow you to bring every conceivable Smart function and feature to the convenience and safety of your wrist and be as wearer friendly as possible with max Comfort, Durability and Style Choice.


    ORSTO brings the functionality of a Smart Phone to your wrist with unrestricted communication between other devices. Smart Watches from Samsung, Sony, Pebble, Apple etc. only offer any useful functionality if tethered, by Bluetooth to a compatible ‘same brand’ Smart Phone. ORSTO Smart Watch Phones allows you to freely receive and reply to any text, email, push notification, call or data (pictures, music, videos etc) from android, windows, blackberry, apple phones, PCs, tablets and phablets via cloud service, without tethering to a phone. ORSTO wearers get total freedom of choice to use it as a Phone, MP3, Fitness device etc.,whatever suits their lifestyle and not tied to a brand eco system.


    ORSTO Smart Watch Phones provide 2 different revenue streams.

    The first revenue stream is from product sales, which includes:
    ORSTO X5 Smart Watch Phones
    ORSTO Replacement Wrist Straps
    ORSTO Bling Kits
    ORSTO Headphones
    APP downloads

    The second revenue stream is from SIM Card Top-Ups:
    Each ORSTO Smart Watch Phone is supplied with a pre-paid SIM Card with £5 credit and ORSTO Ltd is paid a commission for every top up for life of the users SIM Card.
    This creates a multiplying revenue stream.

    More information is available in our Business Plan found in the ‘DOCUMENTS’ tab above.


    We see 2 prevalent Exit Strategies:
    1. Full or Part Business Acquisition.
    Business acquisition is currently our preferred route as our immense Smart Watch Phone development knowledge, traction and market visibility, combined for the ORSTO brand, is already making us a very attractive target, confirmed by recent approaches.
    We have been able to establish that 7 X net profit is common place, however, acquisitions of technology companies, like Orsto Ltd, are being offered up to 25X the net profit.
    2. Buyback. This is where we would buy back the shares from investors.
    More information is available in our Business Plan found in the ‘DOCUMENTS’ tab above

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