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May 28, 2015 1:25 PM ET

Archived: Moodmetric Ring: Smart Jewelry To Manage Stress – A beautiful wearable that helps you reduce your stress and manage your emotions

iCrowdNewswire - May 28, 2015

Moodmetric Ring: Smart Jewelry To Manage Stress

A beautiful wearable that helps you reduce your stress and manage your emotions.
Niina Venho

Smart jewelry for emotional wellbeing

The Moodmetric Ring is the wearable that helps you reduce your stress levels and improve your emotional wellbeing.

The Moodmetric Ring is a beautifully designed, elegant smart jewelry with research level technology to help you live and feel better.

The Moodmetric Ring helps you to develop and gain emotional strength with daily visibility to

  • your stress factors
  • emotional levels throughout the day
  • the number of minutes your mind has been calm
  • the periods of high emotional load
Designed to sit beautifully on your finger, the Moodmetric Ring is your personal guide from emotions to actions.

The Moodmetric ring is a scientific device on your finger. It measures the autonomous nervous system reactions by detecting electrodermal activity (EDA) of the skin. EDA is widely used  in psychological research for over 100 years.

How does it work?

You only need to wear the ring. It subtly measures small changes on your skin that are generated by emotions.

The Moodmetric App is free to download and it is already available. Try it out, the MoodPhoto feature works also without the ring!

You see your emotional levels changing either live on your phone screen, or you can download and easy-to-read hourly presentation when convenient.

The Moodmetric number ranges from 0 to 100 and updates continuously. It shows how calm or excited you are. Numbers below 30 mean a relaxed mind, anything above 80 would indicate stress or big excitement. The ring learns to know you, and the Moodmetric number always represents the momentary emotion level.

You benefit of this on-line view in 

  • following your own reactions to people, situations, visual content, music
  • understanding what really is stressful and what not
  • comparing you reactions between events
  • sharing your emotion level with the MoodPhoto feature



The daily and monthly emotion views in the App collect your mood data continuously and you can view the data when convenient. 

Analysis on your emotion log is a key for developing emotional intelligence. The hourly breakdown of daily emotional load helps you identify patterns and events that cause high levels of emotion.

The Moodmetric Ring works standalone to collect the log data. It records up to 270 hours of data that you can extract by opening the app.


The Practice feature helps you to lower your emotional load. Give your mind a break and try to remain calm even for five minutes during your work day. Use Practice to measure meditation and mindfulness, or train to remain calm in a stressful situation.



The Moodmetric Ring has the worlds smallest 3-axis accelerometer inside, so it measures your steps as well!

Yes, your new iPhone counts steps also, but it has a hard time doing it, if you do not have it in your pocket constantly. If you keep your iPhone in your bag or on your desk, the ring does the job still. It will award you for every 10000 steps to keep your body in shape.

How has Moodmetric helped me?

I often work late in the evening after putting the kids to sleep. It is difficult to stop on time, so I have learned to check the MM level. If it goes over 70, due to over-tiredness, it is a sign to close the laptop. -Woman, 39

I was on a study break for 6 months. Returning to work was very stressful, and the Moodmetric average level raise proved it. It was great that I could show my family that this stress was not just my imagination! Now, 3 months into working, the level is back to normal. -Woman, 32

I needed to find a birthday present on behalf of all the guests. I went on-line in the evening and searched frantically for it for two hours. The MM level was close to 100 during the whole time! Next time I will need to prepare some other way 🙂 -Man, 38

I just adore foot massage by my husband. Now he understands how important it is for me, when he saw my MM level dropping to 4! This is the best meditation ever! -Woman, 35

Financial Times´journalist Sarah O’Connor tests Moodmetric at work from May 22nd onwards

Moodmetric at Work

The Moodmetric Ring helps you to improve your productivity at work. It is the simplest way to measure your emotional load levels and react on them. Moodmetric shows your the hourly data of what happens in your mind when having a hectic meeting, getting and unexpected call, during lunch break.. 
The feedback is instant, you can see your emotional intensity level live on the App. You can also download the data from the ring at the end of the day.

Moodmetric in Research

Moodmetric data is relevant for studies focusing on stress, cognitive load and occupational wellbeing. The accuracy of the EDA signal has been verified by University of Tampere.

The Moodmetric Ring is currently used in Tampere University of Technology study ´Knowlegde Work Productivity´ @Novireseach and by Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

Develop your own App

The Moodmetric Software Developer Kit is released to give you a chance to develop your own App based on emotion data. Do you wish you see how you react to different music or movies? What about rating seminar speakers based on your own emotional activity level? Note that the Moodmetric ring also has an accelerometer inside, which brings out fun new possibilities in addition to the emotional load measurement.

Share your own idea of an emotion based App by contacting us through the SDK form at the Moodmetric website. 


Moodmetric Specifics in Brief



Wear the ring like any other jewelry. The ring is designed to become part of your daily jewelry and everyday life.


The ring automatically records your emotional levels during the day. Mood levels and history are stored for reflection and they are easy to review later with the mobile app. On-line view shows your stress level instantly.


Designed by Vesa Nilsson, one of the top jewelry designers in Scandinavia to fit your everyday style.


All you need to do is charge the ring. No need to touch, swipe or program the ring, it works as is. The battery will last several days of normal use.



Bluetooth Smart • Best-in-class components for ultra-low power and size • Li-Po battery • Electrodermal measurement with proven accuracy

Moodmetric in Media

Find the press links at the bottom of the page.

Metrics of Moodmetric

Moodmetric measures the activity level of your mind. A simple reading tells whether you are feeling strong emotions or being calm.

You can see the live number and an emotion curve in the Moodmetric app telling your emotional intensity at a precise moment.

The emotional intensity describes the load your mind is experiencing. Low electrodermal activity (EDA) means that your mind is at peace. The more intense the feeling, the higher the EDA. The Moodmetric ring captures this biosignal and shows the emotional intensity with the Moodmetric number.

The Moodmetric number ranges from 0 to 100, showing your personal mood state and a long term average. 100 is your highest emotional level, meaning you’re extremely stressed, excited, anxious or frightened. At about 50 your mind is active while below 30 you’re quite relaxed. For numbers below 10 you’ll need to really concentrate in calming your mind.

The mood flower provides your day and night on a clock face, showing high emotional intensity using a bigger radius and darker colors. The mind is calm when just the beige color is visible. The daily average figure and the number of relaxed minutes facilitate day-to-day comparison and give a tool to see emotional trends.

The calendar view tells you which days have been emotionally loading, and which are calm. Any Practice done is shown as a circle.


The Practice feature is a rehearsal tracking your mind over a certain period of time. You can get a measured result of a mindfulness exercise or a cognitively loading task. The program gives you real time feedback on how your exercise is going, and at the end it will give you a score, which you can share.

Technical details

The Moodmetric Ring measures electrodermal activity (skin conductance measurement, galvanic skin response). The key components and the two stainless steel rings touching the skin, Bluetooth Smart and battery.

The ring has low power consumption, several days of operation in typical use. It is splash proof and very comfortable and light to wear. It comes in six sizes: US (5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12), EU (15.7, 17.5, 18.2, 19, 20, 21.5 mm)

The covers are made of aluminium (the Moodmetric Gem) and 3D-printed plastic (the Moodmetric Black). The top of the ring is equally 3D-printed plastic, as fully metallic surface would interfere RF signal. The inner surface of the ring is stainless steel.

The Story Behind Moodmetric

Our inventor Henry Rimminen, Ph.D., came up with the idea of implementing the standard electrodermal activity measurement with a ring in 2011.

The measurement technique itself was widely known but had mainly been in use in laboratories and universities. Consumer versions had been either bulky or not optimized to give meaningful data in a clear format.

Our dream was to provide everyone access to reliable emotion data. From the beginning we wanted to make a beautiful ring to wear in everyday life. It was also important for us that for the first time a wearable would show live emotion data in an easy-to-interpret way. Additionally we wanted to provide a simple yet accurate tool for stress measurement.

Henry´s development work started with a fun prototype and PC software. The first experiments started with a ring wired to a circuit board made of wood.

For the first wireless prototype, the electronics were stuffed in a party ring with lots of glue. These electronics still work today — it’s the device with a cord in the picture.

Soon after, Henry made several 3D-printed “death star” models using a flexible ring. The ring’s flex structure was easy to damage, but the signal quality amazed everyone.

The next development was a round model with a metallic ring. The ring part came in three sizes. It was quite heavy and spun easily, but was fully functional and very robust.

After a complete re-engineering of the PCB, Henry came up with the long and narrow model with a metal ring. It was very lightweight and fit the finger perfectly. There were contact issues with the steel chosen and battery life was low. However this prototype was the basis for the current commercial version.

For the final ring we brought in a jewelry designer – Vesa Nilsson from OZ Jewel in Helsinki. The perfect shape of the Moodmetric ring was born thanks to him.

3D-printed models were used to verify proper ring attachment and finger fit. This beta version features long battery life and significantly faster charging than any of the earlier models. It is splash proof and people love it!


We’ve worked very hard on both hardware and software to give the best user experience possible. The Moodmetric ring has gone through four prototype rounds ending with the current beta version. During the past two years we’ve had over one hundred test users to wear and comment our product. Their feedback has been enthusiastic, with many requests for further developments. The most frequently asked-for features are now available in the first commercial version of Moodmetric.

We need to start volume manufacturing through an electronics service provider in order to be able to produce the ring in large quantities. This requires significantly more funding than we have access to at the moment.

The manufacturing of all the items ordered through Indiegogo will be manufactured in Finland. It is important that the production is done close by to assure high quality of the products. 

The funds will be used to finalize the product hardware design from a manufacturing point of view and ramp-up of the volume production with both our electronics manufacturer and subcontractors. Production tools need to be designed and manufactured before the actual production can start. 

Components will be ordered from suppliers — some components will need to be specifically produced, like the covers, for example.

The actual production through the electronics service provider includes surface mounting of small components on the printed circuit board (see above). The boards will be tested, then assembled — in part with automated tools and in part manually. The final test assures the total functionality of the product, which is then packaged and forwarded to our logistics partner.



As with any production ramp up, there might be problems. Our team has expert knowledge with electronics production and a broad network of contacts working in this field. We feel that our team has the ability to pull this off. However, there are always risks.

Mechanical part tooling and process setting are planned with extreme care. During the ramp-up there still can be unforeseen issues leading to the parts being out of specification. The process parameters need to be adjusted until a desired quality level is achieved and this might require more resources than planned. 

The electronics manufacturing tooling and setup is equally critical to achieve optimal final quality. For example, surface mount stencils might require several iterations. The manual and semi-automatic tooling and testers might need more development time than expected.

While our design for manufacturing is ready, there’s always a risk that our design might be wrong and doesn’t work as well as our beta devices. As a backup, we have the beta devices and prototype process but some visual aspects of the ring might suffer in this case.

In summary, there are risks, but we feel confident. We’ll do our best, and more, to supply you with a Moodmetric ring of the best possible quality.

What will there be more?

We are very excited about the future of Moodmetric. There’s so much positive feedback and application opportunities that we’ve barely scratched the surface of  what’s possible. The Moodmetric data to be applied in science, digital health and entertainment – imagination is the limit!


What is Moodmetric?

The Moodmetric ring and a combined app track your emotional levels based on EDA  (electrodermal activity) measurement.

What kind of Moodmetric Rings are available?
There are two versions, the Moodmetric Gem

and the Moodmetric Black

Where can I download the app?

From Apple’s App Store. Currently, the app supports iOS7 and iOS8. 

What is EDA and how is it measured?

EDA means electrodermal activity. Measurement of EDA is widely adopted in psychological studies. The activation of the autonomous nervous system can be measured from the conductance of your skin.

Everyone has emotions and emotional reactions and those can be measured. The autonomous nervous system (ANS) reacts when your mind activates: you see something interesting, hear a new sound, meet a friend or are forced to stop by a red light. The activation level can stay high for a longer time for example in a hectic meeting or in an exam.

The skin on the palmar side of your hand has a high density of sweat glands that react with any signal from the ANS. These reactions ultimately make your hands sweat but the skin conductance changes already long before that. This phenomen is the electrodermal activity and can be measured with an incomplex skin conductance measurement.

The Moodmetric Ring is the first wearable to give a laboratory level accuracy of the EDA measurement with an on-line view of the wearer´s reactions.

Moodmetric has developed a complex algorithm that translates the data in an easy-to-read format. You can see the reaction curve with a jump on any alert of your mind and the Moodmetric number describing emotional intensity.

Where exactly the ring measures EDA?

From the palm side of your finger. This is the optimal reading point. If you rotate your ring stone down, it no longer gives an accurate measurement.

Can Moodmetric read stress?

It measures your emotional intensity. When intensity is high, it is due to high cognitive load such as stress, but can be also due to anxiety, joy or excitement.

Does Moodmetric measure heart rate?

No, there is no measurement of heart rate, nor heart rate variability.

Can several people use one Moodmetric?

The ring is meant to be personal: it has a learning algorithm. This means that the more you wear it the better it understands your present mood. For instance, a certain Moodmetric number would tell exactly how intensely you have been while using the ring for a longer time.

However, there is a Resume Imprint possibility, which discards the existing learning data and a new person can use the ring without the old data affecting the results.

How long the battery lasts?

It lasts 35 hours if you have your iPhone app open continuously. If you only wear the ring and download data from time to time, it lasts up to 53 hours. When not worn, the battery isn’t consumed. Thus, the typical battery life is several days.

How can I charge the ring?

You can charge it from any USB port or from a standard USB charger. Cable included. Full charging takes about one hour.

How does Moodmetric send the data from the ring to your phone?

The ring uses Bluetooth Smart to communicate with your smartphone.

Do I need to keep my phone close to the ring?

No. The ring works standalone and stores the data up to 270 hours and can be downloaded whenever you are close to your phone.

Is the ring waterproof?

The ring is rated as splash proof. Many of you might wish it to be fully water proof. Moodmetric has been designed to be waterproof, but since we have only been testing the prototypes, not the final version, we do not want to promise you something, that would turn out to be inaccurate. You can wash your hands with the current prototype, but as a general advice you should remove all your rings while hand wash to remove bacteria that gathers underneath.

What if there is no signal?

Your hands might be very dry, you can try to add moisturizer. Also if your hands are very cold, the contact quality might suffer.

What material is the ring?

The Moodmetric Gem has a stylish alumium cover. The top lid is non-metallic to have the RF signal passing optimally. The inner surface of the ring  is stainless steel.

The Moodmetric Black will be made of 3D-printed plastic. The inner surface of the ring  is stainless steel.

Do you use tantalum components?

Moodmetric has high ethical principles in its design: no tantalum parts inside.

Does it fit my finger?

Moodmetric comes in six sizes: US (5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12), EU (15.7, 17.5, 18.2, 19, 20, 21.5 mm). In addition, Moodmetric has a soft material under the stone, which will compensate any slight mismatch.

Unfortunately there is no option to add the ring size while processing payment. We will ask the preferred size by email later.

Just measure the inner diameter of one of your existing rings or use a size chart found on for example here http://findmyringsize.com/.

Preferred fingers are index and middle, as the touch point is the largest. Remember to put your preferred size together with your order.

Note: your right and left hand fingers are of different size (right handed have bigger right fingers), therefore the ring most probably fits one of your fingers optimally.

Do you have a Developer Kit?

Yes, the Moodmetric Software Developer Kit is available. It enables to integrate Moodmetric into any application. Do you want to integrate Moodmetric into your app? Please fill in the SDK application form on out website.

The SDK is available to both individuals and organisations. By ordering one or more rings you are entitled to a free licence for a year.

Can a company/organisation order the Moodmetric Ring from Indiegogo?

Yes. All the Perks are available for both individuals and organisations. 

How to start using Moodmetric?

·  Install the Moodmetric app from App store.

·  Wear your ring and pair it with your iPhone once.

·  Check your current emotional state on the app’s dashboard or just wear your ring and check your moodflower time to time.

·  Start a Practice session of a desired length. For winding down select your favourite song, background sound or silence. Get cozy and wear the ring. Relax. Check or share your score when your hear the chimes.

Payment methods

PayPal is the only accepted payment method, as we have chosen Fixed Funding. In case the campaign minimum goal is not reached, all payments will be returned and no deliveries made to backers. 

International shipping and taxes

Due to high product approval cost for small product batches, we are at this phase only shipping to EU and North America. 

The shipping charge covers the delivery cost. 


If you experience any technical difficulties with this web page, please contact info@moodmetric.com.

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