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May 28, 2015 8:38 AM ET

Archived: Get Ready California New Charity TBeautyolo Is Here

iCrowdNewswire - May 28, 2015

Thomas Bates, CEO (949)-798-9503

The Beauty of Life Organization or TBeautyolo is a new charity that will be helping children and families across Southern California. It will create and fully equip free Soccer Teams for children, free tutoring in all school subjects and it will create a free Youth Orchestra in Los Angeles that will perform for audiences Nationwide. In dozens of communities throughout Los Angeles and Orange County there are families whose low income makes it impossible for their children to engage in fun and educational activities. “We want all children to be able to do things they are passionate about no matter how much money their parents make” –Thomas Bates, CEO “granted the idea of free afterschool programs isn’t new, but many schools don’t have the budget to give their kids all the equipment and accessories they need”. With this in mind TBeautyolo is beginning to raise funds to purchase good quality equipment to outfit and start Soccer Teams, Music Programs, and Art Programs in the poorest Los Angeles and Orange County cities.

The charity’s Headquarters is located in Mission Viejo in South Orange County. It will start helping the most impoverished cities first such as Watts, Downtown, and University Park. It will only stop once it reaches a city that already has great extracurricular programs in place already. The funds to pay for its services come from donations, fundraising and several crowdfunding campaigns it has in place. As resources become available the charity’s next step will be to start Television advertising to gather supporters and volunteers. All of the programs are taught or instructed by skilled volunteers who work for free. People have been delighted to volunteer to help children and teach them.

The Beauty of Life Organization currently has volunteer Soccer Coaches, and teachers of Guitar, Piano, Violin, and Drums. It has a Managerial Staff, a CEO and a Board of Directors all volunteer and unpaid. “I am truly amazed how inspired our team is, of course I motivate them every chance I get, but I really think I have nothing to do with how much they want to help, they’re just great people” -Thomas Bates, CEO. Every week there are new volunteers and greater support from communities. An orchestra to be based in Los Angeles made up of children from low income families is being planned for the months ahead. The charity will reach out to venues across America and even in other countries and the kids will perform for them. It is an opportunity for the children to become Professional Musicians when they grow up by giving them experience and knowledge.

If you live in Southern California it is very likely you will see The Beauty of Life Organization symbol soon. It’s symbol, the Heart over the Sunset, represents hope, health, and love. These are the things it hopes to enrich in every life it touches. This charity will show you the Beauty of Life. Contributions and donations are gratefully accepted on their website www.tbeautyolo.com, or on their main crowd funding campaign http://igg.me/at/tbeautyolo.

Contact Information:

Thomas Bates, CEO

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