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May 28, 2015 4:33 PM ET

Archived: FresHires – An Innovative Career Connecting Network

iCrowdNewswire - May 28, 2015





An Innovative Career Connecting Network

Introducing FresHires: the innovative new job discovery and self branding platform dedicated to revolutionizing the way today’s young job seekers connect with career opportunities and build their futures.

Job search platforms are nothing new, of course: but from LinkedIn to Internmatch, today’s job search platforms fall short of the mark when it comes to equipping today’s highly educated, qualified and motivated young job seekers with the tools and opportunities they need to make the leap from the sheltered world of school to the wide world of career and professional development.  

FresHires is here to change the career development game once and for all. Combining everything from self-branding and networking to mentoring and career guidance to job search and job match into one streamlined platform, FresHires is paving the way to the future for job seekers around the world.


The transition from classroom to workplace has always been tricky, but to today’s young job seekers, it feels more than just tricky — it feels next to impossible.

Young people today are entering the workforce more educated, more tech-savvy and more accomplished than any generation in history. But they’re entering the workforce in greater numbers than any generation in history as well, which creates problems, as the job market gets flooded with thousands upon thousands of passionate, motivated young job seekers ready to prove their abilities and launch their careers. 

But existing job search platforms — from LinkedIn to Indeed to Internmatch — are not set up in a way that allows young job seekers to showcase the skills and talents that will make them an asset to any company that hires them. Instead, anonymous resumes and cover letters get buried in virtual piles of thousands of other near-identical resumes and cover letters.

The result: job seekers are missing out on the opportunities they need to start building their careers and, just as importantly, employers are missing out on the chance to connect with motivated, talented young professionals who can help build their companies’ futures. 

At FresHires, we see the job search just a little bit differently. We envision a job search platform that goes beyond boring resumes, anonymous cover letters and one-size-fits-all job postings. 

Welcome to the job search the FresHires way: more connected, more personal and more productive than ever before.  


The mission of FresHires is simple: reinvent the way graduates and young job seekers make the tricky leap from classroom to career.

The FresHires vision is about more than building a simple, tech-friendly way of job searching: it’s about eliminating the job search altogether, and giving young job seekers the tools and resources they need to tell the story of who they are and what they want to do in the world.

FresHires is like Facebook mixed with LinkedIn, with a special focus on rising young professionals: college and university students, university recent graduates and young professionals who are short on experience but long on potential and motivation to succeed.

Today’s young people are already spending countless hours of their lives online; at FresHires, we couldn’t help wondering: what would happen if they took all that tech and social media savvy and channeled it towards developing the skills, connections and relationships they will need once they enter the career arena?

The FresHires approach to career development goes beyond listing achievements and checking boxes. We’re building a platform that combines social media, professional networking and career development in one streamlined platform where job seekers can connect with opportunities, with each other, and with more experienced professionals in various fields who are willing to mentor, counsel, coach and educate.

FresHires is more than just social media.  We are passionate about human development, career development and the belief that every young job seeker has a skill to share with the world and FresHires is the place where they can tell the world about it.


Here’s a quick overview of just a few of the features that make FresHires unlike any career development platform available today: 

Brand Yourself 
FresHires allows our users to showcase their individual brands, unque skills, talents and abilities with dynamic, engaging multi-media profiles that integrate images, video and narrative elements. 

Get Connected – and Stay Connected 
FresHires combines social, academic and professional networking into one streamlined environment, so users can stay plugged into their social media life while developing meaningful relationships and professional skills at the same time. 

Get Seen, Get Hired 
With students and graduates showcasing their unique skills and branding themselves with our unique multi-media profiles, recruiters and prospective employers can then browse job seekers’ profiles and see at a glance what that person will bring to their team. 

FresHires Job Board
The FresHires Job Board is where recruiters and companies of all shapes and sizes can post jobs specifically suited to students, interns, graduates and young professionals just starting out on their career journey. 

Volunteer Opportunities
FresHIres also features a volunteer job board where  businesses can support and promote volunteer jobs that give rising young professionals the chance to build their resumes and their communities at the same time. 

FresHires Network
FresHires is the ultimate community for young job seekers. Students and graduates can interact, connect and develop relationships that matter. The FresHires network also includes mentors, counselors, educators, life coaches, career coaches, recruiters and companies that can provide young job seekers with invaluable advice that will help them on their road to career success.               

Dedicated Chat Rooms
Our network of mentors, counselors, educators, life coaches, career coaches, recruiters and companies utilize our dedicated chat rooms to host personal, private interactions with our students and graduates, both in groups and one-on-one. Students and graduates can also create customized chat rooms on academic topics or events happening on their campuses and in their communities. 


FresHires is still in the early stages of development — like our users are in the early stages of their career. But like with our users, all signs point to bigger and better things to come! 

Development of the FresHires mobile app for smartphone and other mobile devices is well underway. This will give users the chance to update their profile wherever they are and whenever they want. 


And there’s much more still to come from FresHires! For more information about the future of our platform and how you can help make it happen, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile! 





Adeyinka Adegoke, CEO                                   Entrepreneur Adeyinka Adegoke knows first-hand the pitfalls of being highly educated and severely unemployed. With an education in three different countries and multiple engineering degrees, Adeyinka ended up working at a call center due to lack of job opportunities. A few minimum-wage paychecks later, he decided that the gap between education and employment had been widened much too far. Keen on globally-oriented collaboration and novel technology, Adeyinka created FresHires in order to place skill in the right

Yinka is a Petro-Chemical Engineer. He is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island USA with a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering, the University of Teesside in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom with a Masters degree in Petroleum Technology and a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from Ladoke AkintolaUniversity of Technology in Ogbomosho Nigeria. He has about 10 years of experience in engineering, business, as well as research and development. He is very passionate about science, technology, engineering and mathematics education (STEM). He currently works as a Business Analyst at an oil and gas benchmarking company in Houston Texas. He founded Mimikme.com (a talent-hunt global initiative) alongside Seye concurrently with the FresHires project.


Oluseye Fadiran, President & CTO
Seye is a Computer Network Analyst. He is a graduate of Bowie State University in Maryland USA with a Masters degree in Computer Science, and a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology in Ogbomosho, Nigeria.In 2010, Seye founded Compnet Technologies – IT consulting firm, which provides IT services to homes and small businesses within the DC metro area and remote services for clients outside of the metro area. He has over 14+ years of experience in computing, network, hardware installations, and programming. Seye currently works as LAN Analyst at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center in Olney, MD. He also Co-founded Mimikme.com (a talent-hunt global initiative) alongside Yinka concurrently with the FresHires project.


Oluranti Efunwoye, Executive VP
Oluranti is a Quality/Utilization Management professional.He is a graduate of American Public University in West Virginia with a Masters degree in Public Health, a Bachelors degree in Business Information Management from Bellevue University, Bellevue, NE and a Registered Nurse with Associate Degree in Nursing from Excelsior College in Albany, NY. As a seasoned adept quality professional and trained Business Analyst with a healthcare background, he currently works in Utilization Management and

Quality/Process Improvement at MedStar Family Choice in Washington, DC. In 2004, Oluranti founded Life Impartations – a non profit outreach organization and led a 5-man team in executing several projects in Nigeria. 


Asad Akram,  New Business Executive                      Asad has a background in operations and process development with a passion for entrepreneurship driven by his time spent in a venture-backed chemical company. He graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Lafayette College (Easton, PA), where he was involved in a number of leadership activities and engineering projects such as Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing which fuel his desire to be involved at the grass roots with emerging ventures. Most recently, he worked at a venture-capital backed materials science/chemicals start-up where he was involved with process development, operations management, business development & product management.

Contact Information:

Adeyinka Adegoke
Oluseye Fadiran
Oluranti Efunwoye
Asad Akram

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