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May 28, 2015 11:47 AM ET

Archived: After the Titans: The Gateway Card Drafting Game – A deck-building card game in a closed set with all the mechanics of collectible trading card games

iCrowdNewswire - May 28, 2015

After the Titans: The Gateway Card Drafting Game


A deck-building card game in a closed set with all the mechanics of collectible trading card games.
Homer Carroll

What You Need to Know

After the Titans is a deck-building card game in a 100 card closed set with all the game mechanics of collectible trading card games. An indie game by two game enthusiasts in Houston, the Core Set has been well received by local game shops and board & card gamers.

This is an all or nothing campaign to get our newly tested and approved Expansion Packs printed and in your hands, while sharing the fun of After the Titans with others. Pick up After the Titans© Core Set as one of our campaign perks.


What is After the Titans?

My name is Homer Carroll, and After the Titans© is my debut game. It spawned from my passion for collectible card games and the need to have a quick fun game that my non-gaming friends could learn easily without investing time and money to enjoy it. It has been so much fun sharing this game with friends and having complete strangers play it and want a copy on the spot.

After the Titans© is a themed gateway card drafting game. This game encompasses all the fun of deck building collectible card games, without the time and money investment found in similar games. Game play is designed to be brisk and competitive. The Core Set is made for 2-4 Devotees, and one game lasts approximately 5 minutes per Devotee.


  • Each deck includes the After the Titans© 100 Card Core Set & Instructions
  • Core Set Contents: 100 cards: 10 Zeus Spells, 10 Athena Spells, 10 Ares Spells, 10 Apollo Spells, 40 Worship Cards, and 20 Beast Spells.
  • Command beasts, summon mystical objects, and worship your gods to increase your power and cast spells to eliminate other Devotees.

What’s in the Expansion Packs?

The After the Titans© Expansion Packs will add a total of seven gods, completing the Pantheon, and adding new abilities like drawing additional cards, stealing cards from Devotees, increasing the Boons produced for Worship, and protection from Spells and Beasts!

  • Expansion Pack Contents: 20 cards: 10 Spells, 5 Beasts, and 5 Worship Cards.
  • The new gods: Hermes, Hera, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Persephone, Hades, and Hephaestus.

Here’s a peek at a few of the Expansion Pack cards from each new god.

  • Hephaestus, bitter and ostracized, makes himself a fortress to keep others out.
  • Poseidon allows Devotees to draw additional cards, greatly increasing the speed at which deadly force can be achieved.
  • Hermes, the thief and courier, shifts the score and perception of battle. The rules themselves are subject for dispute as long as Hermes is around.
  • Hades waits in darkness, capitalizing off the misfortune of others; feigning weakness to cozen his opponents into their own demise.
  • Aphrodite spreads love and beauty to all Devotees. Charity is so endearing that none stop to ask, “to what end?”
  • Hera, Queen of the Gods, takes what she desires as all things are hers to do with as she pleases.
  • Persephone yearns for growth. Her unquenched needs spawn forth abundance for all Devotees.

The Campaign Purpose

To launch the Expansion Packs, the printing must first be funded.  The bigger the order, the less it costs per pack of cards, which is what the money collected will go towards. Additionally, the amount of each Expansion Pack desired will provide information on how many of each to order.

Now What?

If you already enjoy After the Titans and want more gods, now is the time to add your sponsorship, helping us breach the time gap for producing expansions. If you haven’t played it yet, this is the perfect time to grab a deck and further the game’s development. You’re going to want to play with the rest of the Pantheon!

Here’s Other Ways to Support our Success:
– Share this campaign with others on Facebook, Twitter, and Forums & Groups

– Always share using the links on the campaign page

– Leave an enthusiastic comment on the campaign page

– Tell your friends why they should have After the Titans in their gaming collection.

Our first goal is to meet 25% of the campaign this first week to get the momentum needed to make this happen. Due to ordering requirements, this is an all or nothing campaign. If you want the Expansion Packs, we need you to share this campaign with your friends.

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