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May 27, 2015 7:33 EST

OneMarket: The Exchange for Container Shipping – No other service provides a true open-outcry digital exchange for the shipping industry that successfully addresses the $15 billion in capacity losses suffered every year

iCrowdNewswire - May 27, 2015



The Exchange for Container Shipping.


Why We Started This Company

To solve a 40-year old problem in the shipping industry using our provisional patent trading platform.

What Sets Us Apart

No other service provides a true open-outcry digital exchange for the shipping industry that successfully addresses the $15 billion in capacity losses suffered every year.

Our Keys To Success

Only an online exchange can resolve these kinds of market inefficiencies in the shipping industry. Our team has over 20 years experience in exchange trading, 30 years experience in start-up and operational management, 20 years experience in software development, and 60 years experience in shipping. In addition, significant industry players are helping OneMarket develop its trading platform. We have exactly the right team at the right time to deliver the right product.




“A true disrupting technology…”
Peter WhitfieldPresident & CEO
Peter Whitfield
“We would benefit tremendously from its implementation…”
Michael RasmussenManaging Partner
Michael Rasmussen
“This is long overdue…”
Patrick BursonExecutive Editor – Logistics Management & Sup
Patrick Burson


Martin Duvander
Martin Duvander, Chief Executive Officer (founder) Mr. Duvander spent nearly a decade in the financial world, starting as a currency trader in Denmark and then transitioned to Merrill Lynch’s London operations where he worked back office operations: settlements, payments and client disputes. But working in the world’s largest banking city, Mr. Duvander was again lured by the frenetic pace of currency trading. He joined D.I.C. London to become a trader and then to Habibson’s Bank where he became head of their Treasury Department and managed trading and clearinghouse operations. Doing $100 million transactions wasn’t uncommon. After leaving the financial world, Mr. Duvander spent a decade in the software industry, co- founding a cloud services company that allowed retailers, restaurants and large European enterprises to automate the time management of their hourly workforces. He created the software architecture, and managed the programming design and development phases that ultimately yielded a polished online service that used sophisticated algorithms to let managers and employees juggle work shifts (the commodity of time increments) on the fly essentially, a trading platform for work shifts. In addition to managing programming teams in Europe and India, Mr. Duvander also drove marketing and sales. Customers using the service were able to do in 2 – 5 seconds what once took hours and the service was scalable from dozens of employees to thousands. “Always think outside the box…it is less crowded”
Lawrence Heltzer
Mr. Heltzer has 20 years’ experience developing and directing strategic planning and financial analysis projects for private equity. Mr. Heltzer started financial modeling in a $150 million telecommunications joint venture owned by News Corp, MCI and the founders of Lorimar Telepictures. It was there he developed a passion building financial modeling tools and presentations to advise senior management and boards of directors on major strategic issues and business development. That company was eventually folded into MCI and relocated to Texas, and that is when senior management jumped into venture capital�taking Mr. Heltzer with them. He has worked with a variety of senior management teams at portfolio companies owned by Enterprise Partners Venture Capital, Westar Capital, Norwest Venture Partners, among others. The companies he has worked in included over a dozen startups and turn-arounds, and have been in many industries, mostly technology: cloud (SaaS) services, transaction analysis and fraud prevention technology, online securities brokerage, healthcare IT, healthcare, financial services, modular housing, old and new media. Mr. Heltzer specializes in operational analysis and strategic planning, capacity utilization, M&A due diligence, and executive dashboards. In his off time, he became a national champion skysurfer and exhibition jump skydiver…which helped keep his corporate life in perspective.
Ariffin Datuk Yahaya, Ph.D

Ariffin Datuk Yahaya, Ph.D

Group Architect, Search Products, Yahoo, Inc.

Software/Systems Architect & Technical Lead with more than 15 years experience deploying scalable systems. Expertise – Technical Due Diligence – Integrations – Architecture – List Processing – Feed Systems – High QPS Serving – API Design – Getting things done!


  • Our team has over 20 years experience in exchange trading


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