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Archived: One Man – Technical Outerwear with Style: Mia Melon Launches the Next Generation of Weatherproof Outerwear for Men

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One Man – Technical Outerwear with Style

Mia Melon Launches the Next Generation of Weatherproof Outerwear for Men
Todd Listwin

My name is Todd Listwin, I have 25 years in the fashion and action sports industry. My wife Tanya took over a young women’s clothing brand called Mia Melon. The young women’s fashion part of the business could not compete with the increasing success & demand of our weatherproof fashion coats first designed in 2011. Mia Melon continues to grow and our focus now is on the development of the men’s outerwear line. We have received a ton of requests as men have less options when it comes to buying functional, fashion forward jackets. We would like to change that.

We plan to deliver One Man outerwear in October. With a $50,000 first goal it will assist us in our production needs. We already have these coats going into production so if we don’t hit our funding goal, we will still be able to deliver perks. However, we are designing and producing high tech fashion garments in a competitive mass market. Our business lacks capital to initiate business projects such as social media, product development and advertising. Ultimately if we could hit 1200 funders, that would help our company immensely and to allow us to move forward with stability.

We have some amazing perks to offer you. We will be delivering 3 gorgeous weatherproof coats just in time for the fall season. Each One Man weatherproof coat will retail for at least $200 plus shipping. Fund this campaign & be the first to receive this new niche product for less.


Each One Man Outerwear jacket has a 3k/3k waterproof, windproof membrane inside the two fabric layers. This special membrane allows the wind and water to stay out but allows the body to still breath. Our jackets are 99.9% waterproof. The inside fabrics are lined with a cozy 220 gram micro fleece that keeps you warm and comfortable.

The outside fabric is a fashion forward fabric that has been treated with a DWR treatment. This heat treatment allows the water to bead off.

DESIGN: This is a technical drawing of the WANDERER JACKET used to create the first pattern and develop this style.

Nara is a design studio in Vancouver, Canada that provides design, development, and manufacturing services. They specialize in sports and outdoor apparel and gear. Our samples are produced here.

One Man Outerwear Designs: 

Wanderer Fabric Swatches:  

Taupe, Army Green                                                         

THE WANDERER– This is great coat for every day use. A trip to the store, travel or watching your daughter play soccer. Long enough so when you sit down when it is raining, your butt doesn’t get wet.We got you covered. This gorgeous coat has a herringbone  outer shell fabric coming in dark army green and light taupe with a cozy micro fleece inner shell.


Stratus Jacket Fabric Swatches: Black,Olive                                                                                                       

STRATUS JACKET– This street inspired cargo jacket is stunning. The outer fabric is a cotton twill with a cozy micro fleece inner shell. The Stratus jacket offers a removable hood. Color choice is black and olive.


Provider Fabric Swatches:

Light Charcoal, Dark Charcoal 

THE PROVIDER– This is our most dressy coat with collar & removable hood. The fabric has a thick wool texture and a cozy micro fleece inner shell. Colors are dark charcoal and light charcoal.


We have been shipping weatherproof fashion coats all over the world to many very happy female customers. They appreciate the alternative to sporty camping jackets  or shiny black rain jackets. Now we can finally offer men a similar product. We have a 100% customer satisfaction policy that takes the risk out of purchasing one of our fine quality products. We have successfully done two previous crowd funding campaigns to help create and to put into the market. We can’t be more excited to launch the men’s outerwear and start this new brand called One Man Outerwear.


We have been producing weatherproof fabrics for some time now and we have full confidence in our product and design. We have learned from our mistakes and previous challenges such as not to offer too many styles and colors. We now have experience in what we do. The biggest concern is that we are under capitalized and that always poses risk and challenge. With a successful funding campaign we will alleviate these concerns and build a strong foundation for the brand..


One Man Outerwear’s big sister has been fairly successful. Mia Melon was the 4th most successful campaign in Kickstarter’s first year in Canada raising $82,000. This is where we first learned that the demand for a men’s version of Mia Melon was strong. We did a second campaign with Kickstarter to launch our weatherproof fleece hoodie product and to introduce One Man Outerwear. This campaign raised $65,000 with 555 backers. We switched from Kickstarter to Indiegogo for this campaign. The reason is to be able to get funded in USD which isn’t possible on Kickstarter if you are based in Vancouver, B.C.  We decided to try Indiegogo because of all the great things we have heard. Guys, can we out fund Mia Melon? Well let’s try! 

Here is where Mia Melon has been seen while crowdfunding




If you are becoming interested in our product and our goal to create an international offering, please share this campaign with friends. Use the Indiegogo share tool and help us put forward an amazing new brand One Man Outerwear


Video music- The Pack A.D.

Sample making- Nara Design

Video and Photography-

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