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May 27, 2015 3:30 PM ET

Archived: NORB-C No Ordinary Range Bag – Compact: a range bag designed for busy women who multitask jobs, family, errands, and range time

iCrowdNewswire - May 27, 2015

NORB-C No Ordinary Range Bag – Compact

NORB-C, a range bag designed for busy women who multitask jobs, family, errands, and range time.
Sandi Keller

Why lug around a purse AND a range bag?

Simplify your life with just one bag that is durable enough to handle all your range gear and fashionable enough to carry every day!


NORB-C (No Ordinary Range Bag – Compact)

With your help and support, the NORB-C, will be headed to production.  The NORB-C is the newest range bag in the OffHand Gear series, and on this indiegogo page you will find details about NORB-C and exclusive rewards for your support.  For more information on the original NORB or other OffHand Gear products, please visit the website at www.OffHandGear.com.   


NORB-C has been on the design table for the last year. With prototyping now done, I am ready to add it to the line up and create a NORB series of bags. The original NORB ( No Ordinary Range Bag ) has been on the market for over a year and has been thoroughly tested and reviewed.  The NORB range bag is considered a unique, innovative product for female gun enthusiasts, and NORB-C will bring a smaller, more everyday option to the series.

NORB-C is the next step in creating an entire line of bags and gear designed completely around the needs and comfort of women.



Casual shooters and professionals alike use, abuse and love the original NORB. After months of consistent use I have received emails from ladies about how impressed they are with the durability and functionality of NORB.  The same thought out design and materials will be used in the making of NORB-C. 

  • 500 denier Cordura fabric from Kryptek Outdoor Group is water resistant 
  • Signature bungee strap
  • Brushed nickel metal hardware
  • Water resistant zippers
  • Built in range pads using SlipNot or tricot fabrics
  • Heavy duty Velcro
  • Military grade sewing
  • Made in the USA
NORB-C exterior dimenstions 
American made products for women that make self-protection and training easier and more comfortable.
NORB-C interior demensions 


Women of all sizes and shape have found the bungee strap one of the most loved things about NORB. If you have ever worn a range bag with a shoulder strap, you have probably experienced the frustration of it sliding off. This is where I started with the NORB series design. I wanted a strap that was thin enough to sit “in” your shoulder, much like a bra strap, comfortable either cross body or side carry, durable enough to handle and distribute the weight of all the gear, taking stress off your body while walking. Viola – the bungee strap was born and once you try it I think you too will be pleased with the result.


The NORB (No Ordinary Range Bag) series is designed around the busy lifestyle of women with jobs, kids, errands, training and range time. The NORB original bag stays slim while having room for a wallet, touch up makeup, hair ties, phone and of course all your range gear; magazines, ammo, eye and ear protection and even your cleaning kit!! 

No, there isn’t room for the kitchen sink, but who needs one of those at the range?

Use it for the range or everyday… 

let the NORB series fit your busy lifestyle!


While the NORB-C is designed to hold less than its big sister – it still has plenty of room for your pistol (full size or compact), ammo, extra magazines, eye protection, phone, credit cards, keys, personal items, makeup bag & even a small tablet.



Is it a range bag or a concealed carry bag?  

Why not both?  There are many women who carry the NORB original daily. The concept behind the NORB series was to create a bag that made range time for women easier while also being less obvious. Although conceal carry handbags look great, they typically can’t handle the weight of all your range gear. With the NORB series, you get the best of both worlds: durable enough for all your gear AND stylish enough to be your every day conceal carry bag, too. 




The perks in this Indiegogo campaign include the ability to choose which NORB is best for you.  If you are looking for a range bag that fits all your gear into one bag then NORB is the bag for you. If you are looking for something smaller for those quick trips, the NORB-C is the perfect choice.         

Your lifestyle. Your Range Bag.

The goal of $6700 on this project will provide all the materials and labor necessary for the first production run of NORB-C in the standard Kryptek Typhon fabric.  If and when the goal is exceeded, backers will receive an exclusive look at fabric choices and have the ability to vote on which fabric will be added to the series.

Once additional fabrics are voted on and added to the project, backers choosing the NORB-C reward level will have the choice between the standard Kryptek Typhon or the additional fabric choice(s) for their reward. 


Hello, my name is Sandi and I am the owner/designer of the OffHand Gear brand of products. When I started this journey 3 years ago, it was with a strong desire to bring new, innovative women’s products to the firearms industry. Not just pink colors on men’s products, but actually designed to fit us women and our lifestyles. I started the company by designing three fun, USA made ladies t-shirts. Since then, I have expanded the brand to include quite a few more t-shirts, the NORB series and a selection of AR15 hand guards. In the future, I look forward to bringing you more products that are currently in design/development stage. I hope you, the supporters, enjoy the brand, continue to use my products and above all else, find OffHand Gear makes your training easier, more frequent and even fun!



My suppliers and sewing partners are some of the best in the business and I have a solid working relationship with them. With NORB-C being the second bag in the series,  I do not foresee any issues with the delivery timeline.

I look forward to shipping your order and hearing how NORB has changed the way you feel about range bags. 

Thank you!





NORB & NORB-C are trademarks of OffHand Gear

Special thanks to professional shooters TacTissy, Michelle Jean & to Baxley Fine Photography

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