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Archived: Kim finds out she’s not alone, and that a wealthy empire awaits her if she so chooses to use her gift deceitfully.

iCrowdNewswire - May 27, 2015
A feature film about a girl who sees auras is currently under work, based on the novel written by Le Peka lynn, Lioness Film Productions aims to change people’s perceptions, challenge belief systems an create an onscreen masterpiece through their first of many project “Colourless”. The film production company is looking towards the generosity of people who enjoy good stories, art and film, the aim to fund the film entirely through crowdfunding and have therefore launched a camping on Kickstarter. The funding goal set for the campaign is at least $50,000 to be collected by Thu, Jun 18 2015. The campaign has been created by Liana.
The screenplay for the movie took more than 2 years in the making and it depicts the story of Kym, who sees auras, she must figure out the difference between reality, & what appears to be real, in love, family & friendship.
The project pitch states: “Colourless” Ever since that terrible and tragic day, when a car accident took the life of her father, Kym, (at the tender age of ten) could see auras. Kim HATES her new found ability, but grows to feel obliged to help others because of it. After many failed attempts to help people, Kym can’t handle the pressure. As soon as she finishes high school, she disappears to the country, but only manages to stay away for a short time, as after 2 years, she is forced back to the city to attend her sister’s wedding. With this return, Kim finds out she’s not alone, and that a wealthy empire awaits her if she so chooses to use her gift deceitfully.”
Dana Lowrey has been cast to play the lead role of Kym along with a team of talented actors have been appointed. The team is enthusiastic and ready to begin working on filming once the funding goal has been achieved. People who will support the project by pledging money will be awarded various perks in appreciation for their generous contribution starting from $25.
Lioness Film Production’s company is working on a few different projects of which Colourless will be their first and will roll out the other productions once Colourless is complete.
About: Liana Taiapa is from Gold Coast, Australia and is passionate about Film & Television, to work full time in the Film industry has always been her dream. Making movies and creating an onscreen masterpiece from scratch.
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