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May 27, 2015 4:41 PM ET

Archived: BYDSEA, Inc. – The LinkedIn of the seas

iCrowdNewswire - May 27, 2015


The LinkedIn of the seas


Ahoy!  Introducing BYDSEA, the “LinkedIn & Uber” of the seas.

All too often, boats remain docked due to lack of fulfillment of logistical and crew needs.  Now, the time has finally come to change the way the world sails. 

 Spain’s largest Nautical School, Cenautica, is already on board as a partner.

Lifelong sea dogs ourselves, we know first hand how passionate sailing enthusiasts truly are about the sport they love.  Enough waiting months and even years to set off on that perfect voyage.  Jump on board with BYDSEA as we sail towards our vision of creating a global yacht club!


Setting out on a trip is a highly coordinated effort.  Matching up boat logistics and core activity with crew availability, skills, and local knowledge is a huge hassle.  For boat owners, this makes it tough to find a team that you trust and enjoy sailing with.  The owners are a very tight niche group and often end up using the same sailing network over and over again.  This can become “ho-hum” very quickly and limits opportunities to sail abroad or take new expeditions.  For sailors and crew, it’s quite simply just hard to network.  Since the owners are constrained, the sparse sailing opportunities are either already taken or outside of their current capabilities.  Past efforts to expand groups (Facebook pages, community events, etc.) have been exhaustive and proven unsuccessful.


LinkedIn provided us with a broad framework for how beneficial social media can be when like-minded individuals are matched up.  Uber showed us the true market-creating power peer to peer networking can have, as they created more efficient execution of a service at a better price.  By borrowing elements from both of these successful ventures, BYDSEA brings the nautical community together at long last – so we can all enjoy some smooth sailing.

BYDSEA seamlessly connects boat owners and vessels to profiled sailors and crew using proven social and peer to peer networking models.  We are revolutionizing the way seafarers participate in their beloved sport by bringing them together and allowing them to share, join, network, and collaborate across geographical and demographical borders.


For boat owners:

Interaction, sharing, swapping, and collaboration with other boat owners

Ability to search a networks of sailors based on a variety of criteria, including geographic location, local knowledge, miles sailed, skills, language, and boat familiarity

Sending of pings to those sailors who meet criteria

Matching services that automatically connect similar profiles

Private and group messaging to other owners and sailors/crew

Passage registry options and weather/marine alerts (5 days ahead)

Posting and organization of new sailing opportunities and/or events

For sailors and crew:

Matching sailors and crew with those who own boats based on certain criteria, endorsements, skills, ratings, and reviews

Receiving pings when criteria are met

Ability to request sailing opportunities that fit needs

Can market competencies and skills by endorsing peers, and then receiving endorsements themselves from peers and owners

Full marine profile buildout, conveying skills in your own words

Private and group messaging to connections

Receiving full reviews after a given trip, with star ratings and comments recorded and miles tracked

Ability to view your skills, who’s endorsed them, nautical miles sailed, recommendations, comments, and starts

We utilize much of the same technology employed by LinkedIn and Uber.  Taking advantage of the innovative MEAN Javascript framework, our interface is maximized in terms of simplicity, analytics, and speed.


We’ve only just left the docks, but we’re creating a ripple already.  BYDSEA has accomplished quite a bit since its inception in 2013:

Skin in the Game
Our two Co-founders have invested $150,000 in personal funds to help guide ByDSea through the startup phase.

Up and Running, With a Solid User Base
Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) web app is completed and in the market as of two months ago. We generated 150+ independent, pre-release users to provide a foundation.

Getting In with the Yacht Clubs  
We’ve secured a Letter of Intent from Valencia Royal Yacht Club, good for 1500 users.

Many More Hands Coming on Deck
It’s early, but we’ve captured the attention of 3 pre-established sailing communities…potentially accounting for about 3,000 users. In all, we’re gaining roughly 10-20 registrations every day.

Big Players By Our Side
We’ve secures a partnership with Cenautica, Spain’s largest Nautical School. They offer a database of 20,000 sailors and 600 new pupils per year.

What’s next, you ask?  We’ll be running about 30 more days of free registrations to grow the network, before switching to our paid model.  Also, we’re currently finishing up the BYDSEA mobile app, to be released on iPhone and iPad later this month.


Max Neira Schliemann, Founder & CEO
As Founder and CEO, Max Neira Schliemann steers the front end of the ship. A sailor from a young age, Max moved to Buenos Aires for college and to Spain for work but never stopped sailing. He’s worked as an IT leader at Baxter Intl. and MetricStream, and has founded and led two other successful companies in the past. Max has always dreamed of simplifying the sailing world – and his dreams are now becoming reality. He’s responsible for market development and customer/investor relations.

Nicolás Cornaglia, Co-Founder & CTO
Nicolás Cornaglia holds up the back end as Co-founder and CTO. He has significant experience developing Java-centric, web-based enterprise applications. Also an avid nautical junkie, Nicolás heads up product architecture, development, and operations for BYDSEA and is a technology domain expert.

Juan Gasca, Co-Founder
Juan Gasca is a founder Thinkers Co., an innovation design agency working in Innovation projects of CX, product & service and new businesses, with corporate clients like Repsol, BBVA, Iberia Airlines, Orange Telecom or Oracle. Juan is the author of Designpedia, the first practical book about Design Thinking in Spanish, and a member of the faculty in Creativity & Innovation at IE Business Schools EOI Google Mentor for entrepeneurs. Juan has been honored with a variety of international Design Awards & Entrepreneurship recognitions. He brought LEAN Startup, Design Thinking and Human centered design methodologies to the team. 

Juan Campos & Sebastian Neira, Lead Programmer & Programmer 
Securing the port and starboard are Juan Campos and Sebastián Neira. As Lead Programmer, Juan is in charge of front and back end development for the ByDSea app, as well as the User Interface. He is supported by Sebastián, who is also responsible for Marine Forecast and Infrastructure. Both gentlemen are well-versed in the innovative MEAN Javascript framework used to develop the app.


The BYDSea team is thrilled to have the support and guidance of a stellar team of advisors. 

Mikel Alonso 
Founder & CEO of Glassy.pro


Kike Fenollosa 
Founder of Aventuraoceanica.es 
1500 days circumnavigation

Contact Information:

Max Neira Schliemann
Nicolás Cornaglia
Juan Gasca
Juan Campos
Sebastian Neira

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