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May 27, 2015 5:42 EST

American Mariculture has established itself as the largest supplier of fresh all natural US grown shrimp every day of the year

iCrowdNewswire - May 27, 2015

American Mariculture

American Mariculture

Largest US grower of fresh all natural shrimp. Seeking expansion capital to fulfill Costco, Kroger and Publix PO’s.


American Mariculture, Inc. (AMI) is the only US shrimp farm that can deliver all natural fresh shrimp in commercial quantities every day of the year. During its first year in operation AMI has built the largest indoor shrimp farm in the US. We signed up Kroger, Costco and Publix supermarkets. Wegmans, Whole Foods and several others are on our waiting list.

Our company features a vertically integrated operation on an island off the Southwest Florida coast. Shrimp are hatched in our onsite hatchery, then they are grown out over a 5 month culturing period. Once harvested they are processed in our onsite fully HACCP certified seafood processing plant. Fresh Sun Shrimp are shipped all throughout North America and generally arrive at our customers within 24 hours after harvest.

The US import 90% of its seafood from third world countries. Fresh shrimp are a rarity these days.




Completed first phase funding round for and broke ground on construction of our first 48 production units.


Stocked first shrimp from our hatchery


Introduced Sun Shrimp at the Boston Seafood Show

MARCH, 2015

Commenced harvest of our first batch of Sun Shrimp

JUNE, 2015

Launched Sun Shrimp at Kroger

JULY, 2014

Launched Sun Shrimp at Costco


Received $15mm purchase commitment from Publix


Raise expansion capital to meet growing demand

MARCH, 2015


“Everything about Sun Shrimp has been far superior from day one to all other brands I’ve worked with. Always fresh, the taste, texture and consistency have been excellent and the fact that they are some of the most sustainably raised and harvested shrimp in the world ensures that our customers are always getting the best possible product we can offer.”
Joe BenedettiAndronicos
Joe Benedetti
“At Truluck’s, it’s important to us to serve products that make sense for the plate, the palette and the planet. Sun Shrimp, from Pine Island, are a natural fit for us. Not only are they the best tasting shrimp that I have ever tasted but it is obvious that a lot of care went into building a facility that mirrors our own philosophy.”
Brian WubbenaExecutive Chef
Brian Wubbena
“I have not come across another domestic shrimp with the same natural sweetness.”
Adrian HoffmanExecutive Chef
Adrian Hoffman


Michael Mogollon

Michael Mogollon

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Mogollon got his Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Harvard and his Masters in Fisheries Management and Aquaculture from Auburn University. He has 26 years of experience in intensive commercial scale production of marine shrimp spanning both hatchery and growout operations. He has held top technical positions in the private sector from his beginnings as hatchery manager in Ecuador in 1985 to renowned consultant in Colombia and Central America in pond management techniques during the last decade. He is a regular speaker in technical conferences and a widely respected aquaculturist. He put his talents to use at Shrimp Improvement Systems LLC, in the Florida Keys, where he was Operations Manager of this SPF shrimp breeding center, one of the world’s best known shrimp hatcheries. He then joined OceanBoy Farms in 2001 and was in charge of all farm operations and production. He left in 2007 to start his own inland hatchery called EarthCare Aquaculture to study new intensive methods of raising shrimp in year round culture systems.
Robin Pearl

Robin Pearl

Chief Shrimper – CEO

Mr. Pearl received his Bachelor’s degree in Management from Florida Atlantic University. He has founded several businesses. During his college days, he started a vending company. He sold the vending company and used the proceeds to start OceanBoy farms. After building OBF into the largest US shrimp farm and largest organic shrimp farm in the world, Mr. Pearl left and started several other companies, including a nitrogen tire-inflation equipment manufacturer called PurigeN98 that he built into the US’s largest supplier of these systems for the automotive industry. He subsequently started an energy monitoring company that combines low cost hardware with an online management solution that allows individuals and companies to better manage and reduce their energy usage. As a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Pearl has been responsible for raising the startup capital, developing and implementing marketing and sales campaigns and managing between 2 to 300 employees.


  • Largest US based Fresh Shrimp grower with ability to supply year round
  • In 1st year sold to largest retailer and wholesaler Costco and Kroger
  • Created an all new food product – Fresh Shrimp – simply not available


American Mariculture has established itself as the largest supplier of fresh all natural US grown shrimp every day of the year. Sun shrimp have a taste and quality that is demanded by US consumers.

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