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May 27, 2015 2:16 PM ET

Archived: ADS REALITY: Transforming physical products into engaging digital experiences

iCrowdNewswire - May 27, 2015


Transforming physical products into engaging digital experiences

We combine object recognition technology and augmented reality to create unique tools focused on retailers and brands. Whether it is a magazine, billboard or a product on a shelf we can recognise it through any mobile device and overlay an engaging world of digital information, animation or 3D models. Increasing engagement, brand loyalty and sales. We create “continuous mobile engagement”.



    Product Scanner – ShoppAR
    Combining recognition technology and augmented reality, we allow any mobile device to recognise any product in any location and overlay a wealth of digital information, videos or animation. It can be used as a staff tool, allowing them to become experts on all products or as a consumer facing tool.
    Press Scanner –
    We recognise any product in any publication allowing consumers to shop direct from the page. It will soon evolve into the ultimate price comparison tool, showing prices from multiple retailers or even your nearest store.


    No.1 Retailers and brands are struggling to engage consumers and connect the digital world with a physical product or image.
    No.2 The majority of rich digital content is locked away on web pages with limited ways to connect to physical products.
    No.3 Print media remains behind the tech curve with no consistent digital message and consumers cannot buy direct from the page.
    The Ads Reality product set addresses all of these issues, allowing the retailer to re-connect to their mobile consumers.


    Current retail model:
    Tech licence £6k/month (moving down £1k per year)
    Support & maintenance £2.5k/month
    Future retail model:
    Pay per scan fee + support/maintenance

    Magazine scanning model:
    £0.50 per mag per retailer
    2% of any purchases made


    We will increase the number of retailers and brands using our technology providing tangible evidence of the long term impact and valuable insight data. At this point we would be an acquisition target for several companies from various sectors:

    Content Creators/Broadcast e.g. Endemol – our technology facilitates the 2nd screen experience
    Advertising e.g. Clear Channel – our technology adds another layer of value to their existing real estate
    Digital Agencies e.g. – SapientNitro, our underlying technology can be applied across multiple clients, providing a unique experience for each one.

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