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May 26, 2015 12:26 EST

Paygevity: Transforming supply-chain relationships through PromptPay™ technology

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2015



Transforming supply-chain relationships through PromptPay™ technology.

Paygevity is raising $500,000 with a minimum reservation of $25,000.


  • Growing revenues from one of the worlds top consumer product companies
  • Partnered with Salesforce.com to develop our PromptPay™ platform
  • Provide support to the SBA and the White House SupplierPay Initiative

Elevator Pitch

Paygevity is a New York City-based global enterprise payment processing and vendor management company. Paygevity’s PromptPay™ Platform is focused on the critical supply-chain services industry.


Company Overview

Paygevity is a New York City-based global technology-driven payment processing and vendor management company. It focuses on the critical supply chain services industry. PromptPay™, Paygevity’s proprietary platform, combines powerful electronic invoicing and connectivity technology with reliable fast payments capabilities. This significantly reduces corporate enterprise costs. The company serves vendors, suppliers, corporations and governments.

Paygevity’s PromptPay™ platform provides vendors with the capacity to get paid faster (within 10 days) and at the lowest possible cost. Paygevity is a one-stop shop for 21st century supplier payments and enhances supplier management via analytics. It also optimizes cash flow for both suppliers and buyers.

Our technology has the capacity to capture historical information associated with payments, including purchase order, full invoice, underlying contract information, SKU’s, and pricing. PromptPay™ can easily be configured for advanced management analytics. Suppliers and Buyers have access to their invoice payments activity via secured access to Pagevity’s user-friendly dashboards.

Paygevity believes that by merging technology and finance through PromptPay™, it will help advance social and economic responsibility and foster valuable and long lasting relationships for the global supply-chain community.


“Small and medium-sized companies need cashflow to be competitive. Waiting to get paid hurts small business—It can stop them dead in their tracks. Paygevity’s payment platform provides a connective technology that lets both buyer and seller win. As a former Goldman Sachs executive, I take great pride in helping people fulfill the American Dream and so should you! Paygevity’s technology platform makes business better.”
Devin Wicker CEO, Bonwick Capital; Former ​Goldman Sachs
 Devin Wicker
“Paygevity brings buyers and sellers back to the core of good business relationships. This FinTech company not only creates economic opportunity for both parties, but it also helps to build and nurture partnerships that last.”
Eric Cohen COO, The Arundel Group
Eric Cohen
“Paygevity is solving a widespread problem that businesses tackle every single day. There is an absolute need for their innovative prompt payment and vendor management solutions in today’s corporate landscape.”
Craig Scurato Founder, Simplifi Benefits
Craig Scurato
“Empowering women and minority suppliers is a value Paygevity strongly identifies with. Their solutions aid in the diversity goals of corporations and government agencies, while opening opportunities for WBE’s and MBE’s.”
Leslie Saunders President/ CEO, Leslie Saunders Insurance
Leslie Saunders


Neil Rothenberg

Neil Rothenberg

Founder/ CEO

Mr. Rothenberg has over twenty years of financing and investing experience. After starting his career at Dillon Read & Co. and Prudential Securities, where he was a Vice President in underwriting and the merger & acquisition advisory business, Mr. Rothenberg was recruited by CIT Group as a Principal in their merchant banking group, investing bank debt, mezzanine debt, and equity capital into small and medium-sized companies. Subsequently he became a Portfolio Manager at three of the largest investment funds in New York City: Ramius Capital, Xerion Capital (a Paloma Partners affiliate), and M.D. Sass & Co. Mr. Rothenberg graduated from Emory University with a B.A. in 1989 and from Columbia Business School with an M.B.A. in 1994.
Dominick Stanzione

Dominick Stanzione

Co-founder / President

Mr. Stanzione has thirty years of experience in corporate and municipal finance. He began his career with LF Rothschild Unterberg Tobin.


Phil Kazlowski

Phil Kazlowski

Co-founder / COO

Mr. Kazlowski has over thirty years of experience in the financial markets. He was Managing Director at JP Morgan and Bear Stearns.



Team Member Name

Douglas Loutit

Head of Business Development

Douglas Loutit – Actively managing investments since 1997. BA, Economics, Trinity College; MSc, The London School of Economics.
Team Member Name

Susan Bari

Head of Corporate & Supplier Relations

Ms. Bari has spent her career promoting opportunities for women and minority-owned businesses. She is founding President and President Emeritus of WBENC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the convertible notes 17.5 percent discount work?

Today’s investor in the convertible note will convert into equity ownership at a 17.5 percent discounted valuation set by the Institutional Series A investors.

When will Paygevity’s PromptPay™ Launch?

The Beta version will be available in the Summer 2015.

How does Paygevity differentiate itself from its competitors?

Paygevity provides the funding and the technology solutions to the supply-chain community.

Who are Paygevity’s customers?

Paygevity’s customers are the large corporations and their suppliers.

Contact Information:

Neil Rothenberg
Dominick Stanzione
Phil Kazlowski
Douglas Loutit
Susan Bari

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