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May 26, 2015 1:57 PM ET

MeshWorks Media Corporation – Messaging that moves people

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2015



MeshWorks Media Corporation develops, licenses, and supports video marketing applications, performance analytics and content management technologies for business. The Company’s cloud based products are designed to engage a target audience by delivering interactive video messaging via email, mobile, QR and social media channels.

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Engagement marketing has been made possible by the advent of technology. But the current engagement marketing sector is fragmented and slowly evolving. Many marketing companies are relying more and more on videos to get their message across to consumers. While video is a great way to interact with target audiences, most marketing methods that involve video employ non-useful tactics including simply embedding videos into emails and targeting either consumers or small business operators.

At MeshWorks, we are introducing a disruptive shift in the way businesses market and communicate with their consumers. Our unique multichannel engagement marketing technologies have the potential to transform any failing advertising medium, including email blasts, social media, billboards, product packaging and more.

Video is the fastest-growing online advertising format with ad revenue estimated to reach $5 billion in 2016, up from $2.8 billion in 2013. Spending on online video advertising grew more than 41.9% in 2014, reaching $5.96 billion which represents a $1.76 billion increase over the previous year.

Although the video ad market is enjoying rapid growth, the current video marketing sector is fragmented with few providers offering business centric solutions. Most video marketing methods employ limited functionality, with the most common method being that of distributing emails with embedded links to YouTube as the main experience point. 

Lacking to business, is a video engagement solutions which provide dynamic call to actions, multi-media infotainment, on-demand customization, and real-time performance analytics, all packaged in a cost effective distribution and cloud content management solution.

Each day, MeshWorks is successfully filling business demand for a complete video engagement solution. MeshSuite, our proprietary cloud based marketing platform was designed for and is used by businesses of every size and purpose to better engage and drive action from their target audience.  


With MeshSuite, the Company’s 3rd generation platform, is comprised of four virtual products all working together to deliver the ultimate in business engagement technology.  Our business clients have unlimited use of ALL the MeshSuite products and services for one low fixed monthly subscription fee. 


Engage your audience with the power of video infotainment.  MotionMail allows you to create and distribute interactive video messages using existing media or a message made on the fly from your cell phone, tablet or desk cam.  Use MotionMail for email marketing, employee communications, client product training and so much more.

The way to a customer’s heart is much more than a loyalty program. Making customer evangelists is about creating experiences worth talking about.”       -Valeria Maltoni


Until now QR-Codes have offered simple touch points to a client’s website or YouTube channel.  MotionCode represents a fundamental improvement in the way a QR-Code is created, viewed and the information collected.

MotionCode performs data collection with each scan delivering, as yet unavailable, real-time activity such as device used, location, and viewing time.  MotionCode also lets you remotely change the content of any code without altering the item, sign or printed material where the code is affixed.


“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.” – William Bernbach

MESHMOBILE (Coming Fall of 2015)

An essential improvement designed into the new MotionSuite platform is its approach to mobile services and the expansion into delivering standalone mobile applications. MeshMobile is a mobile application being made available to smartphones operating on the Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. 

“Connecting people to people, over and over again, that’s what lasts online. Folks thought it was about technology and it’s not.” – Seth Godin


MeshCenter is our cloud based content management and advanced analytics center. MeshCenter empowers businesses of any size with on-demand access to their own private and highly secure media center providing user management and content editing tools with the freedom of unlimited storage. MeshCenter is comprised of four products:

MeshCloud is MeshWorks’ cloud based content management system. MeshCloud serves as a highly secure and hosted central repository for the storing and management of a client’s videos, pictures and documents.  MeshCloud empowers users with the ability to publish, edit and modify content. While MeshCloud is a powerful content management system, the user interface has been designed so that even a person with limited expertise or special training can add, modify and publish content.

MeshIQ provides real-time tracking and historical reporting of performance results throughout the lifecycle of any message or campaign.  Data collection includes, but is not limited to; viewer location, viewing device used, IP address, viewer contact information and activities of the viewer.  With this information, a marketer can improve future marketing campaigns, marketing mix modeling, pricing and promotion analyses, sales force optimization, and customer segmentation.

MeshSync (Coming Fall of 2015)

Core to the Company’s technology design approach has been the mandate of delivering business applications which work alongside already existing workflow environments employed by the business.  MeshSync establishes a sync relationship between our products and other software, cloud, internet and mobile service providers. The sync application reduces workforce adoption time and forgoes unnecessary data duplication or data transfer of business sensitive information to a new service provider.

MeshStudio is the content editing function of the MeshSuite platform. MeshStudio provides the tools to edit, crop, and add effects, text or audio enhancements to any content stored on MeshCloud.

MeshCenter is powered by The Microsoft Azure cloud platform, ranked by Gartner as an industry leader for both infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS).


The Company has achieved profitability and recurring revenues are increasing as the result of a stable customer base which represents $13,350,000 in contracted licensing fees over the next 36 months.  The Company will focus on contract fulfillment and profitable revenue growth in the core market verticals with plans to expand into Mexico and the United Kingdom in late 2015. 


Since our inception, we have been in existence, we have crossed some great milestones including:


  • Completed Development of ProNotes our 2nd Generation engagement marketing platform
  • Successfully completed market tests with companies such as MLB, Mary Kay and LSU University
  • Successfully soft launched ProNotes
  • Commenced Development of MotionSuite our 3rd Generation engagement marketing platform


  • Entered into National Sales Contract with Yahoo Sports Radio
  • Entered into a $12M Global Sports Licensing Partnership
  • Entered into a base $500,000 Licensing Partnership in the Golf Industry
  • Entered into a base $350,000 Licensing Partnership in the Fitness Industry
  • Entered into a base $500,000 Licensing Partnership in the Healthcare industry
  • Posted a year-end 2014 profit by generating close to $1M in revenue while maintaining a 30% net profit margin


At MeshWorks, Randy is our founder and CEO responsible for setting the overall vision, direction, product strategy and objectives of the business.  Randy’s previous experience is as a founder and CEO of both public and private companies, including W3 Media Group, Remote Knowledge and Bayne Electronics. Randy has worked with all aspects of the capital markets and is responsible for generating over $45 million in public and private funding.

Ross is an entrepreneur and software consulting professional.  Ross founded his first software development company after graduating from Texas A&M in 2010.  Ross has helped startups and Fortune 500 companies accelerate development of new software products while creating long-term technology strategies that generate sustainable revenue. Ross has helped deliver over 30 cross-platform software products and generated over $250M in new revenue for his clients, in verticals that include: media distribution, oil and gas, energy management, consumer healthcare, retail, and even mobile gaming.

Roger is responsible for the overall management of legal affairs, compliance and contract management.  Roger has been in the private practice of law for 41 years most of which with an Am Law 100 national law firm. He has represented innumerable public companies whose stock traded from the pink sheets to the New York Stock Exchange.  Roger’s corporate and securities practice included mergers and acquisition, securities law compliance, energy and project finance, technology and emerging companies practice and international law.

Dale is responsible for the overall management of the Company’s financial practices, accounting services and Treasury Management. Dale served as Corporate Controller for M-I SWACO, a multi-billion dollar international oilfield service company. Dale previously spent more than five years at Core Laboratories where he was responsible for managing all aspects of internal and external reporting, serving as the US GAAP, SEC and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance expert for the organization

Contact Information:

Randy S. Bayne
Ross Morel
Roger V. Davidson
Dale Roberts

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