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May 26, 2015 1:17 PM ET

C’Ville-ian Brewing Company: C’Ville-ian Brewery itself is an American tribute

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2015

C’Ville-ian Brewing Company

C’Ville-ian Brewing Company


Our Story

I, Stephen Gibbs (Steve) enlisted in the Army in the spring of 2004 and served for 5 years. During my service, I accomplished 2 year-long tours to Iraq. Afterwards, I was affiliated with the military, as a “C’ville-ian;) for an additional 5 years, spending two more years deployed between Iraq and Afghanistan. After all that deploying, I married the woman who stood by my side and went into something a little more fun…opening a brewery.

Brewery Theme

C’Ville-ian Brewery itself is an American tribute. The Bar is Red, the Walls are White, the Ceiling is Blue, and there are Fifty Starry Lights hanging down from our ceiling. C’Ville-ian Brewery’s namesake has multiple meanings, all of which mean a lot.

1. A common terminology military folks say

2. A symbolic transition from my life as a Soldier to a Civilian

3. I am Charlottesville’s local guy

Support Local

We try to keep things as local as possible, with local bands, artwork and sourcing local ingredients when available. We provide our spent grain to local farmers who use it for compost and animal feed. CHICKS DIG GRAIN!


Local bands play at C’Ville-ian Brewery every Wednesday and Saturday. The first Saturday of each month, we have comedy night! Laughs and good beer = Good times!

Opened spring of 2014

C’Ville-ian Brewery has been open several months and has learned a lot through the process of opening and operating a small brewery. All the bugs are worked out and the taps are flowing and we are ready to get to the next step. DISTRIBUTION!


The funding received will go directly to help us refit the brewery for distributing beer. We are going to take the small brewery we already operate in and make it as efficient as possible, without opening an additional location, which would bring up operational costs. SEE!? Money well spent!

Contact Information:

Stephen Gibbs

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