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May 26, 2015 7:02 PM ET

Archived: BareLabor: provides users the High/Average/Low Costs for repairs on vehicles over the past 25 years

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2015


by Dustin Allen

Customer Problem

Car Repair has notoriously been given low consumer-confidence reports for the industry overall. The BareLabor Platform will take away the concerns of what “should” be paid for any given repair, as well as inform customers what parts are effected by servicing and lack thereof; it will point users to the nearest shop that’s accredited. We will finally bring industry knowledge to the consumer using empirical-based results and first-hand experience.

Products & Services

The BareLabor Platform provides users the High/Average/Low Costs for repairs on vehicles over the past 25 years. Users will be able to calculate multiple services, totaling their desired repairs for a cumulative range of prices. Additionally users will be told what parts will be effected during the repair and what parts could be effected by not having a “required” repair done. At any point the “Nearest Shop” button will locate a service center.

Management Team

CEO/CFO: Dustin Allen 
– Years of industry experience, as well as accustomed to handling multi-million dollars worth of assets and self-managment; former USA Taekwondo National Team Member.

COO/CCO: Idrees Rachaman 
– Degree in Arts and Technology from UTD with strong background in media science and applications.

CMO: Jake Vaughn 
– Degree in Marketing from SMU with almost a decade of car repair knowledge.

CDO: Bardia Karimi 
– Successfully started a courier service for college students.

Mission Statement

 The BareLabor Platform seeks to revolutionize automotive repair by equipping consumers with industry knowledge straight from the experts.

Use of Proceeds

We are in need of securing an added team to help with database entry, equipment to do so, and extra space to accommodate the added help. 

Reasons & Rewards

In order to launch successfully on August 1, 2015 we need YOUR help. We are in talks with the industry leader for Automotive Repair to sponsor the platform, and when this happens consumers everywhere will finally have the knowledge of a FAIR price! Six months after BareLabor’s launch, BareLabor Pro intends to be launched that will provide users a support line/chat/email on any questions related to Automotive Repair — stay tuned!

All Rewards will be issued upon launch August 1, 2015.

Under $5: An Exclusive Email from BareLabor on Launch Day

$5-$24.99: An Exclusive Email from BareLabor on Launch Day & Twelve Monthly Newsletters from BareLabor

$25-$74.99: Previous Packages & Exclusive “Thank You” Card from BareLabor Team

$75-$149.99: Previous Packages & Exclusive BareLabor T-Shirt

$150-$499.99: Previous Packages & Exclusive and Personal “Thank You” Graphic on BareLabor Website

$500-$4999.99: Previous Packages & Hour-Long Phone Consultation with BareLabor Team After Launch Date

$5000 and Above: Previous Packages & Exclusive Meet & Greet Event (details arranged upon donation)

Thank you, and please share this with anyone and EVERYONE you know! Have a great day!

– See more at: https://fundanything.com/en/campaigns/barelabor#sthash.L4mA7S1D.dpuf

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