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May 26, 2015 9:52 AM ET

Archived: Baceline Opportunities Fund Offered by Baceline Investments

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2015

Baceline Opportunities Fund

Offered By




About this Fund



Baceline Opportunities Fund, LLC, will invest primarily in opportunistic properties that have distressed or otherwise neglected ownership throughout America’s Heartland. Although the Fund will focus on the acquisition of retail properties, it may purchase other types of commercial properties. The Fund will generally target properties having a valuation in the $3 million to $10 million range. It is expected that the Fund will make investments in seven to fifteen properties and that it will hold each property for three to six years.

Our geographical niche is America’s Heartland. This unique geographic focus allows investors to better diversify their investment portfolio while avoiding exposure to overly competitive markets and the more high-priced coastal regions.




Key Points



  • Sponsor has over 15 years of successful commercial real estate investment experience.
  • Sponsor has a historic return of a 30% IRR to investors on value-add deals.
  • Fund Target is a 25% IRR in a 3-6 year period.
  • Firm has never realized a loss of investor capital or lost a property to foreclosure.
  • Proudly serving over 700 satisfied high net-worth investors.


About this Operator

Baceline Investments

Denver, CO $260MM

Assets Over Time
Baceline’s three Managing Partners have a combined 60+ year track record of acquiring, managing, and selling quality commercial real estate in our niche heartland markets. Since inception, principals of Baceline have acquired 42 properties, valued at over $260 million, and over 3 million leasable square feet. Baceline’s comprehensive real estate investment and managment platform includes in-house property managment, leasing, accounting, and investor relations.


Baceline Investments

Main Contact:



Contact - Todd Laurie
Todd Laurie
Managing Director
(303) 615-9544

Contact Information:

Todd Laurie

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