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May 26, 2015 3:16 PM ET

Archived: Anacruz – Magical Music School: You’ll contribute to create a fun game that will teach kids between 6 and 12 music theory!

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2015

Anacruz – Magical Music School

You’ll contribute to create a fun game that will teach kids between 6 and 12 music theory !
Ludovic Mahieu


The Background Story :

Anacruz, the Magical Music School needs you!


Emerging from the abyssal depths of chaos, the forces of evil lead by Vladimir Bartok and his cacophonous creations have gone on a crusade against harmony. Cornered and desperate, Archibald Bach, Anacruz’s Great Mage and Overseer, asks his old friend Amadeus Mozart for help, in an ultimate attempt to put an end to the malevolent presence. It is unfortunately on you, grand grand grand grand grand grand son of Mozart, that the teleportation spell triggers.

You are in a war between order and chaos. You will learn very powerful spells through music theory and various practical exercices. Prepare yourself for the final battle and restore balance in the world of melody!



The Concept :


Anacruz was born following a team brainstorming. Anne-Sophie told us that music theory, in general, is a hassle to learn, and turning it into a fun process could prove interesting. We decided to accept the challenge and make our first video game :entertaining and useful at the same time, two qualities that we particularly appreciate in games.

Anacruz includes a series of mini-games focusing on different aspects of music theory : recognition of musical notes, reading of musical notes, understanding of musical rhythms and nuances, and the location of musical notes on a keyboard. All this in an old school point and click adventure game à la “Monkey Island”, with magic and a pinch of humour. We are thinking considering the addition of personnalizable environment pieces with the “Décos” cards collection and other “collectibles”, but also other mini-games, depending on the success of our IndieGogo campaign and the Early Access version.

Anacruz is our very first game, we hope that it will reach its goal by entertaining you and teaching you a thing or two about music, and that it will be the first of a long set of colourful productions!

Target Audience : People : 6 – 12 years old, people who wish to learn core basis of music in a fun way.

Media : PC & Mac Standalone, Android tablet & Ipad, maybe Smartphone (depending the hype and demand)


Help us and share the Anacruzproject


About us :


Breaking Walls Studio is a young Belgian indie games company established in august 2014.

Our office is located in Mons, in Ludovic Mahieu and Anne-Sophie Vassart’s appartment, but will soon be moving to their newly acquired house. We work in a relaxed, friendly and fun environment. We are convinced that it is possible to deliver high quality games while still enjoying their production process.

Our desire is to put our passion in the products we create and share great experiences around the world, through our games.

Ludovic Plas – “Ace of Pencil”



Ludovic Plas is a 2D graphic designer whose skills are inversely proportional to his ability to eat spaghetti without repainting his environment with bolognese. He has been learning illustration art as an autodidact from the day of his first sentence, and is constantly trying to improve his craft (that includes traditional painting, airbrushing and sculpture). He discovered the joys and frustrations of the animation process two years ago. Since then, it has been a love/hate relationship.

He enjoys traveling the World, listening to Metal music and is a serious chocoholic. Despite all attempts, he still refuses to move into the basement to work on the project 24/7. However, he has agreed to sustain on post-apocalyptic food only. Years of music festivals and concerts have made him capable of sleeping anywhere and under any condition.

He started working with his friend Ludovic Mahieu while completing a bachelor in graphic design. That was the birth of Breaking Walls.

Nickname : Servietsky/Towelie

Distinctive mark : Becomes aggressive when deprived of chocolate, loves partying

Anne-Sophie – “Queen of Harmony”


Anne-Sophie is the Queen of Harmony. She started practicing piano when she was six and was very good at it. She completed a musical academy with the Greatest Distinction, then graduated from musical conservatory in which she earned a master in piano with Great Distinction.

She is a facebook games addict. She works a lot but sleeps like a log. She is a great artist, relentless and smarter than she looks. She mostly eats pizzas and her love for cats knows no boundaries.

Nickname : Sleepy/Snorlax

Distinctive mark : always sleeps (but according to her, that’s the way she finds inspiration)

Ludovic Mahieu – “Jack of all Trades”


Ludovic Mahieu is the Game Designer, producer, programmer and founder of Breaking Walls Studio. Having always been passionate about video games and their secrets, his 12th birthday present, a shiny computer, allowed him to realize how difficult a task it would be to enter the world of game design.

He taught himself Web-oriented programming (HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL) while completing a master in human resource management and found work as an IT consultant after graduating. He then tried to enter a developer.NET course but could not, because the students limit for that class had been reached, and instead went for his second choice, a 2D/3D graphic design training. There, he discovered both Unity and CryEngine and developed his skills in C#.

When he mastered Unity, he decided to assemble a team. Not one, but two attempts later, the studio was created, thanks to motivated people. Ludovic loves cooking for the greatest delight of the team and his wife Anne-Sophie Vassart.

Nickname : Mr. Krabs

Distinctive mark : insults his computer all day long and nervously shakes his legs.



Why a crowfunding initiative ?


Our project will likely be completed : it’s almost done and we’ll be about to launch it by two or four month at max. But this project needs fund because software licences are very expensive. Everything will be invested in licences, legal stuffs, and in the development of more feature for the game.

After the funding, we hope for getting enough return on the market to eat more than pasta and having a small salary : we have been working for months without a payday.

Support our IndieGogo campaign and make our Anacruz game become a reality

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