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May 26, 2015 9:19 AM ET

Archived: 2ndSquare – Realtime Second Screen App Publishing Platform

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2015




Realtime Second Screen App Publishing Platform


Mobile devices have changed the content accessibility landscape, making it extremely easy to access content on-the-go. While this new technology often makes consumers’ lives easier, it also becomes a challenge for companies, businesses and individuals who are trying to share content with their users.

2ndSquare is a patent-pending technology that focuses on solving synchronized content sharing issues by giving the owner or presenter the power to control content sharing on multiple devices in real time.


Half of all Americans use a second screen while watching TV. We pride ourselves in providing an efficient, realtime multiple screen-sharing app publishing platform that allows users to create, publish and deploy second screen apps with ease. You can use 2ndSquare to build apps for distance learning, video games, entertainment, shopping channels, live events and more!

Our platform allows users to share any type of content including video, audio, website links, presentations or e-commerce shopping carts across multiple devices and screens. For example, if you are delivering a live presentation and would like to get the users take a realtime quiz, you can simply push the quiz through a URL or mobile app and all the connected devices can respond to the quiz in real time.

You can use 2ndSquare to build your:

  • Distance Learning Apps
  • Video Game Apps
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Shopping Channels
  • Live Event Apps

A great e-commerce example could be pushing a discount code live on secondary devices with shopping carts while the advertisement video is being displayed on the primary screen (i.e. TV or computer screen).

The following are some of the use cases we have already built and are currently live in app stores:

Live demo app for 2ndSquare is published on Google App store —> search for 2ndSquare

2ndPush enables advertisers to push extended content or purchase options to a mobile device at the exact moment their ad unit is being displayed on a
        website or TV channel

MSMplayer.com (Google Play store) — Allows users to create TV channels from videos and stream across multiple devices


Education Industry


Increasing cost in scaling training programs

Finding a mobile and portable engagement platform

Setting up students with minimal setup time and resources 

Our Solution:

2ndSquare solves these issues by offering a portable and mobile solution that scales with the needs of the company-training program. Only a single main screen is needed to accommodate a limitless number of easily downloadable mobile apps. These apps can be downloaded for any students using an Android or iOS mobile device, which, in turn, reduces the overall training cost from needing a desktop setup per user, network connectivity for each desktop and an instructor to lead the training session. It helps to simplify the cost to one single main screen and a live internet feed to the remote trainer at a remote location.

Retail Industry


Finding an in-store marketing challenge

Increasing store converson rates

Our Solution:

2ndSquare offers retailers the unique opportunity to provide customers with an interactive and real-time solution for learning about products and promotions in-store. As consumers shop or browse, they can activate the specialized app to receive real-time promotions or offers from the store along with the chance to learn about key product bundles and in-store deals! Consumers may also be able to scan the barcode of a selected product and view interactive content about the product before purchasing (i.e. promotional videos, product reviews, comments on social media).


Our application is patent-pending

A full demo of our services is available on our website

The 2ndSquare app is also available in Play, the Android app store

The SaaS application is working under beta mode and we are prepared to release the demo

One of the largest technology companies just bought a company that does this, but only for marketing messages — proving there is ample opportunity
        within our niche market


Sameer Khan, Co-Founder + VP of Marketing and Technology. Sameer is a passionate entrepreneur and innovative marketing, technology and analytics leader with more than 15 years of marketing and technology experience. He started his career with an IT consulting role in 2001 and has led marketing teams at several organizations including the digital marketing and analytics team at Rackspace. Sameer has played a key role in the SMB and enterprise marketing growth of Rackspace.com. Presently, he leads worldwide product marketing for customer analytics and marketing optimization at IBM. Additionally, Sameer is a social marketing & analytics blogger and has spoken at many enterprise events on the topic of social media, analytics and digital marketing. 

Jeremy Roberts, Co-Founder + VP of Operations and Business Development. Jeremy is an international digital marketer and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience drawn from a diverse background in music entertainment, fashion, technology and financial services. He started working in startups and locally owned businesses and recently spent 5 years at Rackspace in the digital marketing and segment marketing teams where he played key roles in the building and managing of their worldwide social listening tools, event management tools, and community niche programs. Presently, he leads digital marketing for Harland Clarke’s Retail Channels division. He also spends his time as an adjunct professor teaching digital marketing at a local university as well as spends time on his blog, Art of the Wingman for Business.

Contact Information:

Sameer Khan
Jeremy Roberts

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