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We’re with you

The making of great movies involves hard work, passion, money, focus and time. The concern usually is not on who makes movies, but for the world to acknowledge and classify them as great movies that helped shape lives and teach morals. As film making could be daunting and really stressful, we can make all the efforts put in worthwhile. This thought gave birth Reeclube TV, a streaming platform that is particularly interested in extraordinary and creative movies. Speaking with hundreds of filmmakers around the world, we believe we have built a structure that represents their interests. A simple online movie streaming platform which they can control and we market for them. A platform that will give every creative movie the best possible opportunity to succeed and provide return on investment.

We have created some amazing features that are not available in other movie streaming platforms and we are convinced these features would be great for users and the filmmakers. We will fully unveil the platform and the features in July when we launch. We are not building just another streaming platform or another Netflix, we are building Reelcube TV and we are confident we have better features for independent filmmakers.

Our goal is simple, to make the dreams of independent filmmakers come true and be totally committed to movies that can change the world.

We would not stop at the current generation of filmmakers; we believe it’s time to build the future. We have set out to do art projects in developing countries with 10% of our profits. We want a part in rewriting destinies and alleviating poverty in societies. Your support today will make this a reality. I and my REELCUBE team cannot do this alone, we need you to make this change possible.

Please give and support us to make all these dreams a reality.

Let us start this journey with you and together we can speak different languages.


Jumafor Ajogwu

Contact Information:

t: +44(0)203 322 6077,,
Twitter: @reelcubetv,,

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