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May 25, 2015 10:33 AM ET

Archived: Aexo – the protector drone : The world´s most touchable and protective drone*! Frees your way of flying and working with your drone!

iCrowdNewswire - May 25, 2015


aexo – the protector drone

Help us to free and protect all photographing, filming, delivering and discovering drones on our planet! 

(*most touchable drone on the whole planet – as far as we know )

The aexo protector drone and aexo motocross drone

The new enhancements for your existing drones and especially our do-it-yourself kits will completely change your work. Our solution: an aerial exoskeleton = aexo

Placing the propeller in a system that not only protects the propeller from lateral contacts, but protects people much better from the propellers! Over five years, we have developed various measures and there are extensive patent applications that protect all the valuable insights of our practical experience. 

We are now in the era of drones. Witness the dawn of a new type of flying system, the aexo protector drone and the aexo motocross drone. Help us make 2015 the year of a new generation of drones. Become one of the first supporters or owners of this revolutionary flying system! 

 All innovations are patent pending.

Fly new routes – discover new possibilities – freely pass by obstacles! 

An entirely, newly conceived multi-copter frame made of high quality aluminum. Completely lightweight in a never-before-seen shape. Attention to detail and high-precision laser-cut systems help make this construction a reality. Made in Germany!  

photo from the first prototype
photo from the first prototype

The aexo motocross frees your drone while colliding with* …

The aexo protector frees your drone while colliding with* … 

Now your fingers are much safer and the actors can act more freely.. and you can fly without having any worries! Enjoy this new freedom of flight!

* tested with a speed of 3-5km/h

This sturdy, yet incredibly lightweight design combines much more advantages. In addition to the unlimited flying enjoyment and the increased safety, the aluminum frame has even more to offer: The camera can now be positioned in a way that there’s no propeller shadow on the camera-lens. 

 Thanks to our unique design, the camera is now positioned so far forward that this can no longer occur. The sun can no longer cause image distortion while shooting.

In addition upward pans are possible* without the propeller coming into the picture.

 * of course your gimbal needs to support upward movements as well.

When flying fast forward, the drone tilts to the front. With aexo the propeller will not come into the picture!

This new high-quality German-made aluminum frame is available in black or silver anodized aluminum and raw aluminum. (black & silver anodized: stretch goal) The aluminum lattice from the protector drone, is also available in raw, black or silver (black & silver anodized lattice: stretch goal). The motocross frame and the protector frame is available as a do-it-yourself-solution for the construction of your own drone and as an almost ready to fly system!

Please help us and back our project! We really need this drone-revolution!

Free yourself and start with us this new era of drones. Buy your own aexo motocross oder aexo protector!

Thank you!

Frank Ketteler

CEO aexo UG (i.G.)

Founder of end-effect and inventor of aexo drones.

Important information 

 Responsibility of the buyer or the pilot: The pilot is responsible for responsible and careful handling of flying models. Flying objects of any kind can be a danger to fellow human, animals, plants, and objects – multi-copters are no exception. In addition, the pilot must always remain alert. 

 We recommend attending a course for model construction and participating in a flying association. With such associations, you often have the opportunity to insure yourself. Inquire about the best safeguard before you venture outside of the model airfields and away from the support of trained personnel. Please also inquire on the security requirements and legal regulations in your country. Do not fly in public or over people or crowds. Do not start in high winds, rain, or cold. Misuse, faulty operation, and malfunctions can result in considerable damage or even fatal injuries. 

 Lithium polymer batteries: Be careful when handling batteries. In particular, lithium polymer batteries (also known as LiPo) must be charged under supervision, stored in fire-safe environment, transported in fire-safe container. Only buy brand name products! Use only charging units from well-known manufacturers and follow the instructions exactly. 

 Disclaimer of warranties: All “Protector Drones” models and frames are checked for completeness before shipping. RTF packages will be flown at random. For the RTF (ready to fly) options, an assembly service will be used. For this assembly services, there are no warranties of any kind. The guards make operating the propeller safer under certain circumstances. However, there can be no guarantee that the propeller, motor or electronics will not be damaged by coming into contact with objects. Despite the protective device, humans and animals can be seriously harmed. 

 Disclaimer: Neither aexo UG (i.G.) nor the founder nor the employee can be held liable for any malfunction or operating errors. The frame and housing only contain parts and components that are, or were, available on the free market. If components need to be replaced, this is the responsibility of the purchaser. The purchaser alone is responsible for the repair and the use of technically-sound replacement parts. If necessary, consult a flight organisation in your area regarding the appropriate services. Neither aexo UG (i.G.) nor the founder nor employees are obligated to perform necessary repairs. There will be an area on the Internet with information about measures for any necessary repairs. Solutions may also be found in various forums. We do not provide repair service. 

 aexo UG (i.G.), the founder, and the employees provide electronic components that fall under “model construction”. aexo UG (i.G.) provides the design and ideas. The manufacturers of electronic and electrical components should be contacted directly if there are any questions. 

 aexo UG (i.G.), the founder, and the employees are not responsible for communication between the manufacturers of electronic components and distributors or end users. Intermediaries are required to inform end customers about these Terms and Conditions on the part of aexo UG (i.G.). Unfortunately, neither aexo UG (i.G.) nor the founder nor the staff can check or guarantee this.


The implementation of the production of the series, based on the working prototype could lead to the following circumstances:
– Parts suppliers are not on time or not able to deliver the ordered quantity.
– The production of the supplier is for some reason not possible or not in deliberate extent possible.
– Changes in the legal situation between the country of manufacture and the country of destination
– The high-quality material from which our products are made of, is not available, or is no longer produced.

But hopefully there will not be any circumstances:)

Más información sobre el concepto de responsabilidad en Kickstarter

Contact Information:


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