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May 24, 2015 12:55 PM ET

Archived: The Next BIG Thing on the Internet Text Links on Pictures and Videos

iCrowdNewswire - May 24, 2015

Introduction to PicVidShare Video


It is time for users to have the ability to easily put links to more information n their pictures and videos. This is the next BIG change of how people will use the Internet. Watch the PicVidShare CrowdFunding Video to see how interactive links on videos work. Just rollover your pointer on the video then click the little grey circle in the top right corner for the Information Box with links. These will take you to an information box about PicVidShare like features, summary and team members.

As we prepare to begin development of PicVidShare, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign to complete the first phase of PicVidShare on Fundable, the largest crowdfunding platform for start-ups and small businesses.


Pixting allows that special message to be on a memorable picture. You can even add part of that song you both share.

In addition to PicVidShare Your World we plan on having Pixting. To Pixt is putting your text message on the picture or video, you can even share some music with it. PicVidShare Your Music allows you to share music clips. We plan a number of other exciting add-ons in the future.

Now we’re ready to build on that momentum by putting our efforts toward completing the innovative automatic tagging features that will soon create a better way to manage pictures and videos!

There are a few popular photo/video sharing apps out there, but they all fall short of the mark. Snapchat allows users to add quick sketches or captions over their photos, but they don’t offer any means to tag or permanently post. Instagram does offer tagging features and a sharing platform, but limits users’ creativity and makes tags and captions hard to find. No one offers a complete social overlay system.

PicVidShare not only allows you to share your photos and videos — it will automatically tag people, places, even notable objects like the Eiffel Tower can be recognized by our innovative tagging technology. Even better, these tags are overlaid on the photo, creating a unique, professional aesthetic that conveys all the details you could want, right where you want it. Best of all? Our technology a two step snap and share feature that cuts down posting time from 30+ seconds to just three seconds!


PicVidShare will be an universal picture and video system overlay for all your social media.

We’ve assembled an incredible team: Gerry Grant has twenty one years of Internet marketing experience and twenty two years of venture capital and angel investor involvement. PicVidShare has an experienced innovative team that includes a user interface designer, a technical recruiter, an international SEO specialist and others with successful start-up experience. YouTube SlideShow Video  about the team.


For press resources such as Google Drive folder, social media, pictures and sample posting copy visit the PicVidShare Press Resources.


Contact Information:

Gerry Grant,

Co-Founder PicVidShare,

CrowdFunding to Fix the Internet!

Gerry Grant LinkedIn,

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