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May 24, 2015 8:32 AM ET

Mellow – The Electric Drive that fits under every Skateboard: The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard

iCrowdNewswire - May 24, 2015

Mellow – The Electric Drive that fits under every Skateboard

by Mellow Boards

The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.

Mellow Boards

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About this project

from the Mellow headquarters in Hamburg. After years of dreaming, engineering and prototyping we are now proud to launch Mellow – The Endless Ride. Mellow is a state of the art compact electric drive that fits under any skateboard. It turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.

We are boardsports enthusiasts. And like many others we miss the feeling of freedom we get from surfing and snowboarding when we are back home in the city. Inspired by the invention of the first skateboards 50 years ago, we now want to take the asphalt surf to the next level. In terms of flexibility, riding pleasure, quality and sustainability.

None of the existing rides on the market could satisfy all our expectations. That’s why we designed Mellow. It’s a flexible system that easily adapts to your individual needs. It’s mountable, which means you can choose any board you like and transform it into your ElectricMellow Board. Mellow also comes with a swappable battery, giving you the freedom to ride for as long as you like.

What we love about surfing and snowboarding is the effortless floating feeling of the ride. We wanted to make sure that Mellow gave us the same feeling, so minimum weight and maximum latitude was vital, when we started prototyping. The two in-wheel motors deliver direct transmission and a performance that will let you carve powerfully, fly up hills and put a big smile on your face.

Ok, you might have heard that Germans can be a bit pedantic. And yes, so are we. At least, when it comes to ensuring the best quality standards for Mellow. For the past five years we talked to a whole bunch of people, researched and never gave up until we finally found the best partners and suppliers that shared our vision of the first high quality electric skateboard Made in Germany. Did we mention Mellow comes with a solid two year guarantee?

We want Mellow to have a big impact. But not a big carbon footprint. Because it’s electric it’s a very sustainable mode of transport, but it is also produced locally, which means no extra long supply chains. Because Mellow is mountable it will give old skateboards a new life. If you don’t have one at home, we also offer Mellow as a complete electric skateboard with a handmade deck from our local partners (check out and

The Mellow Drive is the first ever drive system for skateboards that can be mounted under pretty much any deck. Just pick your favorite and turn it into a full on riding machine.

  • Mountable on any skateboard (standard 6-hole skate-/longboard truck) 
  • Weight incl. Battery: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)
  • 79 mm Wheels, shore 80a, easily exchangeable 
  • Solid Singleframe 
  • 4 Riding Modes: Rookie Ride, Eco Ride, Pro Ride, Endless Ride (push once, ride endless) 
  • USB-Port to charge your phone or any USB device on the go 
  • Water and dust proof (EU-Norm IP65) 
  • 2 year Warranty (drive system and remote) 
  • Size: 370 x 280 x 55 mm (14 x 11 x 2.5 inch)

Our two in-wheel motors are an amazing piece of technology that is developed and produced in Germany. They deliver an unbeatable torque, performing highly efficiently with virtually no noise. Completely encapsulated, they are 100% water and dust proof. And because we still want you to feel like you are riding a skateboard, we have gone the extra mile to reduce friction and drag within the motor to a minimum.

  • High efficiency dual in-wheel motors
  • Developed, tested and produced in Germany
  • Top Speed: 40 km/h (25 mph)
  • Peak System Power: 2300 W
  • Torque: 3 Nm (1.5 Nm per motor)
  • Maximum Grade: 20%
  • Industrial grade, sealed bearings

The swappable battery pack we’ve developed is a tailor-made solution for the Mellow Drive. Thanks to the comfortable click-in mechanism, you can swap it in a matter of seconds. The high quality cells inside come from the same place Tesla gets its cells. Every cell in the pack is constantly monitored by an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS). Not only does this protect the battery against overheating, deep discharge, too high currents and any other damage: it also knows the state of charge and communicates it to the Mellow Control Electronics to maximize your range, power and battery life.

  • Custom made click-in swappable Lithium Ion batterypack
  • High quality cells – from the the same place Tesla gets theirs
  • Range: 15 km (10 miles)
  • Weight: 750g (1.6 lbs)
  • Charge time: 2 h
  • Voltage: 25 V / 99 Wh
  • Over 1.000 full charge/discharge cycles
  • High intelligence Battery Management System (BMS) protecting from overheating, deep discharge, too high currents, etc.
  • 1 Year Warranty

With the custom made Mellow Remote all functions are just under your thumb. Designed as an intuitive one button device it gives you maximum control and information. The removable magnetic safety strap keeps it in your hand even if you are in full flow. Because we hate losing remotes all the time, we made sure it sticks to the Mellow Drive as well, so you always know where to find it.

  • One Button Device with haptic feedback
  • Intuitive and ergonomic slide mechanism (push to accelerate, pull to brake)
  • Switch between the 4 Riding Modes: Rookie Ride, Eco Ride, Pro Ride, Endless Ride (push once, ride endless)
  • Integrated LED strip indicating state of charge at the beginning of the ride
  • Vibration alarm indicating low battery
  • Magnetic safety strap for fixed fit even with an open hand (also removable)
  • Magnetic fit to the Mellow Drive for easy storage

With Mellow you can go really fast. Going fast is great as long as you can handle the speed. We want you to feel safe and in full control at any given speed, so we equipped the Mellow Drive with a Dual Braking System. It uses the regenerated braking power to recharge the battery, but unlike other electric skates an internal braking resistor also prevents the brake from switching off in case the battery is fully recharged. If you ever run out of juice your board will just roll out without friction or abrupt braking, so you can push home easily.

  • Regenerative Brake: increasing your range
  • Internal Braking Resistor: preventing the brake switching off in case of overload
  • No friction or sudden blocking of the motor when you run out of charge
  • Quality product made in Germany (CE, FCC, UL certified)
  • 100% water and dust proof

Katrin & the Corsa / Titus Lindl / SmartDrives / TQ Systems / Battery Kutter / Entity / BuddyBuddy / Bastlboards / Titus Dittmann / Teufel Prototypen / 40inch / weare / Heiko Pfisterer / Wieland Schmitz / Klaus Kiening / Fred Hocker / Frank Bertram / Tony Günther / Christoph Pässler / Markus Braun / Christoph Schubert / Arne Lehmann / Alexander Tietz / Bettina Vossberg / Gepetto / Lars Beuth / Niffa Andy / Peter Rossner / Philipp Herfort / Phillip Heinrich / Jörg Müller / Lukasz Fabijanczyk / Sebi / VeyVey Films / Louis & Crew / St. Bergweh / German Wahnsinn / / Sebastian Heitmann / La Familia / all our friends and supporters

Risks and challenges

By working with local partners and suppliers only (some as close as 200m from the Mellow Headquarters) we managed to shorten our supply chains and speed up our workflow.

But since we are truly German when it comes to our high quality standards we would rather skip a deadline than to compromise on what we promised you. For us this is not only a matter of trust, but more importantly of your safety. So if we are not 100% satisfied, we will go the extra mile, which might take a little longer, but we promise you, it will definitely be worth it.

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