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May 24, 2015 1:44 PM ET

Archived: Ecoisme – Intelligent Energy Monitoring System: Track energy usage of any device, get tips to reduce it and alerts about devices left turned on

iCrowdNewswire - May 24, 2015

Ecoisme – Intelligent Energy Monitoring System

Track energy usage of any device, get tips to reduce it and alerts about devices left turned on.
Ivan Pasichnyk (Ecoisme CEO)

Meet Ecoisme

The World’s Most Intelligent Home Energy Monitoring System 

Ecoisme is a single device for your home that brings a new level of comfort to your life! Thanks to the technology behind Ecoisme, you can now track energy consumption for your devices, get clear recommendations on how to reduce energy usage and receive alerts when devices are left turned on.

With Ecoisme you don’t need to worry if you forget to switch off the iron or AC, if your kids left the lights on in the middle of the night, or if the refrigerator door has been left open. Ecoisme will help you to take care of this.

We have created a solution that is extremely easy to use and perfect in all aspects of design, usability and accuracy. One sensor is all it takes to make your home truly smart.

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Know your home

Be aware of how much energy is used by your home appliances. Track energy usage for your AC, heater, kettle, oven, TV, phone charger, laptop, etc., on one simple dashboard. Find out which appliances are energy-efficient or not and receive precise tips on how to improve and reduce your energy usage.

Get critical alerts

Ecoisme incorporates your home appliances. If you forget to switch off the iron, AC, hair straightener or stove, Ecoisme will immediately remind you. It will even remind you if you forgot to close the refrigerator door or if you leave a window open in the hot summer days. 

Improve your kids’ safety

With Ecoisme you will know when your kids come home and what devices they are using. By checking the enabled devices on your Ecoisme profile, you can observe if the microwave oven, TV or Xbox® was turned on. You can receive a quick and simple read on how much time has been spent on each device to make sure they are within the limits you have set for them. 

If you have a babysitter watching over your kids, you will know exactly which  activities are being done with your children and for how long. For example, you will be able to see if your babysitter is watching TV instead of actively playing with your children.

Integrate with other solutions

Do you have NEST®, WeMo® or other smart devices at your home? Ecoisme will integrate with them, making your home significantly smarter. Smart devices within your home can be synced with Ecoisme, reducing the time spent managing each device separately and making it easy to multi-task. Easy tasks such as powering on the coffee machine when you wake up, turning off your AC when you leave home and programming your stereo system turn on at a certain time can be easily managed with Ecoisme.

Integrate with solar panels

If you have solar panels, you will be able to easily integrate them with Ecoisme and get a new level of visualisation – clear, intelligent and user-friendly. Ecoisme will show you, for example, that half of coffee was made by solar energy or you reduced your expenses on water heating on 30% because of solar panels. Moreover, Ecoisme will suggest you how to use solar energy in the best way. For example, it will notify you that if you wash clothes now, you will do it free of charge, using energy only from solar panels.

Why Ecoisme?


We designed Ecoisme with simplicity in mind. Setting up your Ecoisme sensor is safe and easy, and takes less than 10 minutes. Just put a clamp on your main power line and insert the plug into the power socket. Afterwards you can view details from your home appliances, receive personalized tips on how to lower your electricity billand view important alerts, all through the Ecoisme web or mobile app.


You can easily teach Ecoisme to recognize your devices. Although Ecoisme will be able to recognize most of your devices automatically, you can teach it to learn a new device instantly. In order to do this, just follow two easy steps:

  • Click add new device
  • Switch it on/off a few times.

Accessible from everywhere

Ecoisme can be accessed through the web or mobile app from anywhere in the world. Moreover, the Ecoisme app can track your location. And if you have left your home, it will notify you to return to disable household devices, left turned on.

And very powerful

Ecoisme uses complex technology, combining spectrum and power analysis.

We use power analysis to detect simple devices such as the kettle or iron. These devices have specific fingerprints in power usage and time which allows us to detect each unique device.

To recognize devices with impulse power blocks such as a TV, laptop, or phone charger, we use spectrum analysis. These devices produce unique noise in electric network. We can even detect different brands of devices by using this advanced technology.

The clamp sensor is used to measure the current. The connection of a plug to the socket is used to measure voltage and will also power the sensor.

Technical Specs

Our perks for Indiegogo contributors


Stretch goal

You can get a sensor for free!

Refer as many friends as you can. When their contribution at least $1000, you can get a sensor for free. Just login to Indiegogo and click the Share button . 

Our road to Indiegogo

We spent almost 2 years, developing Ecoisme. During our development process we created 4 sensor prototypes, beginning with simplest form, the Arduino-based which was completely inaccurate and measured only power, to now our latest sensor which is small, measures both power and spectrum and sends all the data via WiFi.

We created a number of design concepts and finally settled on a look that was discrete and one that could blend in with any setting.

We performed a lot of tests before finalizing the sensor. With that being said, we would like to thank the 30 participants whom all agreed to let us install sensors in their apartments so we could collect data and improve our algorithms. The data collected for each device also helped us program the sensor to recognize multiple household appliances.

Our timeline

Our team

We are a group of dedicated geeks who share a passion for energy, technology and design. We have developed many successful and useful projects including the web-portal for Ukrainian revolution Opir.org (more than 800 000 views in first 24 hours). Our team has several years of experience in hardware. We have worked with the army to develop a software for detecting the direction of shoot and two of our team members are founders of Kyiv Hackerspace.

Our team was inducted into the New Europe 100 list of innovators, the Top-10 Smart Energy projects in Europe and we secured 1st place in the RWE Utility Day on CeBIT in Hannover.

  Ivan Pasichnyk
Co-founder and CEO
Experienced in business development and growth hacking. Co-founder of first Ukrainian Hackerspace. 5 years of experience at various factories, experience in building manufacturing, one of co-founders of the first Ukrainian 3D printer.

  Nazar Mokrynskyi
Co-founder and CTO
Full stack web-developer with great experience in web development. Fast deployment of stable and scalable systems is among his best traits. Contributor to many Open Source projects. Developed his own framework CleverStyle CMS. Developer of a popular Firefox OS music player CleverStyle Music.

  Alexander Diatlov
Co-founder and CMO
5 years experience in IT sales, project management and building relations with customers. Passionate about startups and business development. Co-founder of Knigotopia, an e-book publishing company, and Paperink, a high-quality designer notepads company.

  Anton Diatlov
Co-founder and CCO
4 years experience in UI/UX design. He created numerous web and mobile interfaces and corporate identities. Created design for Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace that collected 2 million EUR of charity donations. Co-founder of Knigotopia, an e-book publishing company, and Paperink, a high-quality designer notepads company

  Alexander Ostapenko
Hardware engineer
8 years experience in electronics. Made a number of projects in electronics field, cofounded Kyiv Hackerspace, holds classes of electronics for beginners, has experience of launching hardware manufacturing in China.

  Andrew Turkin
Embedded developer
Experienced embedded software developer. Made embedded software for a military projects.

  Sofi Shvets
PR manager
Passionate about startups, worked in the Ukrainian-American business incubator. Organized more than 10 conferences about business, PR and marketing. TEDx team member.

  Pavlo Bondarenko
Communications Manager
SMM and communications manager with strong experience in project management and media relations. Organizer of more than 15 different social projects. Knows how to make user happy.


  Dimitri Nowicki
Advisor in data analysis and machine learning algorithms
Assistant professor at MIPT and Institute for Cybernetics of NASU. Expert in neural networks, artificial intelligence, machine learning and computational neuroscience. PhD (Université de Toulouse, 2007), MSc in applied physics and mathematics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (2000). Worked in France (Toulouse, Grenoble), USA (Massachusetts, Harvard University).

  Bas Godska
Advisor in marketing
CEO of Acrobator.com, Russia’s #1 e-commerce growth hack and marketing consultancy firm. In the past Bas has led Lastminute.comEbookers.com, Ozon.ru, Gloria Jeans, Lamoda.ru, Kupivip.ru and Enter-Svyaznoi as CMO. Rated Russia’s #1 foreign angel investor by EWDN, Bas has invested in 30+ companies in the fields of e-commerce, digital media and marketing. Bas’ hobby is languages: he knows 8.

  Nikolay Kadenskyi
Advisor in energy markets
Ph.D fellow in “Energy systems and complexes”, topic – “Reducing power peak in Ukrainian energy systems”. Winner of different Ukrainian energy contests, scholar of Ukrainian president in energy field. Author of articles related to energy field in different scientific magazines. As a consultant took part in many projects in energy field.

  Roman Zinchenko
Advisor in energy markets

Smart energy evangelist, co-founder of Greencubator and co-organizer of TeslaCamp & Hack4Energy hackathons, host at TEDxKyiv conferences. Roman advises green startups and develops ecosystems for energy entrepreneurship in Ukraine since 2009. Focuses on behavioral aspects of energy efficiency, business models innovations for green economy, disruptive trends in energy systems. Holds MA in international information from Institute of International Relations (Kyiv, 1998), Aspen Institute alumnus  (Executive Leadership Program, 2006). Lives in Kyiv and loves bridges.

  Luka Sucic
Advisor in business development
Bizdev and investment manager at hub:raum with a strong background in various startups from automotive, education, gaming, fashion to mobile applications development and e-commerce, just to name a few. Prior to hub:raum Luka has been working in innovations department of Croatia Telekom on IPTV, OTT and new business telco projects. He is a consultant and a professional lecturer in area of a mobile and digital business development helping new start-ups and ideas to prosper. One of his specialties is advising startups in effective go-to-market strategies and a specific angle to product development. Has wide experience in building businesses and communities.  


How to check whether I have 1-phase or 3-phase network?

Check the label on your fuse box to see how many phases your house uses. If it says 3-Phase (for example, “3-Phase 120/208V” or “3-Phase 240/415V”), then you order the 3-phase Ecoisme sensor. Otherwise order 1-phase sensor.

How can I install Ecoisme sensor?

We will provide you with a video guide to install the sensor.

Is it safe to install the sensor?

If you are not sure how to work on your electrical installation, we suggest you to invite an electrician, because it can be dangerous. 

Is the device certified?

Of course, Ecoisme sensor will be certified before shipping.

How the system can be integrated with other solutions?
Ecoisme will have Open API and we will build integrations with other solutions based on their API. For example, if you need to connect Ecoisme with NEST, you will just need to enter the Integrations option on the Ecoisme dashboard and click Connect with NEST.
Why did you select flexible goal?
We made it to simplify the contribution process and make it as easy for you as possible. With fixed goal only PayPal is available which is not a convenient option for many our contributors.
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