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May 23, 2015 11:45 AM ET

Archived: Santa Fiesta: documentary multiplatform project where I look into the heart and soul of my country´s devotion to animal cruelty and death to celebrate our Catholic patron saints

iCrowdNewswire - May 23, 2015

Santa Fiesta

A documentary exposing Spain´s animal genocide in religious festivals >> FUNDING FOR COMPLETION


My name’s Miguel Angel Rolland and I´m the director of Santa Fiesta. I want to invite you to be part of this documentary multiplatform project where I look into the heart and soul of my country´s devotion to animal cruelty and death to celebrate our Catholic patron saints.

Please take three minutes of your time to watch my presentation above.


Santa Fiesta is a feature documentary exposing Spain´s extreme cruelty during popular religious celebrations where 60,000 animals die every year. The film documents for the first time in Spanish cinema the extensive variety and support of blood festivals all around the country, where people, religious authorities and politicians embrace one of the biggest animal massacres of our time.

An eye to eye portrait of the Spanish people and criminal traditions who celebrate God at the expense of animals pain and death.

Filmed secretly over a year, all across the country, this is a visual journey presented without interviews, narration or musical score, revealing celebrations hardly seen before as well as an ambitious cinematic treatment. 

But we invite you to be part this project because we want it to be more than just a great documentary. We want an international community speaking through diverse channels who could eventually build enough pressure to stop this animal genocide in my country.

Together we can make a great film, show it around the world, take it to the best festivals, and throw a BIG SHOUT to erradicate these blood fiestas FOREVER


My name’s Miguel Angel Rolland, I´m Spanish and I’m the producer and director of Santa Fiesta. I have been a filmmaker for more than 20 years and some of my short films have travelled around the world, received important awards and nominations (such as the Spanish Goya Awards, the equivalent of the Oscars, for my documentary Aerosol), and they have also been screened on international television channels. Nevertheless, this is my first documentary feature and the most important work of my career.

I have endured for too long my country´s tolerance with bullfighting, a brutal spectacle disguised as elevated art which represents the tip of a massive iceberg.Like many other Spanish men and women I have witnessed since I was a little kid a wide variety of religious festivities where animals are chased, kicked, stabbed, beheaded, swallowed, set on fire or thrown down from a church tower. Mainly on the name of God. There are of course many reasons for this but it comes down to one alliance: the Catholic authorities, local and national governments, and obviously the people. So we Spanish are all on this. But, are we REALLY all? The answer is NO. A growing mass is demanding more and more to stop this insane massacre. 

So this film is my contribution to make a change, hopefully with the support of people all around the world. A documentary feature who could hopefully extend into a multiplatform community where global pressure STOPS my country´s madness. 
But I can not and will not do this alone…


… to finish what we started a year and a half ago. Because everyone in the crew has not received any payment, we (obviously) do not have any funding from a Spanish broadcaster, but we need to edit, mix, master and all that is necessary to create a high standard film that will make you feel proud of your part,  bringing the message all around the world on every possible screen.
We have an estimated budget for that which is only 18,000$ , so we can pay:
  • a minimum fee to the professional crew;
  • a minum fee for design and creativity;
  • postproduction services for image editing, sound editing, sound mix, color correction and mastering;
  • legal services and taxes.
Does that cover EVERYTHING? The answer is NO. That amount does not EVEN cover the expenses I have personally assumed for transport, accomodation, meals, etc. For instance, that does not cover my fee as Director (which is quite allright).
But we wanted to start with the lowest affordable goal.
Although, if we want we can…

Santa Fiesta´s creative approach to the film narrative leaves a big open space to enhance the subject, the context, the activism, and whatever YOU feel necessary to make a change.

The documentary will expand into online editorial content, photographic and video additional material, sound files and diverse platforms to enhance the conversation with the audience, including channels to report animal cruelty in fiestas, activism initiatives and innovative open code ideas.

That´s why we also need to go beyond our initial goal. 

More information at santafiesta.es and our Twitter and Facebookcommunities, where we want to start a lasting conversation.




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